How to Manage Stress

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These are certainly hectic times we are living in where stress is all to common with more and more people leading increasingly stressful lives. It is suggested by experts that stress is good to a certain extent, it’s what keeps you pushing forwards and helps you to remain sharp and focused.

It’s when stress becomes almost habitual and you react to stress in a manner which gets you more frustrated and worked up that it really becomes a problem.

If left to manifest and not managed effectively stress can have a damaging impact on both your mental and physical well-being. Frequent and prolonged episodes of stress can cause a lot of mental pressure and cause physical symptoms such as restlessness, increased heart and blood pressure and so on. That’s why you need to learn how to prevent stress and change the way in which you react stress and stressful situations.

Here are a few tips for preventing stress:

Identify the triggers/ causes

One of the key factors in the prevention of stress is identifying the key areas that are contributing to your stress. Most commonly personal and family related problems as well as work related problems are among the biggest causes of stress. Identify the areas that are leading to you feeling stressed so that you can learn to take corrective measures.

Taking Corrective Measures

Once you’ve identified the key areas for causing you to feel stressed you need to try and work out effective coping mechanisms. Let’s say for example that I was traveling to work each morning on public transport during rush hour which was chaos and causing me to arrive at work stressed and agitated. I would look for solutions such as leaving for a work a little earlier to avoid the rush hour commuters and have a relaxing – “stress free” journey to work.

Sure I would be early for work but make a new habit such as having a cup of coffee in the local cafe before work and get yourself mentally prepped for the days challenges. There’s always solutions if you analyze closely enough. Work on finding manageable solutions to the triggers and causes of your stress.

Calm Down

Whenever you’re beginning to feel stressed take stock of the situation. Take a few moments to refrain from whatever you’re engaging in that’s causing you to feel this way and re-focus your thoughts and energy. Taking a few deep breathes whenever you’re beginning to feel stressed is a great way to calm the mind and help prevent stress from manifesting.

Relaxation Response

The relaxation response is a great technique for lowering stress levels which works on the emphasis of having a relaxation response to stressful situations. Your reaction to stress and stressful situations becomes habitual and the key in the prevention of stress is the way in which you respond to it. That’s why you want to develop a technique for helping you to keep a calm mind and remain focused even when you’re feeling extremely stressed.

There are a number of different practices you could use as a relaxation response to stress such as affirmations or perhaps controlled breathing, the key however is consistency, it takes a while to change habits, it’s not an overnight process so practice your relaxation response as often as possible.

To sum up you’ll want to remember that the true causes of stress are not the experiences and situations you encounter but how you react to them. Work on changing your attitude and developing a positive inner-dialogue. Over-time your old habits and response to stress will become a thing of the past and you’ll have a much better means for preventing stress.

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