Self-Disclosure – Changes from Within

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When people think of dreams, and what it takes to make them happen, they often underestimate their own mind power and what is going on beneath the surface of conscious awareness.  Internal energy creates and manifests precisely what a person needs, even if it is not necessarily what they consciously want and work toward. Every human being has his or her own secrets waiting to be rediscovered.

In the case of Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within, it initially becomes apparent the author has her own ideas of dreams she hopes to realize.  She focuses her energy and the power of intention in certain conscious directions, only to learn her unconscious mind and the universe clearly have other plans. Before long, she realizes she is in for a big wake-up call that touches on every area of her life.

A voice inside prompts her to attend a professional event in a foreign country. Being there itself makes the effort worthwhile, but certain ensuing events she does not anticipate. Could talking to a stranger in passing on a public bus change your life forever? For the author of Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within, that’s exactly what happens.  A brief interaction sets a romance in motion with a partner who lives 18,000km away.  It only takes a moment to listen to intuition.  From then on, if you stay on the path, nothing is the same.

Consider a first date in one country, reconnection for breakfast, before huge geographic separation. Would you believe they wrote a book together over the internet and learned the power of focusing energy in more than only words? Who would have thought the second date would unite them through parts of France, Switzerland and even Italy? This story is an example of how one can learn to harness energy vibrations in dreams and channel this frequency in surprising directions.

Events in this story unfold to teach the author that love is why human beings exist.  Love expands in ways she did not imagine possible.  She learns her own misunderstandings about meaning and purpose are stepping stones to life-changing revelations.  This quest for insight propels her on world travels, astral travels and beyond.  She evolves from superficial awareness to deeper understanding of self. She learns to expect the unexpected.  As it turns out, she is not alone on this journey. Is her unique companion in dialogue, only a conscience?

This book invites readers to explore sources of their own fear and to learn what it means to recognize why they do what they do, when they do it, as opposed to simply after the fact. Each reader is invited to raise self-awareness at his or her own pace, to reassess personal  evolution.  It is all about being conscious of why you really make certain choices, and how your perspective and access to inner knowing is shifting beneath the surface.

On another level, the book recognizes how each human being feels like a prisoner inside his own mind, inside each perceived crisis or predicament, at least until one chooses to step outside another comfort zone. Then, one opens to innate capacities that had been temporarily forgotten.

Love opens the door to a journey into modern and exotic forms of self- healing.  It is about how being open-minded enables one to connect with spirit realms and mystical experiences. This is not the journey of how love heals one person, it is how love awakens the dormant or inaccessible soul. Much like a shaman alters his state of mind to access creative power and untapped abilities, as you observe your life, you can explore different ways of altering your perception of reality. After all, its your dream, your inner journey.  Will it involve the supernatural? Does it not already?

Tap into what you forgot you already know. Grasp how to reconnect with your authentic self at this moment. Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within offers a key to unlocking your spiritual potential and opens the door to limitless happiness and love.

Every chapter opens with quotes and lessons to encourage you to ponder certain reflections. Each section ends with questions you can journal to shape your own personal growth. End-of book questionnaires can be answered alone as part of your own journey or exchanged with people close to you where you choose to evolve and learn together.

The choices are yours. The book reminds you the choices infinite.  This choose-your-own adventure is not limited to the scope of this book. The stories serve to orient your vantage point and how you view chapters of your life as a dream within a dream that shapes a changing reality. You are prompted to re-evaluate where you are, the nature of your evolving mission, and what’s next.

Learn why you alter states of consciousness.  Unveil motivations for your life choices. This is not simply about acknowledging fear and learning what it means and how to overcome it.  It is a journey into heightening awareness that affects more than just yourself here and now. Everyone is a healer, yet underestimates the degree and reach of his own power to heal.

About the author:
Liara Covert is a dream analyst and soul journey guide who has taken conventional and unconventional training in communications, cross-disciplinary studies and psychology.  She feels privileged to learn from leading thinkers in areas of spiritual growth. Her awareness is enriched by experiences in over 50 countries. It is her hope to empower others so they build faith, trust and confidence in growing self-awareness and phenomena they do not always understand.

Visit her Dreambuilders Australia blog and keep your eyes peeled for Harness the Energy of your Dreams, her forthcoming dream book. Details of coming workshops and contact information available at her website.

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