Change Your Life One Minute at a Time

By Masha Malka in Success on November 12th, 2008 / 2 Comments

Whose Life Are You Living?
Have you ever felt like you are living someone else’s life? It is one of the worst feelings one can experience, and most of us, at some point, do feel this way!

The first and most important step to living a fulfilling and authentic life that is totally and wonderfully yours is to realize that it’s your life, and you deserve to live it on your terms. The next step is to remember what life you are meant to live, to go back to who you really are, and to let your passions and true personal desires surface again.

The process is more difficult for some than others, but the benefits are well worth it! The following are some of the benefits of living your life:

  • Life has meaning and purpose.
  • Your self-esteem shoots up.
  • You deal with life’s obstacles effectively.
  • People just want to be with you.
  • You attract positivity to your life.
  • You feel fulfilled and happy.

The benefits are many and cannot all be described in words, but the main reason for living your life is this: you deserve to!

I, myself, have been in the darkness of not knowing who am I and what am I meant to do, as well as not experiencing the fulfilment of living a life of purpose. I have made the journey, and I have seen others do it. Now, it is your turn. I believe that every one of us deserves to live an authentic life – a fulfilling and happy life. I have made it my purpose to help as many people as I can to achieve that.

Action Steps
1. Start a journal to follow your progress as you go through this book.
2. Decide on the time of the day that you will spend focusing on yourself – reading, writing, reflecting, applying what you learn – and anything else that helps you grow and move in the direction you want to go.

Can You Really Change Your Life in One Minute?
Your life changes the instant you make a decision to change. So, in reality, it takes even less than a minute to make the change that you want to make; however, you need many minutes to accumulate the information that leads to a particular decision. It is like a puzzle that needs enough pieces to see the whole picture.

Many people get frustrated that, no matter how hard they try, no matter how many books they read or seminars they attend, they still don’t seem to achieve what they want. Unfortunately, many people give up on living their dream lives ¼

If you feel frustrated with the lack of change or progress in your life, you should relax and have faith that what you are doing right now is accumulating the “pieces of the puzzle” that, when the time is right, will lead you to make the changes that you desire.

Action Steps
1. Never give up! You might be just one little piece away from getting what you want. Realize that sometimes it takes twenty years to achieve an overnight success!
2. Keep learning and growing. By changing who you are, you inevitably change your experiences and your life.
3. Take action! However small it is, if it moves you in the right direction, just do it. If you have a dream, take at least one action step towards it in the next half hour – it will make you feel empowered and in control.
4. Then, do something every day, keep your eyes on the destination, and you will get there!

Produce the Results You Are Looking For
Did you know that, statistically, over 90% of people give up on their goals and New Year resolutions within three weeks of setting them? Did you ever wonder why so many people who set goals and New Year resolutions, one year later realize that what they set for themselves they haven’t accomplished?

Then, with new enthusiasm, they do it again, just to get disappointed later. It becomes a vicious circle, and, unfortunately, many people eventually give up making goals in life. They would rather not have goals than feel bad for not following through with them.

Unfortunately, when this happens, people tend to think that something is wrong with them! Their self-esteem goes down, and low self-esteem is one of the major reasons for not succeeding. But here is some good news: not following through with goals has nothing to do with who you are.

If you have a great desire to succeed but are not getting what you want, then you are simply lacking the right tools. By tools, I mean the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset – all of which, fortunately, you can acquire!

When you stop blaming yourself for not having what you want and start learning all you can in the area that you want to change, you will inevitably become the kind of person who attracts what you desire and produces the results you are looking for!

Action Steps
1. Help yourself grow and develop in the direction you want to go. Decide how much time and money you will dedicate this year to personal development.
2. Decide what it is you really want to learn, and then find appropriate courses and/or teachers for it.
3. Do it today! If you expect different results, then do things differently, be proactive, and be persistent!

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2 Responses to “Change Your Life One Minute at a Time”

  1. DBheemeswar Says:

    Whose Life Are You Living? we are living our own life, nobody can live our life, what ever decisions we take we have have to bear it, whether they are good are bad. Leave the bad ones and take only the positives and try to live happily.

    Life has meaning and purpose. yes each and evrybodies life has some meaning other wise they would not take birth.

    Your self-esteem shoots up. If we take only positives and move on ones self esteem increases.

    You deal with life’s obstacles effectively. Each and every prtoblem in the life can be tackeled but some may take more time some may take less time. Accordingly wait and solve them and go ahead in the life.

    People just want to be with you. If one takes only the possitives of others everybody shall be with us.

    You attract positivity to your life. This makes all the positive people to be together and bonds them by love and affection.

    You feel fulfilled and happy. Once we are bonded by love and affection every body shall be happy and the universe shall lead to peaceful, harmonious and serene conditions.

  2. Ritvik Joshi Says:

    Awesome information! This is the information that i want

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