Manifest Your Reality in a Few Simple Steps

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Sooner or later in our explorations in consciousness we all come across the idea of manifesting as an indicator of spiritual attainment, as if our worth as spiritual beings depends upon our ability to manifest.

Lousy manifestor? Must not be very spiritual.

Great manifestor? The universe bows to the light of your divinity!


Great manifestation is an inevitable outcome, not a forgone indication, of spiritual prowess. However, not all manifestations are created equal. The ones that are the easiest to give validity to are the ones that are the densest, like great material wealth or being the head of a multinational company – both of which Bill Gates (for example) has manifested in his lifetime, but neither are any sure indication of spiritual attainment.

No one would claim, least of all Mr. Gates himself, that he is some kind of spiritual powerhouse. His extreme wealth is the result of his ability to focus on his intentions regarding market dominance in a narrowly defined way, albeit at a global level. His wealth is the outcome of such focused intention, which may or may not have been sought out as a method for obtaining spiritual wholeness.

Be a Master of Intention by Helping Others
Any master of intention must sooner or later come to the realization that vast wealth is a meaningless manifestation unless it gets put to work in the world somehow. Gates the market manipulator and tyrannical business dominator has become Gates the humanitarian benefactor, and his foundation helps provide resources necessary to help others manifest their intentions as well.

There does indeed seem to be an evolution of consciousness at work here. And the amazing thing is that it all begins on the personal level, not on the level of board meetings and the gatherings of shareholders.

Beginning the process of manifestation in harmony with all aspects of one’s being is an intimate, personal thing. It begins with yourself because it cannot extend to others until you first understand how to make it work for yourself. From this internal process comes the alchemical transformation of raw mindstuff into manifested reality.

With increased mastery comes more responsibility towards others. Your manifestations will first benefit yourself, then others in ever-widening circles, the full extent of which is up to you.

Eight Key Questions to Ask Yourself

What area of your life do you want to work with?
The first step is to focus on a particular area of your life you want to change, correct, amend or otherwise deal with. This could be an important relationship, a health issue, money concerns, career moves or anything else you want to work with.

What is your current situation in this area?
Be objective and tell the truth. List as many things as you feel adequately describes what reality you’re currently experiencing in your chosen area of manifestation.

How do you feel about your current situation?
Use the power of your feelings to vent emotionally if you have to. What’s positive? What’s negative? List everything that comes bubbling up no matter how trivial or bizarre. What in your current situation is holding you back from obtaining what you want to manifest?

Some things will come easily for this list, others will come hard. You might uncover things you never really thought about before. Let both your surprises and your tired old rationales coexist here as a necessary step in the process toward true manifestation.

How can you let go of what’s holding you back?
Be specific. Be real. What steps can you take to release each of the things that hold you back from obtaining what you desire? Gently acknowledge each one; thank it for serving to challenge you or to move you towards greater awareness or for some other gift to you involving self-mastery. Then, when you have blessed the thing that is holding you back, let it go! Do this in turn with each thing that limits you.

What can you do right now to manifest what you want?
Be specific and practical. If your area of desired manifestation involves your health, what one thing can you do right now that supports your desire for manifesting health in your life? It is important to do this within 24 hours while the energy is still keenly felt. If you’re really motivated, list three to five things you can do within the next 24 hours. After you’ve accomplished all the things on your list, list some more over the next day or so. Revisit and revise this list as often as needed over the next several months and don’t forget to notice how your life has changed.

How can you create a quiet, creative space to visualize what you want to create?
This is perhaps the most important step of all. Before you go off on a tangent doing things in the next 24 hours, think about creating a space conducive to bringing your intention into the world, then create that space. Imagine what it feels like to have your intention manifested in your life right now. Allow it to happen without micromanaging the process. Don’t try to tell the universe how to give you what you want, just make it clear what you want.

Is all of this part of the spiritual process?
Of course it is, silly. Everything is part of the spiritual process. You are a spiritual being who, like all of us, has decided to have a physical experience. Spiritual beings cannot have other than spiritual processes as their mode of operation. This includes the physical as an aspect of spirit. Get over it, accept it, and move on.

Relax and Have Fun
Don’t forget to have fun with your manifestations. Nothing squelches your intention to live the life you desire than self-conscious preconceptions and self-righteous attitudes about how you think the universe works. Oh, the seriousness of it all!

As a spiritual being having a physical experience, you have eons and eons to mess around with anything you want. Don’t forget to play! Lighten up a little. There are no wrong ways to do things, only ways upon ways upon ways to do things, each way no better or worse than the others. The only dire consequences to anything in the ultimate scheme of things is the certainty of the ego that it is the only arbiter of what’s real and what’s not real – a wonderfully apt cosmic joke, coming from the one component of you as a spiritual being that is, after all, a big illusion.

The ego knows one day that it’ll be exposed for the charlatan it truly is. Thus it fills your mind and heart with fear, doubt, uncertainty and other forms of pain all masked over with serious intent.

In the meantime, have fun with these few simple steps to manifest the life you want. Surprise yourself with what you can create. Amaze your friends and family. Astound your associates. Above all, enjoy yourself as the creator of your reality.

About the author:
Tim Thompson is a professional writer/editor whose feathered flights of intention have taken him from the heart to the mind and back again on the words that glide between them. He currently makes his home in southern California and is working on several online projects.

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