The Scientific Background on Quantum Manifesting in a Nutshell

Buckminster Fuller once said that 99.9% of all science in the 20th century was invisible to our five senses. Does that make it less real?

We are in the middle of one of the biggest paradigm shifts mankind has ever encountered. We are seeing the end of Newton’s mechanical world-view, and it is being replaced by a new world-view that tells us we are nothing else than interconnected consciousness, and that matter is nothing more than a form of energy.

The Age of Newton’s Mechanical Clockwork
Newton’s ideas dictated our world-view for more than 200 years. He more or less declared that everything is mechanical and can be predicted like clockwork. Science was nothing else than the act of observing, which could be repeated by independent people all over the world.

In the late 19th century science entered into the area of sub-atomics, which changed everything; because scientists discovered that the sub-atomic particles were not particles at all. They looked like particles when they were measured, but they traveled like waves.

Quantum theory has changed everything, because what was a mechanical, external universe, has now become a web of intelligence. Science finally admits that the simple act of observing changes the result of any experiment, as well as that the observer and the observed are not separate.

What follows from this new understanding is a completely new way of how we have to deal with the world we perceive. Our old model of an objective world view has to be replaced with a new model that states that everything is subjective, as the observer influences the observed.

The Quantum Paradox – The Wave/Particle Duality
Wave-Particle Duality is perhaps the most notable concept of the quantum world; and by extension, it is also the philosophical basis of modern thought. It is the defining characteristic of elementary physical entities, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, and molecules, which exist on the one hand in states which evolve like waves when they are not observed, and evolve like particles when observed.

The key is the observation. In its wave-like state, the physical entity is typically extended in space, but then contracts abruptly to localized events or point-like particles when an observation is made.

When unobserved, physical quantum systems evolve in wave-like states that only represent tendencies for actual events. On the other hand, when an observation is made, the wave-like state changes abruptly, discontinuously, and unpredictably, in a “quantum jump”. At the macro level, the process is seemingly ruled by chance alone, and thus there is the potential for a true choice being made.

Perception And Reality from a Quantum Viewpoint
All that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and feel has been created from the data received by our sensory organs. All we ever know of the world around us are the mental images constructed from that data.

However real and external they may seem, they are all phenomena within the mind. This simple fact is very hard to grasp; it goes against all our experience. If there is anything about which we feel sure, it is that the world we experience is real. We can see, touch, and hear it. It seems undeniable that out there, around us, independent and apart from us, stands a physical world, utterly real, solid, and tangible.

But the world of our experience is no more “out there” than are our dreams. When we dream we create a reality in which events happen around us, and in which we perceive other people as individuals separate from us. In the dream it all seems very real. But when we awaken we realize that everything in the dream was actually a creation of our own mind.

The same process of reality-generation occurs in waking consciousness. The difference is that now the reality that is created is based on sensory data, and bears a closer relationship to what is taking place in the real world. Nevertheless, however real it may seem, it is not actually “the real world.” It is still an image of that world created in the mind.

The Fabric of Reality – Enter the Age of Conscious Science
The current super paradigm assumes that space, time, and matter constitute the basic framework of reality, and consciousness somehow arises from this reality. The truth, it now appears, is the very opposite. As far as the reality we experience is concerned – and this, remember, is the only reality we ever know – consciousness is primary.

Time, space, and matter are secondary; they are aspects of the image of reality manifesting in the mind. They exist within consciousness; not the other way around.

If we consider the reality we experience, then we have to accept that in the final analysis they are correct: Consciousness is the essence of everything – everything in the known universe. It is the medium from which every aspect of our experience manifests. Every form and quality we ever experience in the world is an appearance within consciousness.

What is the Process of Manifestation within the Mind?
How is it that consciousness, which seems so non-material, can take on the material forms that we experience? How do space, time, color, sound, texture, substance, and the many other qualities that we associate with the material world, emerge in consciousness?

Whatever we may be conscious of, the faculty of consciousness is something we all share. This consciousness is the one truth we cannot deny. It is the absolute certainty of our existence. It is eternal in that it is always there, whatever the contents of our experience. It is the essence of everything we know. And, since every aspect of our experience is a manifestation in the mind, it is the creator of the world we know.

These qualities – truth, absolute, eternal, essence, creator – are amongst those traditionally associated with God. From this perspective, the statement “I am God” is not so puzzling or deluded after all. Although it might be more accurate to say that “I am” is God, or possibly, “God is consciousness.”

Using the Tools of your Mind to Create Reality
Your attention is the source of the creative process for turning your thoughts into reality. Using your intention builds a constant energy toward the reality you want to create. Your body will follow your mind’s commands, and advance along the way until the desired reality is created.

Using this knowledge, we can understand how visualizing and focusing on our goals in such a way, can help these desires manifest around us. The Dream Manifestation Kit is one such method of achieving this result – and, in our opinion, one of the quickest techniques for manipulating “dreams” and turning them into “reality”.

Some of the explanations herein contributed by Peter Russell taken from his book “From Science to God”.

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