A Suitcase Full of Faith

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In a matter of minutes, I see my dream shatter in pieces. We are not going to America. I can’t believe this doomed future fate of mine. I run upstairs, my Soul contracts, my life is over. I don’t say much and put the blanket over my head.

Florian, who has listened to our conversation, runs to his room, crying loudly, “Why don’t we go?” He has never been more upset. Somehow Florian’s huge disappointment does the trick. It moves Syb’s Soul to courageously stand up and speak. He reaches within himself and says the magic words, “OKAY, why not now! Why wait?”

That night, the lawyer calls back one minute before 12 PM. For the first time, we are seriously speaking about the terms. The speed is fast. It is as if the Universe wants to hurry up and finalize the deal, fearing we may back off. The lawyer explains that the owner is considering our bid; however, we need to increase our offer.

Syb and I discuss the price and, after some intuitive play with numbers, we finalize our bid. Fifteen minutes later, we make a call to America and give our final price. The lawyer says he will call us back sometime on the weekend. So, until that time, we keep our fingers crossed.We don’t have long to wait; as always, the timing is divine.

On Sunday afternoon when Syb is away at the hockey field and I am alone in the house with the younger kids, the lawyer calls. He asks for the man of the house; since he is not home, I am allowed to take the call.

The question is, are we okay with the final price the owner is offering? In one blush, I say, “YES.” I don’t need time to think. He asks if I have any conditions or if my answer is a full YES. He tells me my answer is considered a legal bid; we can’t back off.

Was it my innocence or was it my stupidity or maybe my Soul was very wise? I say we are okay with the price, no conditions. I say, “Let’s do it,” as if buying a loaf of bread. Oh, my God, I think to myself. I just bought a house over the phone. The receiver trembles in my hand. I can’t wait to tell Syb but I have to still my impatience until he comes back from the hockey field.

A bottle of champagne is hidden behind my back and, when he opens the front door, I say, “I have good news . . . we bought The House.” He lifts me up and swirls me through the living room until he asks, “You did say under condition of us getting our visas, right?” He puts me down and I look at him in shock. “Did I have to mention that?” “I thought he would never sell to us with a condition like that. It’s such a big risk for him; that can take six months.Who would go for that?” is my answer.

The truth is I totally forgot; it never even crossed my mind and, perhaps, for a very good reason. Soul sedated my brain for the sake of the outcome. (We did hear later that Michael never would have sold the house to us with visa conditions.) Silently, I thanked God that Syb was away and I was the one to answer the phone. Syb looks at me in disbelief but sees the truth.

This whole situation is outside the threaded path. We have to pay the full amount on January 1st. The biggest question is: How are we going to pay the full amount before we have sold our house? We need to solve this question within six weeks and there is no extra money in the bank.

That night, we sit down in front of our fireplace and rejoice. It is hard to grasp that we DID IT.We are the proud owners of 102 OCEAN PINES AVENUE, ROCKPORT, MA USA. In the morning, I call a good friend and tell her we have bought a house in the States. She asks if we know what we have done and I honestly answer that we don’t. This move is beyond explanation. It is a move of the Soul.

We pedal fast: we have to find a way to come up with the full amount to buy our new house in Rockport by Jan 1. Our Dutch house cannot be sold until spring; our savings account is empty. “I know there are enough wealthy people in this world who could lend us the amount we need,” I declare, passionately. The power with which I speak is felt in my spine; I shiver and believe my own words down to my core.

Eight hours later the exact amount of money is manifested. A friend calls early in the morning to ask us over for a drink. I tell him we have bought a house the night before. He is so very impressed and inspired by our story that he offers to lend us the amount we need. I look into the receiver to show him my smile. Without my asking or implying our need, the Universe has responded to our call. The money will be paid in full in January.

What was next? Weeks later we choose the bank for support instead of our friend as the lender. We want to protect our friendship and, amazingly, the bank transfers the full amount of money one minute before the closing time on the agreement. Our nerves are tested a bit.

My TRUST was anchored forever in a deep belief the Universe will support us when we live from the heart. Life becomes abundantly more satisfying when passion is our fuel. I had come to truly feel there was no other way; no matter how unpaved the road ahead of us, we have to listen to our inner voice. When we do, Soul will guide us with great wisdom ALWAYS.

Excerpt from: A Suitcase Full of Faith – How one woman found her dream weaving the divine thread of her soul.

For more information please visit: Suitcase Full of Faith

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