The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity

By S. Taylor & S. Klingler in Prosperity on July 2nd, 2008 / One Comment

Consciousness Creation is about the power of our thoughts to create the life we wish to experience.” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

secrets-success.jpgWhat have you created today? Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been very busy in the act of creation. Perhaps you’ve been hard at work or maybe just hanging out “doing nothing,” but either way you’ve actually been forging your future.

This ongoing construction of your destiny is taking place every moment of every hour of your life, and the most significant source of your future invention is your own individual consciousness.

The Universe is a sparkling river of unending potential, one that flows with both purpose and serendipity; its seemingly random direction leads to very specific outcomes. In this unending paradox, which is the background of our earthly experience, there’s a power that can’t be denied – the power of consciousness. Consciousness is a force that exists outside of time and moves freely through the Universe (although there’s some discussion about whether it moves from place to place or merely exists – and exerts its influence – in all places at the same time).

It has long been known in the quantum physical world that consciousness creates reality. Fascinating theories that discuss this principle have been applied to the measurement of light, the formation of the cosmos, and even the life (and death) of a cat! I recommend a look through the Suggested Reading section at the end of this book to see a list of works that describe how this incredible line of thinking functions in the physical world. For our purposes here, however, we’ll be focusing on how consciousness-created reality influences your personal life and career experiences.

Your life force reaches beyond this time and space into unknown quadrants of existence. The consciousness that you project in the form of thought, perception, vision, and expectation has a very real impact in the world. While you may be unaware of what your consciousness is doing in distant places, you can – at a glance – become keenly aware of how it’s shaping your life. In fact, most of what you see and experience is a result of your own consciousness creation.

This is the function of the Law of Manifestation, a law that works the same way in the Universe as it does in your daily existence. It reveals a fundamental truth in the cosmos: Consciousness does create reality. This is globally true, and your individual consciousness can’t be exempt from its implications. Consciousness-created reality governs all types of manifestation – from conjuring up a funny joke to affecting world economy. Consciousness is always the originating element.

It can be very liberating to finally realize that your consciousness is the primary generator of the situations and people that make up the tapestry of your life. Over time, you can see how each experience follows the patterns of your powerful, yet predictable, consciousness output. And if you don’t like the trends you’ve been experiencing, at least there’s something you can do about it. You can shift your consciousness projection so that you can determine for yourself exactly what you want to create.

Hologram of Self
From quantum physics to biomechanics, the hologram has been used as a model for such complex things as the nature of the Universe and the workings of the brain. A hologram is a three-dimensional picture that’s created when a laser beam is split in two; the first beam is reflected off an object, and the second beam is directed to collide with the light of the first. The “picture” on the film – or plate – is a record of this light-interference pattern.

Unlike a normal negative, the holographic film looks like a mishmash of circles, rings, and wavy lines. However, when another laser light is beamed through that film, a three-dimensional picture is formed, revealing all aspects of the original subject. A hologram isn’t limited to two dimensions; the picture shows what’s behind and on every side of the object being photographed.

The fascinating properties of this phenomenon don’t stop there. If you were to cut the holographic negative into pieces, an entire three-dimensional image would be revealed by directing a laser through any one of those fragments. No matter what scrap you chose, the entire image would be revealed over and over again. No matter how small the piece – or its place on the film – the hologram would reveal the entire picture – front, back, and sides.

This irreducible, three-dimensional element is why the hologram is used to represent the many nuances of consciousness, and why it’s an apt representation of how your own individual consciousness works in the world. You’re like that wavy, undefinable picture on the film because your full consciousness isn’t really visible on the surface. It’s only when you shine a light on your own true nature that you see the real and full picture of your consciousness creation. It’s not just your individual desires or intentions that get projected out into the world; it’s the many dimensions of your personal consciousness that will create your destiny.

This is the undeniable truth of your consciousness-created reality. All of you – everything that you’re conscious of—gets projected into the cosmic formation of your future. And what becomes manifest reflects the innermost recesses of your personal worldview.

This holistic nature of the process of attraction and manifestation requires you to look much more deeply than simply focusing on what you want. It’s not enough to have a single-minded intention, for that’s only part of the process. The pursuit of happiness and success – no matter what the arena – calls for an honest look at the energy of your entire life.

Your consciousness is a picture of your whole self. It’s not just the surface information that you choose to reveal; it’s also the multidimensional representation of who you really are—everything from your most deeply held beliefs to idiosyncratic behaviors. All that is you broadcasts your truth in waves of thought-forms, perceptions, and expectations.

So your investigation into your destiny creation must start with this question: If you were to project a laser light through the hologram that is your own consciousness, what would that picture hold? What would be revealed in the front, in the middle, in the back, and all the way around? Would there be a confident image on the surface with fear hiding behind it? Would there be an exterior of optimism with an interior of doubt? If so, you need to know that the Universe sees your entire truth – every bit of it – and responds accordingly.

So if you’re visualizing meeting your perfect partner, yet a part of you thinks such a person doesn’t exist, then that consciousness of limitation overrides your specific intention and actually creates a stronger vision of lack. If you’ve created the goal to attract a better job but you consistently doubt your ability to make it happen, then that failure-consciousness will move out into the Universe, projecting a dark void where no real value can come to be.

Your entire consciousness needs to be considered. You may send out intentions, treasure maps, and even prayers to make something happen, but all of that will go unanswered if it’s the only approach you take. Without a supportive consciousness, your individual desire will just float out in space, and your results will be hit-or-miss at best – or nonexistent at worst.

But if you add an optimistic and focused life force to your individual intentions, they’ll be propelled by the irresistible power of consciousness creation. They’ll shoot out into time and space, and the abundant Universe will send unexpected blessings in return. It’s the power of your whole life – all that you are conscious of – that determines your present.

So what’s your worldview? How do you perceive yourself and your place in this amazing Universe of ours? Whether you realize it or not, you are a powerful manifestor. You may not like what you’ve brought into being so far, but you have both the ability and the option to change everything. Happiness isn’t a future commodity. It exists right now within the hologram of your eternal self, and it can be the accelerant that will ignite a future of endless joy.

This excerpt is taken from the new book, Secrets of Success by Sandra Anne Taylor and Sharon Klingler. It is published by Hay House (June 2008) and available at all bookstores.

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