Personal Transformation Through the Power of Intent

By Altazar Rossiter in Intention on June 22nd, 2008 / 3 Comments

The secret to all personal transformation is intent. We can only transform ourselves to the degree that our intent is engaged. The good news is that it’s easier to engage our intent than it may seem initially.
The first step is to actually decide that transformation is what you want, and this is not such an easy decision to make as you might think.

If you consider that transformation is the process of changing the expression of your being so as to embody as much of the true essence of who you are as possible, you will realize that implicit in this process is the possibility that your whole world will change. It is a paradigm shift of immense proportion. Are you really ready to be all you can be and accept everything that entails? Are you really ready to take full responsibility for who you are? Do you feel the inherent empowerment that this will bring you, and is this what you want?

The truth is that very few of us are prepared for the shock that a fundamental change in the paradigms that structure our lives brings. Let’s face it, it hurts. It hurts because so much of our identity is invested in our old ways. But when it hurts even more to continue living as we have been the possibility exists that the old paradigms have outworn their usefulness. The time has come to shift them out of our reality portfolio and invest our energies somewhere else. We can initiate this by consciously giving intent.

When I give conscious intent to be all that I can be I implicitly give intent to bring myself into alignment with my Spiritual Intelligence. This is the very essence of the principle of in-formation and in-tuition, which I choose to allow.

Inherent in this intent is a further intent to continually optimise this alignment in my unique way, as this is the nature of evolution. Once this compound intent is given – and it is given automatically in holding the intent to be all I can be – it is then necessary only to allow the mystery to unfold. The results are both subtle and profound, bringing a sustained increase in personal effectiveness to all aspects of life.

If this is what you want, the next step is to stop wanting and commit to the process. This means that you choose to do your best to be all you can be in all situations, and you make an agreement with yourself that you will do whatever it takes to sustain your commitment. This is the scary part, and the fear element is not to be underestimated.

In the very moment of making this agreement you engage your intent, and the chances are you will feel it somewhere inside your body, in the area of your heart. There is nothing wrong if you don’t feel this, it merely means your intent has another way of signalling its engagement to you, which is yet to be revealed. However, the most common cause of feeling nothing is the self-numbing effect of continual denial of a subtle feeling.

What is really important here is to remain open to possibilities, and pay attention to the subtlest changes and sensations in and around your body, as this is how you receive the signals from your non-physical aspects. There is a whole new language to be learned here, and if at first you don’t recognize that something’s been communicated all that signifies is that you’re unused to the medium of communication.

Furthermore in the very instant of making this commitment you are already doing your best to be all you can be, and this means your Spiritual Intelligence is already on-line even if you don’t know it. From this moment on you will always be doing your best to be all you can be in all situations, and that best will be evolving.

When you commit to yourself in this way, whether you’re aware of it or not, you send a clear compelling signal to your Spiritual Intelligence inviting it to join in partnership with your present understanding of your worldly expression. If you think about it you’ll recognize that the entire process of committing to your transformation is an admission that you believe you’ve been under-expressing yourself. In it’s own way this is a powerful self-acknowledgement, and I don’t mean this in the way of acknowledging your past mistakes!

I mean that when you do actually commit to your own transformation, you acknowledge the part of yourself that has been sitting in the background of your reality, virtually unnoticed. Now you are saying: ‘I see there is much more to me than I thought; it’s time I found out what is there – in the background; I’m going to explore who I am and be all that I am.’ This is a major step in reclaiming your power. You have opened the door for non-physical and spiritual aspects of yourself to show themselves, even if you have no belief in them. You have already made a strategic shift, albeit unconsciously.

It’s worth pointing here that the best you can be will continue to get better, so when you look back over past events you may be tempted to think you could or should have done things better. This is a sometimes quite subtle, but nevertheless insidious excursion into self-criticism. It will only undermine your self-esteem to look at your life in this way. Realize that even when you may have been widely off in your discernment of the way forward you were doing the best you could in the circumstances, and these circumstances include your personal level of (un)consciousness. Compassion for yourself is vital, and it is not to be confused with self-pity.

Much will change in your life merely as a consequence of following the above process of giving intent. Things will be helped along, though, if you make conscious statements of your intent, and make this a regular practice. Such statements are best made aloud, so some preparation, and even ceremony, is helpful. This is a matter of individual preference. There are many ways of giving significance to your actions; they will all reinforce your intent. They will also serve to strengthen your connection with Spiritual Intelligence.

I recommend you borrow ideas from any ceremony or practice that appeals to you, but however you do this the most important thing is to give yourself the time that you need. Simple procedures like sitting quietly with yourself, lighting a candle and burning some incense are generally best. Find something that works for you and don’t be afraid to change things around. Your ceremonies will need to evolve with you or they will become another millstone mindset that anchors you in the fear of getting it wrong.

Excerpt from Developing Spiritual Intelligence – The Power of You. Published by O-Books 2006: Winchester, U.K. and New York U.S.A. ISBN 1-90504-764-9. © Altazar Rossiter 2006.  For more information visit his website at:

Give intent for what you want to achieve. Commit to engaging with whatever is necessary to bring about this desire. Rest assured it will happen. How it will happen is not your business and trying to figure it out is a serious drain on your creative power.

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3 Responses to “Personal Transformation Through the Power of Intent”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    This is again a beautiful article. Most of the cases the power transormation in general happens due to spiritual awareness that is what I meant to say that self awareness or self realization. The power os such individuals is immemorial. Unbelievable they can transform entire society to hights of wisdom and direction. They shall have the capacity to expand in all directions, here what I mean is their understanding of the problems is multidirectional. They have the capacity to look at the same problem from different angles and give a suitable corrective action to move it towards the positive side of the system, from where it leads to the hights of civilization. In spirituality it is known as transcidental power.

  2. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    It is actually part and parcel of spiritual enlightenment, which is nothing but practical wisdom, which is more important than theoritical. This mainly because we have to be more practical. Suppose there is nobody is there to coock for you you have to coock yourself, whether you know it or not when you are in hungry. Necessity makes the invention, here invention is practical one, which really works better than existing one or may be totally new. If ones intentions are for improvement of mankind and developing the society the power of that intention overhelms all other powers, provided he/she is self less and on virtuoes path.

  3. Intention guide Says:

    The Power of intent is truly magnificent as it can bring the life that one desires of .The above article was very comprehensive in nature and it adds up to my research on this topic.Thanx

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