The Reflect Story – Inspirational Affirmations to Wear

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Reflect is a new company on the horizon and is having an instantaneous impact on the way people are thinking about fashion.  For the first time, clothes are being used to better our lives…

The creators of the company are brother and sister, Drew and Caroline, and for the last 15 years they’ve been a source of inspiration for one other.  Turning to the other for guidance and support in times of need, they’ve developed a relationship of encouragement and empowerment.  Growing up they shared the same intense fulfillment in bringing happiness to others, and often, were sources of hope and inspiration for those around them.

Fast forward to 2007, Caroline was off traveling the world, finding joy pursuing philanthropic activities in third world countries, while Drew was in New York trying to make sense of his life.  After many wrong turns and doing some soul searching, Drew stumbled upon Life Coaching.  The practice of being a coach was incredibly fulfilling, but did not reach enough people as it was always one on one.  The desire to create tools that would help a large number of people stay true to their dreams was born.

Surrounding himself with inspiration, Drew utilized quotes, books, movies, and even inspirational screen savers to create an environment for success.  In the spring of 2007, Drew was looking into a mirror, saying a positive affirmation and glanced down at the t-shirt he was wearing.  The idea of putting affirmations on a t-shirt that were readable in the mirror emerged, and in an instant, Reflect was born.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s adventure around the world was coming to a close and she returned home in June of 07.  Completely revitalized and with a clear perspective on her life, she was reluctant to jump back into the corporate world as it had proved to be unfulfilling in the past.  Soon after, however, a job appeared for a company that had an entrepreneurial spirit and matched her strength in sales.

But as time passed, Caroline felt as though she was not living out her purpose, and within 6 months left to pursue her dreams.  Nothing gave Caroline more joy than bringing happiness to others and so she decided to start a venture called Brighten My Days.  The intent was to spread more happiness around the world and serve to uplift anyone feeling down through the internet.

While performing research for the company, she came across a start-up that really grabbed her attention. Their mission was to define the life of your dreams in an interactive workshop and continue to support you along the process.  Intrigued, Caroline decided to participate and went through the process that would allow her to create a blueprint for her life.

What ensued was a surprise; Caroline emerged feeling that the mission of this start-up was in line with her desires and immediately went to work for the company.  Assisting with talks and seminars, Caroline was impacting lives and helping people reach their dreams through a supportive network.

This felt great.  Caroline knew that she was living out her mission in helping others realize their own passions and purpose in life.  However, something was still missing.  Being a natural born leader, Caroline had a burning desire to conceive her own sources of inspiration and to utilize all of her talents by managing her own company.  Reflect was the perfect conduit for Caroline to live out her purpose while having the ownership and responsibility she wanted.

Now teamed up and energetically aligned, Caroline and Drew combined their strengths and have created a dynamic and stylish new look to personal development.

After a little research, they discovered that the first person to have been recorded as writing in ‘mirror writing’ was Leonardo DaVinci as he wanted to keep some of his ideas a secret.  Inspired by the same concept, the DaVinci typeface is the style for each of the designs Reflect produces.  Resembling an eastern script, many think at first glance that the words are written in a different language, only to find that when looking in a mirror, the affirmation is revealed.

Along the path while working in corporate America, Drew was forwarded an article written by Steve Pavlina, called “10 Reasons to Never Get a Job,” which fueled the decision to write his resignation letter in May of 2008 and leave a high paying job to pursue his passion.  The wheels were now in motion and the idea of bringing Reflect to the masses was real.

August 2008 – Reflect officially launches in New York City and the broadcast is made to every friend, relative, and acquaintance, encouraging them to spread the word.  A grassroots campaign was launched attempting to reach one person at a time. Check out the fruits of their labor here at

Reflect only 6 months old, but for this vibrant brother/sister team, the desire to positively change lives has been brewing for years. They have taken a drastic leap of faith by leaving stable jobs, but by following their dreams and embracing uncertainty, they trust that things will work out.  As for them, they are having so much fun bringing joy to people.  And if you ask others, and they’ll tell you that these two simply shine when working for Reflect.

Drew and Caroline believe that by changing your thoughts you change your life and by using positive affirmations you can create miracles.  They have seen significant change in their own lives, and by living their life on purpose, they plan to help your dreams come true too.

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