Success Secrets – The Trap of Instant Gratification

By Julian Burke in Success on September 5th, 2009 / One Comment

It is true; you can manifest anything that you want. But history has shown us, when people win the 20 million dollar powerball, they often find themselves in the same position they were before they amassed the wealth. Getting anything you want instantly; be it a new job, a new car, a new client, comes with the same risks of winning the lottery tomorrow.

So what if your aspirations were a rigged slot machine that always supplied you with your desires instantly? What if you got everything you wanted tomorrow? What is the trap?

You Don’t Get a Chance to Change your Mind
The beauty in manifesting at a measured pace, is that you get the option to modify your wants. Have you ever receive something you THOUGHT you wanted only to discover that it wasn’t what you wanted after all? The gift in the desires and wants flowing to you in their right time, gives you the option to modify your request.

You can even want things for all the wrong reasons or want something that isn’t right for you. For example: you hate your job and wish you could leave. Well instant gratification could land you out of a job without a plan of attack for finding more meaningful work or additional income.

Manifestation over time allows you to frame EXACTLY what you WANT and NEED. The time would tell you that perhaps there are things about your job you do like. Time would tell you that more things flow to you in a state of gratitude. Time would tell you that maybe if you shifted your perspective slightly, you could have what you wanted. It may also reveal the next plan of action, which included not walking out on your present employer today.

When we want things compulsively, we get an unwanted outcome. The need for a knee jerk manifestation makes us desperate. Desperation often has us making horrible decisions with an even worse outcome. When you slow down, just a little, in your requests, you may uncover that the path you needed to take, may in fact not be the correct one or even the quickest one. And sometimes only slight modifications are what are needed to make dramatic change.

If you’ve ever played golf, you’d know that just a small little change in the position of the club, determines whether your ball ends up in the water or in the hole. One small shift not made in desperation or fear determines your outcome.

You Don’t See the Beauty in the Process
As good things start to unfold and you exhibit gratitude, you get to see all the beauty that unfolds in the process. And more things flow to you in the state of gratitude. You also get to meet new people on your path, people who you may not have met otherwise. You get to have new experiences that inspire new ideas and greater levels of abundance. So essentially you also get to have the potential of a greater level of attraction and a greater level of abundance that you wouldn’t have had with instant gratification.

Imagine that, the possibility of more abundance, not based on instant gratification, but rather things unfolding as they should, based on right action.

And you get to feel things unfold that further put you in a state of perpetual gratitude. It’s an endless cycle. That which you have to feel good about, opens the flood gates of more things to flow to you and more things to feel good about. And you may get a few bruises along the way, some which may help you modify your request, others which will give you fortitude to keep you along your path and have a story to tell. Your gift to others is your story. Having everything unfold instantly doesn’t have much meaning to others.

Your Journey Becomes Meaningless
Charles Kuralt did a segment on CBS News Sunday Morning titled “Everyone Has a Story”. It chronicled a reporter throwing a dart at a map and then calling random people from the phone book in that city and town. The people called would ALWAYS have amazing stories to tell. They contained ups and downs. Triumphs and defeat.

Imagine if your journey was only about getting everything you wanted? It would be tremendously boring. And, life really is about the journey that can be shared with others. Life is about inspiring others to live life and embrace obstacles to help better frame what it is they say they want.

With instant gratification, you wouldn’t get the gift of being of service to others through your journey. Instant gratification can cause you to be extremely selfish. Abundance flows through giving, and not just money, but of time and service, those things which give your life greater meaning.

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  1. Omar Says:

    When you get what you want through persistence and hard work you appreciate it a lot more.

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