The Conference Works

The ConferenceWorks! is a company dedicated to the evolution of personal consciousness. Showcasing today’s most relevant presenters, they seek to bring wisdom, learning and new perspectives to their attendees.

If you’re going to invest your time and money in a weekend of learning and relaxation, they make sure you get the best of both.

Every The ConferenceWorks! workshop brings you deeper learning & new ideas. Real tools you can use to support conscious evolution in your life, your profession and your relationship with the world in which you live.

Join them for workshops or seminars by talented presenters such as Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Jonathan Goldman, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Belleruth Naparstek, Robert Ohotto, and Geneen Roth.

Bob Proctor Life Success

Now, you can become a one-on-one consultant from the comfort of your kitchen table! Join the LifeSuccess Consultants program, where they first train you in Bob Proctor’s best-selling programs, then provide the coaching curriculum, personable support, business building advice and technology you need to help people around the world achieve the lives of their dreams.

For nearly 40 years, Bob Proctor has guided thousands upon thousands of individuals through incredible and enormous shifts in their lives. Today, just about anywhere in the world, you’ll find people living richer, more abundant lives because of the concepts and actions steps they’ve learned directly from Bob Proctor.

Deepak Chopra Center

Are you ready to turn your hopes, dreams, and desires into your new reality?

Deepak Chopra is known as the teacher and author of the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with Deepak in an intimate setting as he teaches you how to bring ever-growing fulfillment into your life using the powers of attention and intention.

Are you looking to make a shift or to take your life to the next level? For years, many have come to SynchroDestiny to gather tools and inspiration to become the author of the story of their life. In this hands-on training, Deepak will coach you on how to harness the power of coincidence to turn the unknown into the known. Join Deepak and the Chopra Center family for four days in an intimate setting as we manifest our intentions and desires into success.

Art of Allowing – Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Abraham teachings affirm our well-being and help us to recognize the power of joy in achieving all that is desired in life.

We invite you to attend an Abraham-Hicks “Art of Allowing” workshop and participate in dialog with Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachers called Abraham.

“Art of Allowing” workshops, offered in over forty U.S. cities a year, plus scenic adventure cruises, are the ideal way to learn from Abraham, and are the basis of all the recordings offered by Abraham-Hicks Publications.

The Demartine Method

Change your life. Empower yourself to design and live your dreams.

If what you desire is greater clarity of purpose, self worth, appreciation, love, certainty and masterful presence then The Breakthrough Experience is for you. It is a new way of living and an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life.

The Demartini Method is one of the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation available today. It will assist you in making quantum leaps in consciousness in quantum time. What once took weeks, months or even years can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict into grateful states of love and vitality.

James Ray International

Change your life. Empower yourself to design and live your dreams.

If what you desire is greater clarity of purpose, self worth, appreciation, love, certainty and masterful presence then The Breakthrough Experience is for you. It is a new way of living and an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life.

Regardless of your current understanding, education, or skill, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put this curriculum into action, it will put you into high gear like nothing you have ever experienced.

Simply put…it will change your life.

University of Transformational Studies and Leadership

The essence of Agape is best described by its founder, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: “When I founded the Agape International Spiritual Center and community in 1986, I ‘visioned’ it as a movement that would take a stand for love, for peace, for being a beneficial presence on the planet. That’s why it was named “Agape,” which in Greek means unconditional love. Agape’s vision is fueled by the love of God, the One, indefinable yet unmistakable Presence whose vehicle on earth is the human heart and soul.

His aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibration of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world.”Through Dr. Beckwith’s weekly services, Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership classes, ministries and other outreach programs, the heart of Agape reaches deep into local and global communities teaching individuals about the transforming, healing power of prayer, meditation, and selfless service.

Jack Canfield – America’s Success Coach

Jack Canfield has dedicated 30 years of his life to mentor, teach and coach success principles and happiness to millions worldwide. He has formulated tools for individuals to identify goals and strategically plan producing positive results with certainty. His audiences include corporations, trade associations, healthcare, sales rallies, university lecture series, non-profit organizations and education.

Jack Canfield continually reaches millions through his book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” which currently has over 80 million books published and is listed in 39 different languages. Jack Canfield is highly regarded as America’s leading ‘success coach’ teaching the principles he established and uses daily in his professional and personal life.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana tradition. The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana Meditation, is at the heart of all the activities at Spirit Rock. The Center hosts a full program of ongoing classes, daylong programs, and residential retreats.In its 15-year history, several historic events have taken place at Spirit Rock:

The Dalai Lama attended a conference of international Buddhist teachers in 2000, Alice Walker spoke at the African American retreat in 2002, which brought together for the first time teachers, community leaders, and practitioners from around the nation. Vietnamese leader, Thich Nhat Hahn has taught at Spirit Rock, as well as Ram Das, Huston Smith, and many other well known Buddhist teachers.

Natalie Goldberrg – The Practice of Writing, Sitting and Walking

Natalie has been teaching seminars in writing as a practice for the last thirty years. People from around the world attend her life-changing workshops and she has a reputation as a great teacher. The Oprah Winfrey Show sent a film crew to spend the day with Natalie for a segment on Spirituality that covered her writing, teaching, painting, and walking meditation.

She is a thoughtful woman who inspires you to develope your imagination. Natalie attracts people from all walks of life to attend her week-long writing workshops at the Mabel Dodge House, historic site on the edge of Pueblo land in the shadow of Taos Mountain, where Georgia O’Keefe, D.H. Lawrence, Willa Cather, and Ansel Adams broke open to the magic of the landscape.

Voice Dialogue International – Hal and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone’s work, Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves can be used by individuals for their own personal growth or by professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, personal coaching, and business and organizational consulting.

Their psychospiritual approach to consciousness and transformation includes an in-depth study of the many selves or subpersonalities that make up the psyche, as well as work with dreams, archetypal bonding patterns, and body energy fields.

Avatar – Harry Palmer

Avatar is a powerful and speedily effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life.

The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to equip you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change. THE AVATAR course opens a window to the inner workings of your own consciousness.

The course teaches world lessons (experiential) rather than word lessons (intellectual). For this reason it requires a trained AVATAR MASTER to guide you into the actual lessons already contained in your own consciousness.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Her newest book, ‘The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for A Radically New Life,’ joins the ranks of her other eight books including her mega bestsellers, ‘A Return to Love’ and ‘Everyday Grace,’ both which have been #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List.”

Love is always an available option. But we are always free to say yes to it or no, according to our own free will. It is your destiny to become completely and totally radiant and blissful; how long you take to get there, and how rocky a road you choose, is entirely up to you.”

Caroline Myss – Educational Institute

Caroline is dedicated to creating educational programs in the field of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and advancing the science of medical intuition. She established CMED, her own educational institute, in 2003, which offers two programs running three courses per year, on Sacred Contracts and Mysticism.

Additionally, Caroline maintains a rigorous workshop and lecture schedule internationally and continues a consultation practice with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health practitioners, as a medical intuitive.Our vision is to develop as a primary Internet gateway for people seeking holistic methods for achieving good health.

The mission, as they’ve currently articulated it, is to facilitate a lively interactive Internet community through which people can: learn about holistic, energy and intuitive medicine, spiritual direction, including my philosophy and those of other professionals; buy education resources and health aids that help people heal themselves; and contribute to the development of the field.

Institute of Noetic Science

A nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition.

The institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.Their 200-acre Retreat Center hosts workshops, retreats, and educational activities. They support community-building through local community groups, online discussions, and other networking opportunities.

Centerpointe Research Institute – Bill Harris

Bill Harris has been involved in personal development for over thirty-five years as a seeker, teacher, public speaker, author, musician, composer, therapist, workshop leader, and business owner. A student of ancient and modern research into the nature of the mind, he has studied and practiced a variety of traditional and modern transformational techniques and approaches with a variety of teachers.

Centerpointe has grown to be one of the largest personal growth companies in the world, with program participants in 172 countries.

Become a participant and find out for yourself just how incredible Holosync technology, and the program they have created around it, can be in changing your life. Centerpointe has grown to be one of the largest personal growth companies in the world, with program participants in 172 countries.