MindSpa Audio-Visual Stimulation for Brain Enhancement

By Joe Ditta in Product Reviews on September 7th, 2006 / 4 Comments

A spa for the mind? With what we put our brains through, we had to try it. Based on the Mind Spapioneering work of Dr. Ruth Olmstead, a noted psychologist in the field of audio-visual stimulation (AVS) therapy, MindSpa uses brainwave entrainment from Dr. Olmstead’s years of work improving relaxation, attention span, and cognitive performance with thousands of clients.

MindSpa has 12 programs that range in length from 10 to 40 minutes and use alpha, beta, and theta frequencies intended to help you focus your mind, relax, learn, problem solve, increase creative thinking, enter expanded mind states, and more.

How Does It Work?
MindSpa uses the principle of frequency following response (FFR), the mind’s natural tendency to entrain to rhythmic photo or audio stimulation. Olmstead has shown that AVS improves attention, memory, mood, and cognitive performance in children with learning disabilities including ADHD and ADD.

These MindSpa protocols (programs 9 through 12) work by “stretching” your mind from very low (theta) to very high (upper beta) brainwave states several times per week. In this respect, it’s like working out any other muscle in the body – you might not see instant results (a minimum 4- to 6-week commitment is advised), but the eventual benefits are sustained. O n the other hand, the relaxation protocols included in MindSpa (programs 2 through 4) as well as the Alpha Recharge (program 1) offer much more immediate effects.

What’s the Research Behind MindSpa?
Mind Spa KitIn addition to Dr. Olmstead’s extensive peer-reviewed, published research since 1991, there are two MindSpa studies currently under way in China to determine its effectiveness in improving English, Chinese, and mathematics performance by middle-school students.

Initial results showed significant increases in learning ability, focused attention, and mood improvement among students. In addition, studies are being conducted at Moscow University to determine if MindSpa can help with quitting smoking and other addictions. Finally, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) co-creator Richard Bandler uses the MindSpa personally and with clients to facilitate trance induction and relaxation, and to shift mind states.

Is MindSpa Effective?
Publisher Tami Simon and I both found that the Alpha Recharge (program 1) provides a definite rejuvenating effect when used in the mid-afternoon in place of a cup of tea or coffee. It only takes 10 minutes, and there are no “caffeine jitters” to deal with. I also tried the Alpha Recharge during a mindfulness meditation practice taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, and was surprised by the results. Usually when I meditate it takes me several minutes to get physically settled or find my seat, but with the MindSpa, I was able to sit on my zafu without fidgeting the physical calming effect I experienced was significant.

Andrew tested MindSpa for 6 weeks. He found the Advanced Focus for Adults (program 12) very good before doing vipassana “body scanning” meditation, which requires a high degree of focused, alert attention. (he also found this program very helpful before playing tennis!) He also used the Cognitive Enhancement protocol (program 10) daily over a period of 4 weeks. He reported feeling a strong sense of mental clarity that developed gradually and that persist throughout the day.

Several testers deemed the theta protocols superb for entering vivid waking dream states (sitting meditation posture worked best) or for self-hypnosis. Our traffic manager Kristina tried MindSpa with Dr. Steven Gurgevich’s Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course trancework sessions and found it powerfully aided her in entering trance. Andrew also found the theta protocols very effective for falling asleep, but I found these sessions increased alertness, and prefer to fall asleep with Deep Alpha Relaxation II (program 4).

One more effective use for MindSpa: Kristina tried the relaxation programs on an airplane and found them incredibly helpful in easing travel stress.


  • Easy-to-use, light and sound brainwave training tool
  • 4 pre-set performance enhancing programs for mental sharpness, memory enrichment, advanced attention, and more
  • 7 pre-set progressive relaxation programs allow you to determine your optimal “de-stress” session
  • 10-minute “Alpha Recharge” program for fast and effective revitalization
  • Re-conditions the mind to make falling asleep easier

Available at: Sounds True

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4 Responses to “MindSpa Audio-Visual Stimulation for Brain Enhancement”

  1. Jose L. Rubio Says:

    I want to know wich of all your products is better to keep my Thougts
    focused in mys dreams, because I try to focus in positive thoughts, but somtimes y get confused with others thougts. I believe in evry thing relative to right brain, I’m reading “The secret”, and I read all relative to the right brain. Thanks for your articles end products. I do’nt
    speak English real good, but my brain let me read and understand anything. jus help me with a little push. thank you.

  2. Thomas Herold Says:

    Hello Jose,

    We currently have only two products. One is a free ebook and the other is the Dream Manifestation Wizard, which I recommend for keeping your thoughts focused.

  3. Leo Foster Says:

    Great article.

    I will definitely put it in my List of Goals to test
    this product. If the product is as good as advertised,
    it should be a great help to enter even deeper theta
    states for creativity and answers/solutions.

    Thanks a lot for letting me know about it.

    Leo F.

  4. JD Says:

    I love my minspa , i am currently using it with hypnosis tapes and program 7 + 8 .Do you feel it would be of benefit to make use of all the different programs on the device ?

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