Nine Simple Keys to Ignite The Manifestation Process

By Mark Harrison in Abundance on May 24th, 2010 / 3 Comments

Manifesting is a natural and normal process but, since we have often been brought up to believe that achieving things requires time, patience and hard work, manifesting is a skill we need to develop. Like any other skill, it requires practice. Essentially, it is a mind-set, and we need to be thinking and feeling a certain way to get the manifesting process to work.

Be very specific
You need to have a clear image of what you intend to manifest. How does it look and feel, what is the experience of having it like? Try to visualize yourself in the position of receiving the abundance you desire. If you enjoy writing, then write a vivid description of what it is like. If you can paint or draw, then render an image of what you intend to manifest. Do whatever you need to do in order to get a clear, precise picture of what you intend.

Be open to the ways in which the manifestation can occur
Although you need to be specific about what you intend to manifest, the result can present itself in many forms and occur in many ways. We need to be very sensitive and open to these possibilities.
Show appreciation for what you have.

There is something in your life right now which has the quality of what you are seeking to manifest. Focusing on this by showing gratitude or appreciation will align you more closely with the abundance you are looking for.

It’s a great idea to keep a daily gratitude journal or something similar. At the end of each day, make a list of things you are grateful for, things that went well, things that you usually take for granted, perhaps. When you start writing, you might be surprised at how many good things there are in your life, and this can only draw abundance closer to you since you are focusing on the positive.

Feel that life is magical
Daily life can sometimes feel like a chore or a grind, but there are moments when we feel the magic and excitement of being alive. Life is an amazing gift, and we should try to keep a continual sense of how remarkable and special it really is. The truth is that we are in control – we are magicians directing the show, and abundance will manifest when we keep sight of this.

Put energy into your intention
Your intention has two components – the content (like the words of an affirmation or the image of what you intend to manifest) and energy component. The content is important, but without the energy, your intention will not manifest or will do so very weakly. You need to find a way to inject some energy into your intention – spending time focusing on ‘why’ you want the intention to manifest is an excellent way to do this.

Focus on the ‘why’ more than the ‘what’
The energy of the intention is all to do with why you want it. What are you going to do with it? What is it for? Importantly, what can you do with it that is good and that will benefit others?

If you have a good reason for manifesting something, and you are focusing on this, then more energy will be involved in the intention and it will manifest that much more quickly. The ‘why’ contains more energy and less resistance; when thinking about ‘how’ something might manifest, there is often a tendency to see problems and obstacles that might get in the way.

Observe your emotions
Emotion is the feedback mechanism you can use to gauge how well you are injecting energy into your intention. If your intention is all content (say you are just repeating an affirmation) then it will not manifest very strongly, but if there is a lot of energy there, you will feel more emotion and the manifestation will be faster and stronger. Monitoring your emotional state is a key part of the process.

Take inspired action
When we focus on our intentions, opportunities will arise which need to be acted upon. Things rarely fall into our lap – we do need to take the opportunities which arise and act in a way which is consistent with achieving the results we desire.

Often, people object to the Law of Attraction because it sounds so absurd to just sit around thinking happy thoughts and expecting abundance to manifest – and this is absurd, but it is not the Law of Attraction! Watch out for all the little synchronicities and coincidences that start to occur and all the opportunities that come knocking – you need to act on them!

Practice non-attachment
Being overly attached to something is actually going to push it away. Being too desperate is a kind of insecurity and sends out a message of lack. Just as a drowning man struggles to stay afloat and ends up sinking, we can sabotage ourselves by being too anxious and attached to our desires.

The drowning man would be better off giving in, not resisting the water, and so we also need to submit, allowing things to unfold as they will, and trusting that all will be well.

Trust the things will work out
Abundance is our essence; it is our natural state, and the universe desires to bring all good things to you. An open attitude of trust that things are as they should be and that everything is working out for the best will bring about your desires more quickly. As Abraham says, ‘You are loved. All is well.’

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3 Responses to “Nine Simple Keys to Ignite The Manifestation Process”

  1. Kelly Says:

    A nice read. I agree – get clear on what you want – that can be quite easy to do but it’s the “allowing” part where many people get hung up.

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