Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations

By Enoch Tan in Intention on August 20th, 2007 / 4 Comments

It is a most liberating experience when you are able to live life with an attitude of no expectations. When you have expectations, you have preconceived ideas of how things should be that you are attached to. Expectation creates fear because you think what you desire may or may not happen. Free of expectations, you can just go with the flow of the universe and not be affected by the outcomes that you encounter. Every outcome can serve to move you towards greater realization of your desires.

When you are attached to an outcome, you expect things to happen at a certain time in a certain way. But when it does not happen at the expected time or in the expected manner, then what results is a feeling of fear. Having expectations about how your desires should manifest will produce negative feelings when your expectations are not met. That is why it is better to act on your intention without expectations about the when and how it manifests.

Fear, doubt and worry are the last things you want to experience in the process of manifesting desires. That is why the best way to create what you want is through detachment. Act on your desires with a detached involvement. You do what you are guided to do by your heart but you do not judge the rightness of your actions by the results that you get. As long as your actions are based on purpose, you have done what you were meant to do regardless of what seems to happen from it.

When the universe is in the process of working things out for the realization of your intention, there might be things that happen which make it seem as though things are not working out. It is your expectation of how things should happen that makes you think that things are not working out. But actually you are not seeing the whole picture, because what you are seeing is only a piece of the larger scheme of events where everything is really working out the way it should.

Expectation colors your perception of things. You don’t see how things are really happening when you expect them to happen a certain way. This prevents you from recognizing the good that comes your way and causes you to push it away thinking that it is evil. Without preconceived ideas to limit your perception, you are able to accept what comes your way as part of the solution to realizing what you truly desire in life. You are able to receive and not resist truth and love.

Many times we feel discouraged when things are not happening the way we want them to happen. We might even lose hope thinking that it’s not meant to be, and even give up pursuing it altogether because our actions are in vain. But we do not realize that we are right in the process of it all coming to pass, and we turn away when we are closer than we ever were before. Let go of expectations so that you can surrender to the process and let the outcome fall in place in the right way at the right time.

When we do not know how things will really turn out, we have to trust. There is no need for hope when we already know how the outcome will be like. Hope is confident expectation of good. The only expectation you need is the expectation that everything is happening for good and not evil in your life. You can expect good no matter what the outcome seems to be.

The best way to live life is to be like a little child, having no cares and expectations. You are just doing what brings you joy and expressing yourself fearlessly in every moment. You completely accept yourself and whatever is happening without judgment. You are trusting that you are always provided for and there is nothing that is stopping you from attaining all that you truly desire. You are free to live fully in the moment without worrying about the future.

Live with an attitude of no expectations and you will experience more freedom than you can imagine. Failure does not stop you anymore because it doesn’t exist in your perception. You can keep doing what you believe in simply because you are not expecting a particular outcome but you are just expressing the truth that is in you. You are able to let go of anything negative and nothing holds you back from going on in the direction of your desires.

When you hold no expectations, you are committing the outcome. You can always experience much more from a place of no expectations than from having expectations because the universe is able to do above and beyond all that you can ask and even think of. Leave the outcome in the hands of the universe, while you continue acting on your desires. Surrender to the process and know that good things come to you when you least expect them.

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4 Responses to “Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations”

  1. narmada Says:

    dear author,

    your article is cent per cent true. but i would like to know if living without expectations is a inborn trait, or can we develop it. I have tried several times to live without expectations but i am unable to absorb it into my psyche. suddenly i expect certain actions from my husband and get disappointed all over again. my opinion is that its difficult to live without expectations. can you suggest ways to make it a way of life?


  2. Frances Hassett Says:

    The problem I find with having a dream is that within that dream there is an expectation that it will happen and it is difficult divorcing the two. It is living inthis fear of failure which comes from having an expectation. All mty life I have worked, not necessarily satisfactorily, but nevertheless been in chage of my own destiny by having money. Where I am at present would for many be an envyable position because I don’t work but live in the French countryside within sight of the Pyrenees. I am poor in money but rich in other aspects, one of which is time and a certain amount of choice in how I spend it. for me I am treading water and if I had a choice I would be in London doing my masters in psychotherapy and learning to be a practicing counsellor that is my ultimate dream which I have tried to manifest and cannot see how to do it ?

  3. Carol Says:

    I sympathize with this mindset and for several times I deeply thought about the truth to it… but it’s contradictory in many ways. Even though I agree that the perfect situation would be for us to let go and allow ourselves to be some kind of “tool” the universe (or God, whichever you prefer) uses to make this world a better place, I also understand that as humans we are not perfect and have very immature wants and needs. Right or wrong that’s the way we are.

    So, the part that I don’t understand is how can you completely let go and live in the flow of the universe if you have desires and dreams? Desires and dreams ARE expectations! You expect to achieve it, that itself already ruins what you’re trying to do. If you expect to get something, you are not completely allowing yourself to go with the flow, and as long as you have desires, there will be the fear that you might not get it.

    I think what you are trying to do is to join an ancient concept of letting go present in many old religions and philosophies with the new age BS of the secret and how you can get everything you want (usually material goods) if you let the universe do the job. Yes, you can do that, you can get the money, the big house, the nice car using the power of the universe, but no, you won’t be living with no expectations, you won’t be free of fear.
    The only way of really living with no expectations is by not having any dreams. By not trying to please your ego with “stuff” that you can achieve and get in life you can be actually free. When I think about it I picture people like Madre Teresa and Gandhi, people that did what had to be done, period. No desires, nothing for themselves, they just worked as a human tool the universe used to make the world better.

    I think if you really want to be free and truly happy that’s the way to go. As long as you have dreams, you’re gonna keep expectations and you’re gonna sell yourself for whatever promises you to bring these desires closer to you.

  4. Tania Kotsos Says:

    Hello… Take a read of “When You Desire Nothing You Can Choose Anything” for a different way to look at things… let me know your thoughts. Tania

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