Sounds Great But Will The Money Really Follow?

By Jonathan Fields in Success on February 13th, 2009 / No Comments

For the last few years, wherever I go, people want to discover how to become a career renegade. They all want to know how to turn something, whether it’s knitting, painting, writing, or growing grapes, into enough cash to call it a living. Especially when everyone around them keeps telling them it’s just not possible.

The conversation inevitably turns to the two giant questions that stop nearly everyone in their tracks:

1. What if the thing that makes my heart sing doesn’t pay enough to support me?
2. Or, what if it could be lucrative, but only if I was at the top of the field?

    For most people, this is where the conversation ends. Because there are no easy answers. I am not a big believer in the old “do what you love and either the money will follow or you’ll be so damn happy it won’t matter anymore” school of thought.

    I live in New York City. I have a family to support. I need to earn six figures just to scrape by. I’ve had to work incredibly hard and think wildly outside of the box (hell, half the time I’ve had to create my own box to think outside of) to find ways to make the money follow.

    And, that, my friends, is what this book is all about.  This is not a career guide like any other. The focus here is quite different, because this book answers the question everyone else avoids: What about the money? I’ve read a lot of books, been to a lot of seminars, spent thousands of dollars, and all too often walked away annoyed and let down. And I swore if I ever decided to reveal the tools, techniques, and resources I’d accumulated, it would be the real deal.

    So, here’s a short list of what this book is not . . .

    • You will not be forced to endure pages of fluffy,  feel-good mumbo jumbo, life’s too short.
    • You will not be dragged through the litany of steps needed to explore, select, and find another career that will leave you financially improved, but still scratching your head wondering when you can quit and finally do something with your life.
    • You will not be given a partial solution and then pitched the chance to pay thousands more for the remaining 25 percent of the puzzle.
    • You will not be given advice from someone who’s only studied how to succeed, but never succeeded at anything other than telling you what to do.
    • You will not be given the ridiculous instructions to abandon everyone who disagrees with you or stops you from doing what’s in your heart.
    • You will not simply be told stories that leave you inspired, but are devoid of specific, actionable tips, tools, and techniques.

    The simple truth is you can turn nearly any passion into a big, fat heap of money. However, it often requires mining aspects of those passions you never knew existed or bringing them to life in markets and ways that defy the mainstream.

    With nearly every move I’ve made, there’s been an army waiting to tell me, “You can’t do that!” In the beginning, I’d try to argue. Now, I tell them, “Just watch me,” and go ahead and do that very thing they’ve convinced themselves is undoable.

    I’ve also had the incredible fortune to meet and befriend a growing cadre of like-minded career renegades over the years, people who have enjoyed similar journeys and succeeded in myriad pursuits, often creating new professional paradigms along the way.

    In the pages that follow, you’ll meet a married father of six who left a nearly twenty-year career as a reporter to earn even more money blogging about lifestyles and simplicity. You’ll find an office worker who turned a buried passion for art into a great living painting vineyards in Napa and a visual artist who found an outlet and a serious income in the world of baking.

    You’ll revel along with an orthopedic surgeon who turned a passion for growing coffee in Kona, Hawaii, into a lucrative second career and explore how a technology sales executive became a personal-development pundit. These are just a few of the many case studies that will guide your journey.

    This book reveals the fundamental principals, strategies, tools, and techniques that have fueled our collective adventures and inspired not only success, but boundless passion and, for some, extraordinary wealth.

    In the pages that follow, you will discover:

    • How to find out if your passion really can generate a nice living.
    • How to mine, redeploy, exploit, monetize, leverage, commoditize, and repurpose your seemingly money-less passion to make it generate the income you need.
    • How to test your passion for market demand and adapt or modify it to bring it to life in the most lucrative way possible.
    • How to build your knowledge, skills, and abilities to a level of mastery quickly and inexpensively.
    • How to build on your mastery to establish yourself as a known expert and leverage your authority to create economic opportunity.
    • How to master fear of failure, program your mind for success, and cultivate the renegade mind-set.
    • How to convince those you love you’re not insane and make them enthusiastic about your career renegade journey.
    • How to build your renegade career on the side, until it’s established enough for you to decide whether to jump into it full time.
    • How to tap a giant collection of career renegade tools, techniques, technologies, resources, and web-sites that will dramatically accelerate your quest.

    Sound like a big promise? It is. Life’s too short for small ones. Welcome to the ranks of the Career Renegade.

    Excerpted from Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields. Copyright © 2009 by Jonathan Fields. Excerpted by permission of Broadway Books, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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