Set Your Sails To Soar With The Wind

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If you’ve ever been out for a ride on a sail boat, then you understand the importance of wind for such an experience. Without wind the sail boat will not really move; it will simply drift about with the current.  The wind is necessary for a great experience. Additionally, sailors understand they cannot control the direction of the wind. If the wind is blowing right to left, you cannot change it to blow left to right, but what you can do is direct the sail.

It was Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, that said, “The same wind blows on us all; the winds of disaster, opportunity and change. The same wind blows on us all. Therefore, it is not the blowing of the wind, but the setting of the sails that will determine our direction in life.”

It is not about the wind, so to speak. It is not about the problems that come or the obstacles you must face head on. Peace, happiness, and success are about the attitude that you adopt and the way you respond to life. Winds will come because we are powerless over many things in life, but if you respond with passion, faith, and perseverance, you will be alright.

Learn how to set the sail

Let’s say you were on a sail boat and only one person on that boat knew how to work the sail to get the boat to its destination. Now let’s say that the person went unconscious for some reason and the sail boat was headed right for a huge rock. What would you do? Would you try to figure out how to change the sail? Would you go into a fit of anger or have apanic attack? Give up and jump out of the boat into the water?

You certainly would wish that you knew how to work the sail. In the same way, sometimes in life you will be headed directly toward a “rock”, or a problem, frustration, circumstance, etc. What will you do?  Freak out? Say it’s too hard? Go into a state of depression? Give up?

Learn how to set the sail. In other words, learn now how you will react when you are headed toward a giant rock that could cause you imminent pain and suffering. Assuredly these times will come.

How will you react? What will your attitude be?

Write it down

Take a few minutes right now and write down what you will do when such times come.

When frustration begins to arise.
When the boss tells you that you are not doing good enough.
When the partner tells you he or she is not thinking the relationship is going well.
When the numbers are not what they should be.
When the car cuts you off in traffic.
When there’s more bills at the end of the month than money.

What attitude will you choose to have? Decide now. Decide that you will have an attitude of courage, faith, persistence, diligence, and optimism. Say it out loud if you have to. You see, it is a choice. Your attitude is your choice and you have power over it. Just like a sailor has power over the sail, you have power over your attitude. Set it to work with the wind.

Whatever it takes

A marathon runner does a lot of training to run a marathon. He or she disciplines the body and mind well before the set race because they understand the importance of training. To run a marathon with no training is a recipe for disaster. In the same way, to go through life unprepared for the winds of change, problems, trials, etc. is a recipe for disaster. You can train yourself now to prepare for such times.

Adopt a “whatever it takes” attitude now. Continually feed yourself empowering information which nourishes your inner landscape. Keep success principles before your eyes. Hang out with those who already have such an attitude. Learn the principles that will help you to soar with the wind in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Learn them now because when tough times come it is much more difficult to focus and learn new things.

Incredible potential

You have incredible potential in every area of your life. Celebrate your successes and delight in possibilities. After all, you have come so far already. Greet each morning with a big thank you and expect great things to come your way. Your attitude can make or break you, so declare today that your attitude will be one of gratitude, faith, trust, and optimistic. You are infinite potential!

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