How to Neutralize Past Negative Experiences – Part II

By Tania Kotsos in Awareness on March 12th, 2009 / No Comments

Step 2 – Change Your Perception and the Experience Changes

You can easily change your perception when you recognize the fact that you made it up in the first instance based on your beliefs and past experiences. In a relaxed state with your eyes closed, create a mental image in your mind of a negative experience you wish to neutralize.

Neutrally observe yourself experiencing the specific event, how it started, how you felt, where it took place, why it was negative for you and how you reacted. As you continue to neutrally observe the scene unfolding through to its end, see how your beliefs about life and yourself made you perceive the experience as negative.

Having Fun with Your Mental Image
Have fun with the scene in your mind by changing your perception. Keep it light. Allow yourself to sense how differently you would have felt or reacted had your beliefs about yourself and life been different. For instance, had you had more self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence when an important relationship ended; or had you had no attachment to money and no fear of failure when your business was in trouble – how would your perception of that experience be different.

Whatever the negative belief you had at the time, see yourself believing its opposite. Sense how your experience changes from one of disempowerment to one of empowerment as your beliefs change. Feel how the experience doesn’t matter as much anymore or how in fact, you feel stronger for it. From this place of strength, take a deep breath and as you exhale release the experience, seeing the image gently float away. Enjoy the lightness you feel as you mentally count upwards and slowly open your eyes.

Changing Your Perception is Not Denial
To change your perception of an experience does not mean you deny its occurrence. When you change perception, you change your perspective which really means to “see” something from a different vantage point, through different eyes. It doesn’t mean the experience didn’t happen. It simply means that you attach a different meaning to an otherwise neutral event. It is you who attaches meaning to all your experiences in any case, so you might as well attach a meaning that serves you.

A Special Mention About Our Perception of Death
This article is aimed at those often repeated experiences that we attract to ourselves and that stand in the way of our success. It is not aimed at dealing with the death of a loved one, although its principles could generally be applied. Death can be an undeniably heart-wrenching experience.

Know though, that it is often our false perception about the finality of death which makes its pain so acute. If we could only see the truth that death is a new scene for those who have left the physical plane, rather than the final falling of a curtain, we would alleviate much of the pain that we carry with us as a result of it.

If You Are Going Through it Now
The first two steps (i.e. finding the negative belief and changing your perception) can effectively be applied to any negative experience you may currently be going through. When you remove the emotion, change the perception and recognize your negative underlying beliefs, you will be able to deal with the situation far more calmly and effectively with inspired rather than desperate action.

You will find solutions which were otherwise invisible to you. As Albert Einstein said, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created”. In other words, you cannot expect to find a solution to a problem created by a negative belief if you are still operating at the level of that negative belief.

To be continued…

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