How to Become More Productive and Less Reactive

By Tim Thompson in Management on October 27th, 2007 / No Comments

In today’s hectic world we often do not take the time to allow ourselves the luxury of quality time with ourselves, free from the cares and craziness of the daily circus that is our lives. It seems that, on the whole, we’ve all become phenomenal multitaskers, capable of amazing feats of juggling and endless readjustments to our schedules.

Five year olds take note! Your hyper-charged antics have absolutely nothing over a 21st century adult male or female anywhere in the world plugged into cyberspace via iPod or blackberry, amped up on various unholy mixtures of sucrose, caffeine and lactose, rocketing down a high-efficiency autobahn or freeway in an amazingly over-powered personal transportation vehicle, liberated from the office to go to yoga class, take in a movie, grab a bite to eat, shop for new cellular service and make it home in time to do a load or two of laundry and zone out in front of the TV.

And so it goes. Almost every aspect of modern life is fraught with the very real peril of losing touch with ourselves to the extent that forget about the journey itself and keep our eyes peeled on the screens of our To Do lists, application interfaces, fuel gages, and—the one thing that by and large induces the most loss of self in our society—the television.

Oh, yes! Our lives are spinning out of control. We sense it, we acknowledge it with bleary-eyed winks to our neighbors, we read about it in our magazines and hear about it on the evening news, and then we get up and and do it all again the next day with minor variations.

We have become more reactive than truly productively active. It is why we often seem to spin our wheels even though we have not one nanosecond in our day that is not accounted for in some fashion. Reactivity squeezes out our ability to consider things from a fresh perspective. Productive activity, the kind that refreshes and invigorates us, has an awareness behind it that is sorely lacking in the modern lifestyle, an awareness of the ebb and flow of the world both within and without.

Nonproductive reactivity drains our energy while productive activity increases it.

Find the Joy
Nothing motivates us and recharges our drained emotions and depleted bodies like having something in our lives that gives us joy. Whatever gives you joy should be something that you can pursue without guilt. Take that cooking class but don’t forget to allow yourself time in the kitchen to experiment with your new skills. Book that hotel for the vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Take time out to read a good book or to work in your garden.

For some, it will be a simple thing like a walk in the rain or a drive around the neighborhood. For others, it might involve a large project like remodeling your living space or planning the trip of a lifetime. Whatever your joy is, let yourself bask in it, even it is not yet completely real for you. If your dream makes you happy, it will come in good time.

Make Connections
The joys in life mean little without someone to share them with. Connections come to us in all kinds of ways, starting with ourselves. Take the time frequently during your day to tune in a little and connect. Is your body crying out for something healthy to eat? Are you worried, anxious, upset or otherwise preoccupied with some issue in your life? Do you wish you had more time for your spouse or children?

All connections start with our ability to connect with ourselves then go on to include others. Connecting to yourself and others will help you joyfully engage in the productive activity and visualization you need to manifest your dreams.

Have a Dream
Joyful productivity is the holistic approach to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Without dreams to guide us, life seems empty and meaningless. Our dreams literally raise the characteristic vibration level of our reality. Dreams provide a vision of what we want to attain or how we want to be happy. Our best intentions will be powerless to shift things in our lives if they do not contain some vision of brighter and better things that are within our power to attain.

Dreams only come into their true power in a field of positive energy, one reason why finding and deeply experiencing that which gives you joy in your life is so important. The energy of joy, connected and expressed to those you love, supercharges your dreams in ways that will surely amaze you. Make all your dreams worthy of the best in you and joyfully anticipate their transformation from ideas to reality.

Give it Time
Some of the conditioning we have to overcome on the way to understanding how to manifest our dreams involves a side effect of reactive unproductivity and time. With enough energy, critical mass is reached in a very short time and an explosive release of energy liberates the potential found within a given system. This applies as much to nuclear reactions as much as to you.

The problem is, most of us do not or cannot apply such a massive amount of energy to our situations. Rather than bursting forth in a blaze of instant creation, our dreams usually begin to come into our lives in bits and pieces, until one day, we realize that there they are, inches away from full expression in our lives.

Just like living things, our dreams need a gestation period from conception to full development to mature enough to be able to find their way into the world. Make sure to give your dreams enough time to complete this necessary cycle.

You will attain your dreams easily if you take the time factor into account. You will probably be occasionally surprised when hardly any time seems to elapse between the birth of your dream idea and its appearance in your life. That, too, is possible. As long as you do not always expect instantaneous results, you are being honest with yourself and respectful of the process. One day you will find that your intention of being more productive and less reactive has indeed come true.

About the author:
Tim Thompson is a professional freelance writer/editor whose work with Dream Manifesto helps illuminate life for online and offline audiences around the world. He currently makes his home in southern California and is working on several online projects.

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