Life Practices for Changing the World From Home

By Corrina Steward in Inspiration on November 25th, 2008 / One Comment

This book came to me like a surprise party—planned and ready, waiting for me to just open the door.  I had just started working as a personal coach when I realized my clients were doing the work of humanity.  By changing the way they chose to live and their perspectives on what they wanted out of life, they were making a positive difference in the world around them.  And, yet, that’s not the whole story of how this book came into my life.

Starting my coaching business came after a very difficult period in my life.  I was laid off from my job after years of struggling to make a vision for change happen on a large scale.  I had worked hard.  I landed a job in Washington, D.C., got an Ivy League graduate degree, published papers and a book, traveled to international meetings and by the time I was 28 realized I had done everything that I had set out to do in life.  What else was there, I wondered?

My experience as a young, world traveler and change-maker was both thrilling and disappointing.  I came to realize that I couldn’t be attached to certain ideas or people or organizations that I thought had the answers.  It was the difficult experience of realizing that I was 28 and didn’t know where to go next that brought me inside, to myself.

It was in this period of my own transformation that I began to meditate.  I learned to cultivate energy from inside and became aware of the magical, loving universe that surrounds each of us.  It was through meditation that I came to understand that each of us can harness our own personal power to change our lives and the world.

The idea of personal power came gradually in my sitting practice.  But one day, the whole concept of this book unraveled as a deep understanding.  I sat down with my notebook and pen and watched as the outline for [email protected] with Your Personal Power revealed itself to me.  When I finished (a mere two hours later), I knew that this book did not come from me.  I had simply been open to seeing, hearing and understanding why people could benefit from it.

I share this knowledge having done everything in this book in my own life and knowing that it will change yours.  Any errors in the details are my own.  The rest I share with you as it was shown to me.

You Are the Everyday Humanitarians
You are the Everyday Humanitarians.  Everyday you are committed to your family, your institution, your community, and the greater good.  No one applauds you for your daily effort to be an upstanding citizen; it’s expected.  It is the Everyday Humanitarian that wakes up everyday, makes coffee, drives an hour to work, compromises themselves at work, manages to stay afloat when the bills come due AND cares enough to search for the space in their lives for good.

You find a way at work to make things humane for yourself and others; you give to the same charities every year; you break bread with people in need; you find compassion and understanding for people who are struggling around you and far away, and you wish you could change it.

Fortunate or unfortunate, we were birthed into this time and place in American society that idealizes our human potential on productivity.  We’ve learned that to be human is to ‘do’ and to ‘have.’  We have the opportunity to make a new reality today.  It begins with ourselves and re-imaging the way we think we’re supposed to live.

Let me tell you a secret.  You don’t have to travel to India or visit a spiritual Mecca to find your place in the human maze.  You just have to go home. ‘Home’ is our best selves, when we are fearless, compassionate and filled with gratitude.

Throughout this book, I take you ‘home’ with the [email protected] with Your Personal Power program.  At the core of it is the lesson that Gandhi taught us: that we must be the change we want to see in the world.  If you take one thing from this book, I hope it is this:

To be the change you want to see in the world, you need the same level of energy within yourself that is needed to transform the things around you. Every human life is here to make change.  And, yet, most of us are way under-fueled to transform our own personal struggles, let alone some of today’s most pressing human challenges.

What I’ve written here are a few simple life practices that will help you to remove the layers that block you from living with your personal power and from having a harmonious, joyful life.

[email protected] with Your Personal Power embodies 5 elements:

  • Body: Discovering the wisdom of your body.
  • Mind, Heart, Spirit: Clearing the layers of clutter.
  • Consciousness: Realizing the abundance available to you and creating clean energy.
  • Community: Inspiring your community of relationships.
  • Everyday Humanitarian: Tapping into universal consciousness and living your purpose.

To [email protected] with Your Personal Power calls us to unlock inner sustainability.  Sustainable growth is defined by the United Nations as living today so as not to sacrifice the existence of future generations.

We are witnessing in our own lives the result of the unsustainable way that we have lived on this Earth.  Humans have taken, exploited, degraded and drained our humanity and the material things that guarantee our continued human existence.  The result is scarcity and disharmony.

We personally feel this scarcity when we fill our gas tanks, go food shopping and watch our expenses rise, and our beautiful spaces disappear.  We feel the disharmony in our lives when we work harder, fight for our space and time with family and friends and life obligations side-step our dreams.

Each of us has the power to change the direction of our world.  How you design your life is the most influential way for creating a more sustainable and liberating society.  What is most important is how your life functions.  Are you sustainable within yourself?

Each of us can Be an Everyday Humanitarian, a powerful example for others, on how to live differently, with joy and harmony that will change our humanity. Are you ready to contribute?

For more information please visit: Everyday Humanitarian Transformation

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  1. Frank Says:

    What a perfect article for these times.

    Reminding folks to look with in to find their energy and answers.

    Plan to go buy this book.

    Thanks for posting the article

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