How to Organize yourself to become productive and stress-free

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We all get stressed and baffled by the the large number of stuff we need to get done, especially when there is a major event or occasion coming up. Most of us start to write a To Do list which usually becomes clutter pretty soon and gets us nowhere.

The main reason why To Do list never work is because a systematic process is not followed to create and organize it. The GTD system outlines a well-defined process to organize your projects, to-do list and action items in a way which can bring a sense of freedom and peace of mind. Here is how you can go about doing it:

Write down everything you need to get done on a piece of paper. Capture everything that comes to your mind, small tasks, big tasks, long term goals, short terms goals, immediate actions – everything. Classify everything you have written down into 3 categories – Goals, Projects and Tasks. Here is a short guide to help you distinguish between Goal, Task and Project:

Let us imagine that you are planning to go on a Vacation. In this case, here is how your Goals, Projects and Tasks might look like:

  1. Goal: Going on a Vacation
  2. Project: Book Tickets
  3. Tasks: 1)Research destination, 2)Look into calendar for dates, 3)Call up Agent to book tickets

Goals are generally your broad definition of a major objective or accomplishments. Projects are the resultant activities emerging out of your Goals. While Tasks are the actual “action” items you can do physically at any point of time. Making a call, writing a document, searching on Google are all tasks. While projects are items which entail multiple steps or tasks.

Look at your list and classify each item by the category it belongs to. Write ‘G’ near the item which is Goal, write ‘P’ near the item which is Project and ‘T’ near the item which is a Task. Next, identify the most important priorities out of these. What goals or projects will free you up the most? What are the most burning items which when taken care of will relieve you or make you feel great?

Once you identify your top priorities, a lot of less important things will just go away. Now you have razor sharp focus on doing the most important things first and then handle the rest.

Organizing like this will allow you to become super productive and stress-free.


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