New Science Will Change the Direction of Civilization

By Bruce H. Lipton in Beliefs on July 10th, 2008 / One Comment

An Intimate Interview with Author Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Q: What is it like for you to be pressing the edges of the conventional, entrenched wisdom of the medical/health care field?

A: I am on an amazing journey that is filled with exhilarating life experiences expressing both sweet and sour consequences.  On the sweet side is the fact that I am having the most exciting time of my life!!  My research revealed a revolutionary understanding of how life “worked” twenty years ago and this awareness is now beginning to be recognized by leading edge science.  The beautiful part is that with a twenty year head start over my former colleagues, I have not only benefited by applying this empowering awareness in creating the joyous life I am experiencing, but I have been able to extend that knowledge to reveal how the world can thrive and evolve.

The sweetness of that knowledge is also where the “sour” part comes in to the picture.  Our conventional world is engaged in a ruthless survival of the fittest competition, based upon science’s endorsement of Darwinian theory, a belief that emphasizes, “life is a struggle for survival.” In contrast, the new biology reveals a completely different understanding of our place in the world.

Science is now recognizing that we are an integral part of a giant living community, collectively referred to as Gaia. The new science underscores the fact that our survival is based upon the cooperation of all the organisms in the biosphere.  Unfortunately, our social consciousness, shaped by Darwinian science, is so destructive to the environment that it has already precipitated the planet’s sixth mass extinction—which of course threatens the survival of humanity.

Yet there is also good news.  Just as some terminal cancer patients undergo a spontaneous remission, the living Gaia can do the same.  As with those cancer patients, all we need to do to save our world is change our beliefs, and this is precisely the consequence of the evolving new science.  My book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, provides an easy to understand explanation of how our thoughts and mind create both our internal (biological) and external (social) life experiences.

Q: What about your discoveries has most profoundly affected your life and the way you live it?

A: In the first instant of acquiring my new insights into how cells worked, I was completely transformed.  As a conventional scientist, I taught my students that genes controlled life and that we were essentially “victims” of our heredity.  When I first recognized that the brain of the cell was the cell membrane, rather than genes, I was blown away, for the mechanism revealed that life was controlled by signals from the “environment.” The significance of this finding is that the identity of the “self,” distinguishing one individual from another, would also represent an environmental (external) signal.

If the cell (organism) dies, its identity signal is still present in the environment.  At that moment of awareness, I realized that we have an externalized “identity” (spirit) and are immortal.  The realization of a transcendent “identity” brought an amazing sense of peace into my life, for I had truly lost the greatest of all fears…death.  It was the most profound experience for me, a non-spiritual scientist that wasn’t even looking for that particular understanding.

Subsequently, my life was transformed when I realized how my developmental experiences programmed my genes and behavior.  With this knowledge I was able to rewrite limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that were keeping me from experiencing the health, love and joy we all seek.  I have actively created a wonderful healthy, fulfilling life and supporting environment. I love my days, sleep like a baby and enjoy life without the necessity of taking a single pharmaceutical drug!

One of the most important things I learned through my research was that human beings were biologically modeled after the anatomy and physiology of single cells.  Cells are in a sense, miniature people.  My research provided insight into understanding how the fifty trillion cells that comprise the human body can live in health and harmony under the skin.  I was able to apply the fundamental principles of cellular life to the way I was living my life with great success.

In the words of old hippie philosophy, I was “cleaning up my own backyard before cleaning up the world.”  I learned to live better and healthier on less money, not only through modeling my efficiency upon cellular life, but also because my personal joy and satisfaction in life was no longer linked to consumerism.  My pleasures are now directly derived through my appreciation of Gaia, my family and my community.

Q: If you were to choose one area that you feel is your greatest challenge in sharing your discoveries, what would that be?

A: As mentioned, the new science reveals that our preoccupation with competition and consumerism is compromising our species and our environment.  There is a lot of money trying to keep us from evolving.  Corporate and government interests, playing on our Darwinian fears, are undermining our civilization and environment.  Simply, self-empowerment is not in the interest of those whose focus is to “control” civilization.

Wars, social and moral decay, faltering education, famine and much of our disease will be eliminated when the new science becomes common knowledge.  The self-empowerment offered by the new science is a threat to those organizations that profit from war and ill health. Among others, these organizations include the military-industrial complex, the larger biomedical-pharmaceutical industry and those fundamentalist religions that encourage violence and self-limitation in seeking their ends.

Presently, these organizations are spending vast sums of money, enough to solve civilization’s problems, to “control” and limit our abilities via the news, magazines and television programming.  Consequently, it is a difficult endeavor to fight the tide of self-limiting, self-defeating propaganda sponsored by the moneyed interests.  Yet, in recent years I have noticed vast changes in consciousness by people who intuitively know we are on the wrong track and are looking for a course correction.

Fortunately, books like The Biology of Belief, as well as a number of other new works of science, are aimed at introducing the mass reading audience to the life-changing power of their conscious mind.  I believe we are approaching a threshold, like the notion of the hundredth monkey, where the new science will appear to spontaneously change the direction of civilization and save us from our excesses.

Q: When you consider your existing science and what other discoveries undoubtedly lie ahead, who do you believe human beings are capable of becoming?

A: We will learn that if there is a “heaven,” it is right here on Earth.  We will learn how to recreate the proverbial Garden of Eden.  In this new awareness we will be able to guide our own stem cells to renew our lives, without the use of pharmaceutical agents. Like breathairian’s, we will also learn to capture energy directly from the environment and will no longer be dependent upon the massive quantities of food we now think we need to eat.

This awareness should provide us with a natural lifespan of at least 120-140 years, while simultaneously taking the pressure off the environment to feed us. Interestingly, current research reveals that we can double the life of laboratory organisms by simply curtailing their metabolic intake.

The new science provides insight into how we manifest our reality.  Since most people are looking for happiness, joy and health, their collective vision can create such a reality.  Such a culture would be one that does not encourage disharmony and disease.  That’s already a good start in revitalizing Eden.

Q: When you witness the range of responses to your material – from great joy to outrage, no doubt! – what is it that keeps you moving forward?

A: The simplest answer is that I have found Heaven on Earth by personally applying the principles of the new science to the way I carry out my own life.  I love my job of bringing this new science to the public, for in my travels, I have seen many people use this information to “taken control” of their own lives.  There is nothing more joyous than to see an individual overcome physical and emotional adversity through self-empowerment.  And on a more self-serving level, the more people create harmony in their world, the more harmony I experience in my world.

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One Response to “New Science Will Change the Direction of Civilization”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    Dear Mr Tom,

    It is Good topic to read. But there are some problems like what is this new science, probably there shall be more theories that may come for the justification, which may change the direction of the present civilization. But People are same even few centuries ago and now. That time there was only one science that was VEDIC sciences, under which there were many other branches of sciences. What we are seeing today, so far the present scientific experimentation’s and theories do not give proper culture, because if which there are so many problems that humankind is facing. From those VEDIC sciences, which give some meaning to the life, by ridiculing and debunking we have not achieved anything but what we achieved is no peace, no harmony and no serenity in this world. Every body is after the rats race, to show their race or cult is superior. Now nobody has time even to rest for a time, every thing is mechanical. I think without coupling science with philosophy of life (spirituality) there is no meaning.

    In VEDIC SCIENCES there is a term called AYUR VEDA its meaning is nothing but philosophy of life. Whatever the ancient Indian culture people had observed have out them in those texts which are good for the humankind. Since most of the generations from the past 300 hundred years all over world do not understand them nor could digest them have made the problems of ridiculing and debunking those VEDA’s. Most of these books were based on the theories that HUMAN life is first and then only the religion and culture or tradition. Most of these books have been coupled to improve the conditions of life and how to improve, and extend the life on this earth. They never did any thing against the NATURE, that using the materials in excess of the needs as the present generations. If necessary they have even suggested how to improve environment and ecology also. It is simple speaking coordination of natural elements of materials and life as well. Non of the present theories are valid enough for how life has been created, for get about it even they can not predict when and how a life can change or adopt to the conditions. There are even now people who travel into the space and cover the entire earth in a jiffy. They can tell whatever happening on this earth. But they do not tell how to do that even for any prize, because it is their traditional knowledge.

    You may think I am mad enough to write this in the present juncture or I might have become crazy. I am sure who ever thinks that he has learnt some thing in the science may not agree with me. As you may be knowing the spiritual practices are different. It is done by cleaning the body and mind. More specifically the Mind more rigorously and actively. They are all not like scientific experiments they are just observations of reactions and the signals what we get from the distance places either by noise or light or magnetic. The more pure the mind the better the signal processing like transmission, absorption and analysis shall be sharp.

    I hope you enjoy my views

    with warm regards


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