Stress Eraser – The Biofeedback Body Computer

By Thomas Herold in Product Reviews on August 16th, 2006 / One Comment

Handheld medical device calms the mind and relaxes the body anytime, anywhere.

Helicor, Inc. has begun shipping the StressEraser, a handheld medical device designed to calm the mind and relax the body anytime, anywhere. The StressEraser can be used to quiet the mind before sleeping, rapidly relieve intense stress, and even to stay calm during highly stressful situations.

Stress Eraser - The Biofeedback Body ComputerHelicor first demonstrated the StressEraser August 18-21 at the 113th annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C. The StressEraser is classified by the FDA as a Class II (510(k) exempt) medical device. Patents are pending.

During stress, the bodyís stimulating nerves cause the mind to become restless by increasing brain activity; they cause nervousness by increasing heart rate and blood pressure; and they cause tension by increasing the rate of respiration. The bodyís pacifying nerves calm the mind and relax the body by reversing each of these effects.

Both the stimulating and pacifying nerves attach directly to the heart. The interplay of these nerves causes subtle, yet measurable, changes in the beat-to-beat heart rate. The StressEraser is the first device capable of decoding the real-time activity of these nerves using heart rate measurements, enabling a user to quickly gain control over the activity level of the nerves.

The StressEraser interactively guides users in adjusting their breathing and mental focus to rapidly decrease the activity of the stimulating nerves while increasing the activity of the pacifying nerves. In other words, StressEraser users can quickly calm the mind and relax the body, even during intensely stressful situations. And the convenience and portability of the StressEraser allows people to experience its benefits anytime, anywhere.

“By addressing the actual nerves that regulate stress, which extend from the brain stem throughout the body, we are able to affect many aspects of stress all at the same time,”explained Michael Wood, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer of Helicor.

Mr. Wood developed the core technology for the StressEraser while researching solutions for his own personal stress. Adam Forbes, Co-Founder & CEO of Helicor, partnered with Mr. Wood to create the StressEraser and bring it to market.

“Our goal was to take Michael’s groundbreaking technology in the field of biofeedback and stress management and design a compact, portable, wire-free, socially acceptable medical device,” said Mr. Forbes. “From conception to launch, it’s been an amazing journey.”

The StressEraser provides a daily points-based system that allows therapists to tailor stress therapy homework to the individual treatment needs of their clients. Helicor recommends at least 30 points (approximately 5 minutes) per session for rapid temporary relief, and at least 100 points per day to achieve a lasting therapeutic benefit and cultivate an ongoing feeling of calm relaxation.

Helicor is shipping the StressEraser after more than four years of research and development. The StressEraser is available for $399, with a 60-day risk-free trial, from the StressEraser web site at It is currently available to U.S. residents only.

Helicorís corporate headquarters is located at 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1218, New York, NY 10010. Phone: 212-255-5991; Fax: 212-255-5994.

Email: [email protected]

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  1. fun-da-mental Says:

    I’ve used the Stress Eraser for one week now and it definitively works as advertised! Usually I feel deeply relaxed after only 5 to 10 minutes of using it. Really great device!

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