Success Comes To Those Who Think

By Jonathan in Intention on June 9th, 2014 / No Comments
Knowing you will achieve success. This is the first step to talking, before you can see success in your life. You have to be familiar with success, before you attain it.
People all around the world are stuck in poverty and will remain there if they don’t change their way of thinking. What you focus on becomes your reality. If you desire to be successful you have to put your dominate thoughts to being successful.
There most be no other thought that stops you from attaining success. Your faith will get you there, your desire will drive you, and consistence will set in place a clear path.
You must start by writing down your desire on a piece of paper. Write the date you will achieve it, and the amount you wish to attain. Be specific in the amount, don’t just write a lot. You really want to be clear on your desire. After you finish writing down those two things, write what you will give back to attain them. You must always give something back to have something in return.
The object here is to feel you having this desire already attained. Your mind will form it into reality as you repeat what you have written on a piece of paper out loud to yourself. The point here is to get the feeling of you attaining this desire. You can repeat as many words as you like but if yo don’t have that specific feeling around it, nothing will happen.
You have to get familiar with the feeling of achieving your desire. Make it consume you, and your actions. Reading and imaging you holding the money and being present with your desire, is going to help this form into reality. You are stating to the universe that you have the money and that it will show you the right way to go. It will guide you on the right path to take. See are decisions aren’t always the right ones, but once you get familiar with this desire and achievement. Your desire will inspire you to take the right action towards your goals to achieve them.
Read the paper in the morning when you wake up, and right before retiring at night. Everyday you do this, so that you get more and more familiar with your desire. This is the first step to achieving success. You will find what it is you’re looking for.


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