Managing Stress at Work & How to Deal

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Here are some helpful tips for managing stress in the workplace:

  1. On arising, drink two or three glasses of water and two or three more about an hour before lunch.
  2. In the morning before living to work, take a brisk, hot shower followed by a cool rinse.
  3. While at your desk or in meetings, do isometrics beginning with your scalp, working down to your toes. Tense your muscles, hold and release. Doing this 5 to 10 times will renew mental energy and release tension.
  4. After work and after dinner, perform at least a half hour of vigorous exercise. Start with a gentle warm up and end with cool down period.  Mowing the grass and romping with the children or brisk walking can also relieve tension.
  5. Keep an attitude of praise and gratitude, and wear it to work. Praise God for your job and co-workers.
  6. Plan your daily activities by priority.
  7. Expect at least one crisis that will change your plan!
  8. Arrange your workspace for as few distractions as possible without becoming isolated. Let your team know when and how you are available.
  9. Seek to resolve job crisis as smoothly as possible.
  10. Remember to eat a balance diet, including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Keep mealtimes happy; avoid solving problems at the table.
  11. Avoid taking work home with you. But if you must do it only after you have spent some time communicating with your family.
  12. At the end of the day, have a “debriefing” with God. Give him unfinished business of the day. Claim promises of His Word and then sleep well!
  13. Peak demands we rely on the hormonal relaseses induced by the stress response to meet deadlines or extreme situations.
  14. Know what problems, persons or circumstances annoy you. Practice listening to your body as it “revs”” up during stress.
  15. Give yourself the gift of confedence and commitment to change how you react to stress. Become very aware of how you react to stress.
  16. As you find yourself less stressed and with more energy, try to maintain your gains amd find ways to enjoy life even more.
  17. Trust in divine power to help you to get to know yourself, and to stay with your plan.
  18. Take a small gift of appreciation to yourself. This could be a boquet, a loaf of special bread, some fruit a jar of honey or a bottle of sparkling grape juice


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