Producing Goat Ice Cream – A Bigger Dream Than Hollywood?

By Aviva Engel in Manifesting Dreams on September 21st, 2007 / One Comment

Your intention, is the source of the creative process for turning your thoughts into reality. Do I truly believe that my thoughts are that powerful, that I in fact possess the power of my beliefs? We live in a society and culture that in many ways keeps us confined to the status quo, that mundane way of looking at and accepting life for how it is, rather then what we actually want it to be. For many we have traded in on what really matters, our own interpretation of a meaningful life made manifest.

Our lives are built around decisions and choices that we have the power to make. I get to discern for myself what it is that makes me happy and self-satisfied. I need only to go inside to that small, clear voice that knows the truth about my dreams and aspirations. I don’t need to be looking into the eyes of others for my cues as to what is correct and proper. Learning to trust that place inside is part of the reclaiming of self. We spend a great deal of time outside ourselves when the freedom from self-imposed bondage happens when we go inside and get clear. We are spiritual beings inherent with an infinite wisdom and capacity. Learning to tap into that source creates and generates a way of living that allows us to manifest any and all things imaginable and unimaginable.

Recently, I was made aware of a wonderful new company called LaLoo’s, a goat milk ice cream created by its founder Laura Howard, out of Petaluma, California. As I looked more closely at Laura’s story I was moved by her example of following your bliss. As a successful producer of commercials, she traveled the world, while living in Hollywood doing what she had become proficient at. Sometime after 9/11 she realized that something was missing in her life, a substance and energy that her work could no longer provide for her.

She was thirsting for greater meaning in her life. She decided to study yoga as a means of becoming more fulfilled and health centered. She became more impassioned by a proper diet and sought to experiment finding foods that would be more life-sustaining. One decision was to cut out all dairy products except for the use of goat’s milk. Recognizing that this form of nutrition was closest to mother’s milk, she set out to perfect a way of making the goat’s milk tastier. It was an excellent opportunity to challenge her newfound knowledge with her capacity to create something delicious. What was born out of that concept grew into what is now known as LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream.

While on a trip to Italy she was introduced to the Slow Food Movement that had been started in Rome in 1986 out of protest for the first McDonald’s fast food restaurant being built. The rebellion was against the world-wide homoginization of food and the undermining of regional farmers. SFM has sought to build stronger connections between small food producers, farmers and consumers.

As synchronicity would have it she also fell in love while there and eventually married and gave birth to a daughter. She and her husband decided to purchase a parcel of land, located close by to a goat farm on 350 acres of rolling hills in Sonoma County. La-Loo’s has become a popular ice cream alternative for many with a discerning palate, interested in a low-fat, low lactose product. Goat’s milk is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids without the heavy content of cow’s milk. She is living her dream.

Here’s a wonderful example of what one can manifest and concretize in your own life. Using this as an opportunity to face any of those restraining forces, oppositions and challenges that keep you from your hopes and dreams. “To thine own self be true.” The key to growth is learning to make promises and keeping them. If you want to live your dreams, decide what you want, turn it into a measurable goal, take specific action steps, visualize and affirm your desired outcomes and start taking action.

For so many, fear seems to be the emotion that deters one from moving forward. Fear is self-created by imagining negative outcomes. It is not based in reality but often a projection of the worst case scenario. Isn’t that an interesting tact in which to move through one’s life? I believe like a bad habit, many people fall into this category without the benefit of knowing what is really taking place in ones own psyche. It is that place of default that one chooses out of an inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for how one thinks. Sounds a little crazy but unfortunately unless we take the time and energy to observe and transform our habits and thoughts we end up doing the same things over and over.

Start acting as if you have everything you want. Create a state of happiness and abundance, doing those things that you are inspired by. Can you create a space and time to just be with your own thoughts and longings, identify them, say them out-loud and embrace what speaks closest to the heart of your dreams? Attracting those things that match your state of being, as long as your actions are based on purpose.

Let go of expectations and allow the idea for manifestation to take its form, in its correct place and time. You will then experience the freedom from faulty beliefs. Let go of negativity, leaving the outcome to the perfection of the subtle laws of the universe.

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One Response to “Producing Goat Ice Cream – A Bigger Dream Than Hollywood?”

  1. Anne Says:

    If you really think this woman’s dreams are coming true I think it would be wise to dig a little deeper. Where is she today? Where is her husband. Was he married when she met him and “fell in love”. Did she leave L.A. because she wanted to fullfill her dream or did her live in boyfriend kick her out after her affair with a married man in Italy? She was a horrible unliked , climb to the top at anyone’s expense, user. A very unpopular producer at best. A gold digger. Are these the people we should look up to as they ruin as many lives along the way to get what they want? Anyone notice how her story changes from year to year? I have.

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