Why Do People Like Control?

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If you are not in control of a specific situation, you will feel that things are not going your way, you will feel that everything is going to break. An urge builds up inside of us when we aren’t in control that tells us that we have to do this or that and if others do not listen to us, we often storm and get upset and mad because we see that the whole situation is going to be ruined by their rule regardless of their view of the situation. When you are sitting in the passenger seat next to a friend of yours who is driving, you often warn them if there is something in the way careless that warning them might be a distraction. In fact, if you were the one driving, you would hate to be warned that way, yet you still do it.

The idea of being in control brings us all a special sense of serenity, yet it can bring stress to other people. Being a leader of a group does not mean you will get the best benefits and it is a very difficult task. Usually, the leader is the one to be blamed for most of failures. When a leader is not compassionate with anyone working under him, they are hated and they are shown the hatred through actions that they cannot do anything about.

But what makes you want to be in control? Is it the feeling that you might earn more if you were in control? Is it the glory of success even from the smallest things? Or is it the fear that if you were not the leader of the ship, it will drown?

Whatever your reason for being in control is, it doesn’t matter. You should know that things have a plan of working out and if they weren’t to work out then you are not under the stress of taking up the failure on your shoulder. If you are not the one making decisions, you will be relieved of a lot of unnecessary stress.

Aside from the control of situations, there is control of one’s self. Being in control of your feelings doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hurt or harm yourself in way. By smiling you also control yourself. If someone hurts your feelings, that doesn’t mean that you lack self-control. Your subconscious mind sends you signal that you are being hurt by this specific person because you have allowed them to be capable of hurting you.

Being in control is not as great as many people show it to be. It actually holds a lot of stress and thinking and planning. If you are not in control of a specific situation today, you may be tomorrow. Even surgeons who attempt to save a person’s life can fail, not because they are not skilled enough, but because it was their fate. Don’t push yourself too hard to hold onto something that you couldn’t handle.


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