If Money is Energy, Then How to Attract It?

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Money is the same as water, same as ground, same as air, it is all energy.

Because it is energy, we can attract or repel money.

Some people are good at attracting it, therefore they are rich.

Some people are not that good at attracting it, therefore they are poor.

Before talking more about it, let’s talk the basic concept of law of attraction.

1. As mentioned above, everything in this world is energy. Our body, tree, bacon, automobile, water, all are energy. Even our thought is energy.

2. The law of attraction states: like attracts like.

3. When we think something, we are emitting energy to the universe.

Now imagine this scenario:

1. When we think about money, we are emitting money energy.

2. Because like attracts like, more of the money energy will come and flow to us.

3. Eventually the energy manifests itself as the real object: real money/ cash.

The theory is really simple: think about money and it will appear in front of us.

But the reality is different than the theory.
The fact that there are less people in abundance tells us the truth.

It seems that that are more secret in attracting more money than just to think about it all the days.

How to attract this particular energy ‘money’

The other way to say energy is frequency.

Money has its own unique frequency, and it doesn’t choose people.

People choose money. They can choose to attract it or repel it.

How about a person that wants money but cannot have enough of it? They emit a frequency that repels money.

They usually have some resistance inside them regardless they know it or not.

And this is one of the main reasons why people don’t get rich.

They don’t realize that actually they resist money.

We can check whether we have a strong resistance toward money or not by listing our ‘bad thought’ regarding money. Here are some of the examples:

1. I was destined to be poor.

2. My job doesn’t allow me to earn high income.

3. Rich people are evil.

4. Money cannot buy happiness.

These are all blocks that keep money away from our sight.

If we have these kinds of thought, it is less likely that we will be rich.

And what’s the best way to attract money? To love money.

Sound stupid, right? But it is true that every rich man that I’ve met, they love money.

That’s the reason why money loves them and surrounds them.

Learn to love money could be simple and could be hard.

We have to start from releasing all the negative beliefs or blocks within us.

When we can release the blocks, we can start to love money.

One thing to remember is that we cannot have the opposite thoughts or beliefs in the same time.

“Mr. A is evil”, “Mr. A is good person”.

Our brain cannot think Mr. A is a good person without deleting the former thought.

Same as money. We cannot become rich and eventually happy if we think that money cannot bring us happiness.

To attract money, we have to delete our blocks first.


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