Our Positive Future and How to Get There From Here

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The signs are everywhere. The future isn’t what it used to be. On one side, we have religionists talking about “end times.”  On the other, we have scientists deeply concerned about environmental destruction, and the 6th great extinction. Others look to the Mayan prophecies and 2012 as a time of transformational change. Regardless of perspective, there seems to be a common understanding that we humans as a species are facing extraordinary challenges, and the current ways of thinking and organizing our affairs no longer work.

That brings us to Spontaneous Evolution. Based on new discoveries in cellular biology, and informed by the “new edge” sciences of fractal mathematics and quantum physics, this 5 CD set featuring cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and political philosopher and “uncommontator” Steve Bhaerman offers a new and inspiring story for the future of humanity on this planet.

Just as “spontaneous remission” can occur when patients given a death sentence radically change beliefs and behaviors, we humans now stand on a threshold of evolutionary change – provided we as a species collectively do the same. The new story – based on the latest understanding of evolution – is this:  We are each and all cells in the body of humanity, here to re-grow the Garden and have a heaven of a time doing it.  Interestingly but not surprisingly, this understanding based on modern science also echoes and confirms the ancient wisdom at the root of every spiritual and ethical tradition, some version of the Golden Rule. Whether we call it “love thy neighbor” or “the laws of karma,” our most enduring wisdom affirms that we’re all related, and hence all in it together.

The question is, how do we get from the “ideal” to the “real deal?” The CD series seeks to build that bridge in several ways.  We begin with a brief discussion of Bruce Lipton’s breakthrough discoveries outlined in The Biology of Belief. Our cells, and even our genetic destiny are influenced by our perceptions and the field of beliefs we share. Most often, these beliefs are so foundational and pervasive that, like air for birds and water for fish, they are invisible to us. As Bruce’s work and the work of other scientists are showing, much of what we’ve considered “hard wired” human nature is actually human – and too often, inhuman – programming.

In the first part of the presentation, we examine the evolution of the human story that has attempted to answer three questions of existence: Why are we here?  How did we get here?  Now that we’re here, how do we make the best of it? We trace the four evolving stories of Animism, Polytheism, Monotheism and Scientific Materialism as we recognize that each has added depth of knowledge and awareness that has brought us to where we are now. Most importantly, we emphasize one understanding: They are all stories. They aren’t “reality,” but merely representations of reality.

Next, we turn to the tenets of the current dominant paradigm, Scientific Materialism, beliefs we call The Four Myth-Perceptions of the Apocalypse. Ironically but not surprisingly, the foundational “pet dogmas” of the “religion” of science have all been scientifically disproved! These include:

  • Only Matter Matters
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • It’s in the Genes
  • Evolution is a Random Process

We now know that the field is the governing force over matter.  We know that systems evolve to maintain homeostasis so survival of the fittest has been updated to the “thrival of the fittingest.”  We know that our genes are activated by signals from the environment. And we understand that evolution is far from random, but is rather an intentional expansion of awareness and community.

Given these “myth-perceptions,” it shouldn’t be surprising that institutions based on these distorted and false beliefs would be dysfunctional.  Think of it this way. When we live in a world that denies the invisible, we cut ourselves off from that power source. When we believe that human nature is about domination, we end up using a disproportional amount of our resources fighting one another.

When we fail to understand the connection between belief and biology, we accept our fate as victims rather than our destiny as co-creators.  When we think of the nature of life as random, we fail to understand or use the patterns of coherence that are the foundation of health and sanity.

Finally, in the third part of the series, which we call “Changing the Guard and Re-Growing the Garden,” we explore the implications of our new understandings.  We take a look at the highly functional community of cells underneath our skin, and humbly recognize that they may be smarter than we are!  After all, every day some 50 trillion of our cellular citizens work together in cooperation to bring “you” to the world.

Underneath the skin, there is universal health care and full employment – truly no cell left behind.  Our organs work in cooperation.  You never hear about the liver invading the pancreas demanding the Islets of Langerhans.  In the cellular economy, every participating cell gets what it needs to thrive.  However, ATP – which is even called “the coin of the realm” – flows to wherever it can most benefit the system as a whole.

Using the wisdom of our cells as a starting point, along with the understanding that every phase of evolution – including the evolution of human culture – involves expanded awareness and community, we explore the future of economics, politics, spirituality and personal endeavor.

As we free ourselves of obsolete programming – individual and cultural – we then become free to write a new story.  What if we declared an end to the old story of domination, greed, fear and mutual-hatred?  What if we acknowledged all old grievances in a world-wide ceremony, and declared ourselves healed?

What if we put a final end to the old story by saying, “and they lived happily ever after?”  And then, what if we immediately began living into that happily ever after by bringing our own happiness with us?  The possibilities we could unleash … are impossible to imagine!

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