In Order To Be Successful, Don’t Let Anyone Stop You

By Anthony Malone in Attention, Awareness, Creativity, Happiness, Learning, Life Purpose, Success on July 19th, 2013 / One Comment

You must help yourself first in order to be successful. You can’t expect anyone to help you if you won’t help yourself. You will need others along the way to be successful but they won’t make you successful. They are there for support. Success starts with you. You must want to better yourself. You can’t settle for mediocrity. You can’t expect success to be given to you. You must go out there and get it. You must take advantage when given the opportunity. If you aren’t willing to apply yourself even when given access to all the tools and resources to accomplish something, you will never get it done. That applies in Empower Network where a proven system to make money is given to you.

On your journey to be successful, you would like to have the support of your family and close friends, but they can be your harshest critics. Their idea of success may differ from yours. They may think going to college and getting a degree is the path to a good paying job but that does not make you successful unless you have limited goals. I do believe education is needed but it does not necessarily have to be college. College does not make you successful, it is still up to you whether or not you’re successful. College isn’t for everybody. In Empower Network, you get an education for a fraction of what you would pay to go to college and you get to work as you learn. People don’t understand that Empower Network is a business not just a job in some field that you earned a degree in college. Empower Network is about building a business so you control your life not just a job, where you don’t have control of anything and you’re just working  according to others. Just remember this is your life not theirs. If they don’t want to support you on your journey, you must move on without them.

You cannot let your friends and family hold you back from achieving your dreams if you want to be successful. People tend to hold back because of what someone might say especially if that someone is close to you. People seem scared to change and break away from what is called the norm. What’s normal for one may not be normal for you. It seems to me that normal for a lot of people is going to college, if you can afford it, finding a job and working till you retire, hopefully saving enough money to finish out your life. That’s not much of a life to me. If you have a dream, do yourself a favor and go after it and stop limiting yourself. No one is guaranteed  to live that long. No one knows when their time is up. You have to live your life to the fullest today. Sometimes you have to take a risk but there is a risk in anything you do regardless of how small it is. There is no more of a risk in Empower Network than in any other job or business. You have to be willing to take a chance to start over and truly be happy. Let’s be real and not kid ourselves about working a regular 9 to 5 job, where you’re told what to do, act like someone you’re not and get paid what they feel you’re worth. I prefer not to have to answer to anyone, be myself, and make an amount of money that I am worth and control. That’s the freedom you will have inEmpower Network. A freedom that you deserve.

You can’t be successful without some help along the way. Just work with people that are in agreement or at least have an open mind and not trying to work against you. That is the great thing about Empower Network, an entire community of like-minded and supportive people. People trying to build a successful business and have a life at the same time.

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One Response to “In Order To Be Successful, Don’t Let Anyone Stop You”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    By shedding the ignorance about the self makes one confident enough to take up the challenges of the life, as it ever changes for better, one should know how to live in the present and do the best; despit having the people who go on making hurdles or obstacles on ones path of development which is due to their own ignorance; Work for the betterment of the lives towards peace, harmony and serenity of the world. A self can be evoloved only by the self by shedding the ignorance which may be due to cultural back ground in which they have grown up. Divided we fall united we live in peace, harmony and serenity.

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