A Simple Technique to Stop Procrastinating

By Ram Iyer in Prosperity, Research, Stress Reduction, Success on July 25th, 2014 / No Comments

Here is a simple thing that you can do to beat procrastination. I have found that this technique is really helpful and if you follow through with discipline, it will really help you out. The fact is that there are a lot of thing that we need to do and we have our deadlines. However, there is this unproductive habit of leaving things till the last moment and then rushing them. I know that you have experienced this and the experience is frustrating at some level. So read carefully and implement the following if you want to beat procrastination.

This is something that has really worked for me and is quite simple to follow. Well, the first thing that you should do in the morning after you wake up and have brushed your teeth, is make a list of at least 10 things that you are going to do in the day. What you put down on the list is completely up to you. It can be something that is related to work, it might be someone you have to visit, something that you need to do for your family, some things that you need to buy and so on. You can list your work here too, and you should. Beside each item on the list, you should write down the approximate time it would take to finish that task.

When your list is complete and you have written down the time required for each task, add all that time together and see how much it is. A total of x hours would mean that you are accounting for x hours of your waking time in advance. The challenge now is to follow and see how much you actually do. The x does not really matter as much as the variation between what you had planned and what you actually did. Obviously this you will only realize at the end of the day.

Once you do this for 3-4 days, you will gain tremendous insight into organizing yourself and getting work done. Your goal is to follow the list completely and make sure that you are disciplined enough to follow through. Meaning, you do all the 10 tasks mentioned on the listbefore you go down to sleep.

Once you get into the habit of following the list completely, you will find that you have proceeded tremendously in your battle against procrastination. Your job now is to start listing as many things as possible into your daily lists to help you achieve your goals.


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