Positive Thinking and Good Health

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It is said that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and that it is ‘darkest before dawn’.  Life has the potential of springing up surprises at every corner, yet it is amazing as to how similar stimuli can impact different folks differently. At the end of the day, it is said that life is not as much as what you make of it as it is about how you take it.  It is true that while there are no certainties in life, the journey certainly becomes more bearable and enjoyable if one has been careful to cultivate a habit of positive thinking.

Positive thinking and its impact on human health has been the matter of intense research over the years. These studies have indicated that there does seem to be some correlation between positive thinking and good health. People who display an approach of positive thinking seem to be better equipped to meet the vagaries of life with equanimity and indeed ease. Positive thinking essentially means a milieu of optimism and hope that enable one to look forward to good tidings and joyful outcomes. These help predispose positive thinkers to success that has salubrious effects on human wellbeing.

Researchers have found that the human immune system is positively impacted by positive thinking. Positive thinkers are thus less prone to the onslaught of bacteria and viruses since the protective shield of the immune system helps them to keep disease at bay. On the other hand, those who have a pessimistic and negative outlook seem to be more susceptible to falling prey to immunological breakdowns and infections.

Positive thinking prompts a high level of clear headedness and resoluteness of purpose among positive thinkers. This in turn helps them cope with stressful and strenuous situations better, hence leading to better health with all its related benefits. Being calm and collected even under pressure is a function of positivity and helps one get out of the difficult situations that every one of us is intermittently faced with.  Take for instance a flat tire that anyone could face. A positive thinker would calmly go about trying to fix the problem, whereas a negative person might flare up in anger or be overwhelmed withanxiety leading to less than happy outcomes.

While the direct relationship may not be proved, empirical studies seem to indicate that positive thinkers have less propensity to be tensed and anxious which in turn helps them to avoid aliments related to hypertension or heart disease.

Being positive has definite health benefits. If you want to live happier and longer, try being positive about life and you would be amazed with the results. Happy and healthy living!


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