If You Want to Succeed in Life, There’s One Thing You Must Do Each And Every Single Day - No Matter What.

You must stay focused on your top transformational goals and talk yourself into personal empowerment.

But staying focused isn’t always easy. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you an amazing set of “Paraliminal” CDs that features four results - driving superstars, three from the hit movie “The Secret”.

You can create new beginnings, receive high levels of prosperity, and attract greater success in your life. I am completely convinced that these CDs can be the jump start to your personal success and uplifting future!

Use The Power of Self Activating Learning CDs
Paraliminal CDs drive you to your fullest potential through a unique blend of music, words, and cutting-edge sound frequency audio technology. There are no exercises that you have to do. Nothing to practice. No homework. Just listen with stereo headphones and relax as you gently activate your inner mind to make your life better and better.

Paraliminals are self-improvement for busy people. I absolutely love them. Melt away your financial stress while attracting wealth and success at the same time. Visualize your financial prosperity and let each unique Paraliminal do the work effortless and easily.

Now you can finally gain that inner peace of mind!

#1 “Living the Law of Attraction” with Jack Canfield
para_livinglaw_webDraw into your life the people, circumstances, and opportunities you need to achieve your goals.

The Law of Attraction says you get what you think about… you are a living magnet… like energy attracts like energy… what you sow you reap.

Paul R. Scheele, creator of the Paraliminal technology and master of the mental make-over, created this Paraliminal with Jack Canfield, who is the Law of Attraction personified! Jack’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of books has sold over $1 billion dollars!

Isn’t he someone you want to learn from? Of course! Listen to this Paraliminal and on a deep, inner mind level you will be systematically raising your physical, emotional, and mental energy so success - professional as well as personal - comes easier and quicker.
  • Support effortless success. It doesn’t have to be difficult!
  • Eliminate stagnation and inflexibility - even illness.
  • Act consistently to create abundant wealth in your life.
  • Clarify your intentions so your actions bring you even better results.
#2 “You Deserve It!” with Lisa Nichols & Paul Scheele
para_youdeserveit_webIf you think - even for a moment - even in the deepest level of your mind - that you shouldn’t have a great and excellent life, you are attracting more doubt, more lack, and more of what you don’t want.

That’s the Law of Attraction - working in reverse. You deserve the best, but unless you believe it with every cell of your body, you are generating resistance. You are lowering your energy. You are making it difficult to attract what you say you want.

No one knows this more than Lisa Nichols, who has personally helped more than 75,000 teens believe they deserve to experience their potential, to name their dreams and claim them.

This teacher of “The Secret” worked with Paul to create an amazing Paraliminal so you can do the same. As soon as you hear Lisa’s powerful, yet nurturing, voice on “You Deserve It!,” you will find a shift in your life happening right away.
  • Release your past and free your power to create your life anew.
  • Replace fear and trepidation with self-confidence and strength.
  • Respond to challenges and opportunities with mindful awareness.
  • Receive the highest values of love, prosperity, health, and happiness.
#3 “Happy for No Reason” Paraliminal with Marci Shimoff para_happy_webHappiness! The universal human desire. The ultimate motive for everything we do in life. It’s the one thing most of us do not have enough of.

Yet experts say happiness is the key to attaining everything else you want in life. It’s happiness that attracts money. The best kind of happiness self-generates for no reason at all. Automatically. All of the time. No matter what’s going on in your life.

Paul teamed up with Marci Shimoff, another star of “The Secret” and author of the new best-selling breakthrough book “Happy for No Reason.” The essence of her 7-step strategy is woven into this Paraliminal.

It is a perpetual happiness generator that will spontaneously bring you greater happiness in every area of your life without you having to do anything more than pushing the play button on your CD player or iPod.
  • Move past stuck emotions that keep you from enjoying true happiness and well-being.
  • Develop habits that support sustained positive experiences.
  • Learn to forgive others, show compassion, and cultivate gratitude.
  • Lean into thoughts that support happiness instead of those that make you miserable.
#4 “Fresh Start” with Bill Harris & Paul Scheele para_FreshStart_web
Make each moment a new beginning! Become consciously aware in the present moment and see how every moment holds the potential and promise for a fresh start.

Bill Harris is one of the featured teachers on “The Secret”, founder of Centerpointe research, and developer of the Holosync audio technology found on every Paraliminal.

Bill and Paul will help you consciously align your innermost intentions to your thoughts, feelings and actions that will product great outcomes. Listen to “Fresh Start” Paraliminal to deepen your sense of conscious awareness and help you embrace every moment, circumstance and challenge with deep, abiding gratitude. Listen when:
  • You find yourself acting in ways that thwart your own best intentions.
  • You want elevated consciousness and an ability to generate new responses in the moment.
  • You see yourself over-indulging in some behavior, having fearful thoughts of failing, or anxiously obsessing about some future event.
  • You are grieving the loss of a loved one or dealing with the loss of a job, a home, or anything else of meaning to you.
  • You want greater appreciation or acceptance.
  • People do not measure up to your expectations, and you react poorly.
  • You want more love and trust, good feelings, and improved relationships
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Thomas Herold
Thomas Herold - Co-founder Dream Manifesto

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Or call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 and mention Customer Code: E709D-1