The Law of Attraction Trap – Conflict of Intentions

By Enoch Tan in Intention on December 22nd, 2007 / 7 Comments

There is a law in conscious creation of reality that is even higher than the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of God Action. It is The Secret Above The Secret. When you operate with the Law of God Action, you are operating at the highest level of all things, which is the level of spirit. It is the highest level governs that all other levels. When you work with the Law of God Action, you’re not trying to create anything but you are simply allowing the universe to create through you. You are co-creating with God himself.

The Law of God Action states that God is the one who is acting through you. Therefore there is nothing for you to do, but simply for you to allow God to do everything though you. It doesn’t mean you do not take any action, but it means you do not take action that you are not naturally guided from within to do. When you try to do things that you’re not inspired to do, you are forcing action. The way of God Action is to do non-doing action. It is to allow yourself to do what is seeking expression through you.

The problem with using the law of attraction alone is when you are trying to manifest things and putting in energy to drive the creation process. The truth is that when you think you have to attract things, you are saying that those things are outside of you. But everything you desire is not outside of you, it is already in there and is just waiting for you to open yourself to it. When you walk the path that the universe is guiding you to take, all the things you truly desire will show up in the way in diving timing.

When you follow the Law of God Action, you will naturally use the law of attraction to draw into your space everything you need in every moment without even trying to. That is because the universe has a plan for you and by aligning yourself with that plan, you will synchronize your actions with the divine flow of events. You will find yourself doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place where the resources or opportunities you require are already arranged to be there. You simply step right in.

People encounter failure with using the law of attraction to manifest what they want, not because the law does not work. The law of attraction is always in operation but they are not attracting what they intend due to conflict of intentions. You can manifest whatever you intend as long as it is according to the higher scheme of things. After all you are not your individual consciousness alone, but the real you is a collective whole that includes the entire universe as well as the consciousness of your higher self.

The real you is pure spirit that is one with the spirit of God or all that is. You split a portion of your consciousness to be incarnated into this world with a purpose that you have planned. The conscious you that is here on earth is your lower self. All that you are meant to do is directed by your higher self through your true heart’s desire from a moment to moment basis. When there is a conflict of intentions between you two selves, that is when things don’t manifest. You and your higher self are actually one self.

All you have to do here is to be in alignment with your higher self. That is when you are in harmony with the universe. By doing so, you experience the easy and effortless manifestation of all your true desires in every moment. The real reason why your desires don’t manifest is because they are not desires of your true self, or because you’re not meant to intend them to happen at that moment yet. When you are intending the right thing at the right time, you will experience the spontaneous fulfillment of desire.

Whenever you set an intention to create something, you simultaneously create the reality of its nonexistence. Because if it was already there, why would you need to create it? This is when the law of attraction seems to fail but it doesn’t, because although you are attracting the existence of what you are intending, you are also attracting the nonexistence of it by the other side of the same intent. To resolve this duality of intention, you simply have to intend from a space of non intending intention.

You place yourself in a state of consciousness where you already have everything you desire, and there is nothing for you to do and nothing for you to create. Then from the place of non desire, whatever desires that arise are desires from the spirit. Now you are not trying to intend anything, but you are simply allowing the intentions of the universe to flow. A person living at the highest level is someone who is creating from a place of emptiness and whatever resources is needed just shows up in the moment.

Living your life purpose is the most important thing of all, and every goal or intention should be allowed to naturally arise from that place. Stop trying to learn reality creation techniques to manifest what others say you should have, but simply allow the universe to create through you. So what do you learn reality creation techniques for? It is to make you conscious of how you’re creating reality so that you can co-create with the universe better. It is starting from the top down and not moving from bottom up.

If you believe it takes hard work to accomplish things, then that is what you will experience. If you believe things can be easy, effortless and natural, then that is what you will experience. You do not need to motivate yourself to do anything. All you need to do is to plug into the source and the energy will flow through you to do what you are here to do. You do not have to drive the system that runs you, but you simply allow yourself to be driven by doing what you love now. You’re here to do what brings you joy.

Mastery of the world is achieved by letting things take their natural course. You can not master the world by changing the natural way. The Law of God action is to go with the flow in every moment. When you follow your heart in every moment, you are connecting to the essence of who you really are, which is the power and the presence of God. The best action to do is non-doing action, which is doing things the natural way. You are doing God’s work. The Law of God Action is creating from the highest level.

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7 Responses to “The Law of Attraction Trap – Conflict of Intentions”

  1. T. Dorsey Says:

    You are so right. The Law of God action is connecting with the divinity within you!

  2. Max Power Says:

    Your implication of shared consciousness is flawed and biased towards totality. The total sum of the the universe implies a shared consciousness with every single person alive right now having a small piece of the conscious whole.

    You can choose to believe that but it is hardly provable on any level. What do you know for sure?? You are aware and present right now, everything else is a leap of faith and a blind leap of faith at best.

    You imply that there is a god outside of us and then say that everything is inside of us. The model that god is everything and everywhere even outside of your own awareness is again a flawed belief for it is totally unprovable on any level.

    You have an intention and I have an intention for the same thing, then who wins? In your model of reality it will be resolved according to the overall decisiveness of an entity outside running the game/show.

    Any belief system that is founded on an entity of any sort having any kind of control over the universe is a beleif grounded in fear and responsibility. When things go wrong we can say it was because the uiverse doesn’t want it that way and therefore we can negate responsibility for our lives at any given time.

    You can choose to believe in god, believe in a universal consciousness, believe in all people having a seperate consciousness, but I don’t buy it.


  3. Errica Says:

    This is to Max,

    The term “GOD” was coined by man. Your higher self/the universal consciousness is all connected. Some people say potato(long a) and others say potato (with the short a sound), it means the same thing. We need to stop getting caught up in the words and what others have told us what “GOD” is and should be (i.e. organized religion). Ask yourself, how did all of us (humans, animals and the earth) come to be?
    Science doesn’t have all the answers to this question. How do we know if the Bible is truth? It was translated by man and wwe don’t know if it is the truth. The point is WE DON’T KNOW the answers to any of these questions. I do know that we have the power of choice. It is your choice to believe or not to believe and you should not knock someone else for what they believe in or tell them that what they believe in is not the truth, just because YOU DON’T BELIEVE OR UNDERSTAND IT. There is one saying that is true and I can attest to that. If you seek, you will find…. And that goes for ANYTHING!!!!

  4. Jake Says:

    That is very interesting, I never thought about the connection between the Law of Attraction and God in that way – but the way you talk about the Law of God Action completely makes sense. Did you know that even the Hunas of Hawaii believed that the Higher Self was a sort of super conscious that connects with the Universal life force?

    I read about it at this site that gives away a free special report called the The Secret Behind The Law Of Attraction

  5. Enoch Says:

    Thank you all for your comments!

    For those who have ears to hear and understand are able to do so.

    Truth resonates with those who have an enlightened perspective.

  6. na Says:

    Well, my stuidies show that there was once a time when we did not exsist which means, we are all one with god because we were created through him meaning we are him. Just as child is created by their parents,but also that god is one spiritual trinity: god the father, god the son (jesus christ) and god the holy spirit but these questions assumptions and accusations will stay and are meant to stay as such until were meant to know the answer and maybe thats never but in the meantime its a time consumer!

  7. susannah Says:


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