How to Love Yourself: 5 Actions Every Woman Needs to Make a Habit Of

By Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA in Attention, attitude, Awareness, Happiness, Learning, Life Purpose, Stress Reduction, Success on May 7th, 2014 / No Comments

If you can see a reason why a child needs to love herself unconditionally… then you have also given yourself an answer as to why you need to love yourself too. The age difference and life experience doesn’t make you lose the deservingness of and the need for self-love.

Self-love, in fact, sets the stage for all life experiences you will encounter and how you will handle them.

If you don’t know how to treat yourself with love and self-respect, you won’t know how to accept another’s love for you. When their love is at a higher level than yours you will actively work towards sabotaging it because it won’t seem real to you (it will appear to be a lie; a too good to be true fantasy).

Similarly, if you’re not 100% certain you ought to be treated better by someone or that you’ll find anyone better, these beliefs, which lack self-love, will determine the type of people that continue to come into your life.

How to Love Yourself: 5 Actions Every Woman Needs to Make a Habit Of

Self-love is about redefining your relationship with yourself. And this includes taking a look at your expectations of yourself and the beliefs¬†you’ve formed about who you are.

Loving yourself is no different than building a relationship with another person. Yet we’re all willing to spend a whole lot more time on loving others rather than ourselves. But just like all relationships, you’ll have to spend time on yourself daily if you want to improve the relationship you have with You.

The following actions will help you out with the self-love challenge.

  1. Embrace your worth by knowing what you bring to the table. Stop dumbing down your value because you are insecure about your strengths. Use past successes as a guide to discover your skills.
  2. Practice self-compassion. Don’t criticize yourself. Practice self-acceptance. Forgive yourself. No matter how poor your choices were, you did the best you could with the tools you had at the time. (It’s alright to feel down after a bad result… it’s not OK to criticize yourself with vicious comments.)
  3. Stand up for yourself. Speak up when you are mistreated (this goes along with self-compassion). Be assertive. If this is hard for you, get someone (professional coach or friend) to help you out with this. The more you stand up for yourself, the more you will see reasons why you ought to command respect from others.
  4. Listen to and read material that focuses on self-love. Changing habits is all about repetition. Like anything else you want to accomplish, you must saturate your mind with the concepts and ideas you wish to live out.
  5. Be free and playful. Bring out the fun you, along with your positive feelings and outlook on who you are. Let your guard down and be who you are at heart. You don’t have to be serious and in control all the time.


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