Super Learning with The Neurophone

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The Neurophone provides a means for ultrasonic waves to be interpreted by our brain as “hearing. This technology bypasses the normal audio mechanisms used by the body to hear sounds and provides a direct neural stimulation to the brain. By bypassing the ears to hear … mediating, studying and learning becomes easier to comprehend and retain.

Super Learning with the NeurophoneThe Neurophone, as mentioned in Super Memory, Super Learning and Megabrain, converts sound waves into a digital signals that matches the time ratio codes understood by every nerve in the body. These codes are used for speech recognition, locating sound sources in the 3-D world and in accelerated learning.

Imagine a time when you were trying to concentrate on learning a new activity or concept and recall how easy it was to be distracted by other noises: co-workers, family, telephone, television, vehicle sounds, etc.

Hearing is an amazing sense; however, our ears are not selective to the content that they do or do not hear. As a result, it becomes difficult to focus on the task at hand. The Neurophone effectively allows you to “hear without your ears.”

A very popular use is to use the Neurophone with its built-in pink noise generator for meditation and relaxation. Some people go sleep with it on. Many people like to listen to pink noise through the Neurophone as they are listening to music. Others have had success using it with language and memorization programs for direct ultrasonic input to the brain by connecting a CD player to the Neurophone. Pink noise plays a key role in all of these applications; pink noise is white noise that has been filtered to reduce the volume at each octave, resulting in a noise sound wave that has equal energy at every octave.

How can you use the Neurophone?

Using the Neurophone is simple … just put the transducers on your forehead using the headband, choose the built-in “pink sound” generator or your own music or learning CDs … and you’re on your way to re-sensitizing new neuro pathways to your brain. By bypassing the ears, the body “hears” the sound making reading, meditating, studying and learning much easier.

Some of the documented benefits include:

  • Stimulate new neurological pathways in your brain
  • Electronic telepathy
  • Used to develop Dolphin-Human holographic communication
  • Three dimensional hearing
  • Accelerated learning

History and Technology of the Neurophone

It has been said that great inventions take 50 years before they are understood. In 1991, Martin Lenhardt of the University of Virginia discovered that human beings have the ability to detect ultrasonic sound when it is transmitted through the skin, bones and liquids of the body. His groundbreaking discovery was published in the prestigious journal Science, Vol. 253, 5, 1991, 82. Lenhardt had duplicated Patrick’s original 1958 Neurophone® using sophisticated ultrasonic transducers and discovered that a tiny organ in the inner ear that is normally associated with balance is also a hearing organ for ultrasonic sound.

The Neurophone® transmits modulated ultrasonic sound at 40,000 cycles per second (40 kHz). When we swim with dolphins or whales, we can hear the ultrasonic energy emitted by these mammals through our saccule. By using the Neurophone®, we can train our brain pathways so that we can “hear” through the saccule pathway. It may be that our ancestors could communicate with whales and dolphins by the use of ultrasonic sound. When the Neurophone® is used as an experimental listening device, these pathways are developed and appear to expand consciousness balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The GPF-1011 DSP Neurophone® has been developed and engineered to provide a means for ultrasonic waves to be interpreted by our brain as “hearing”. The technology bypasses the normal audio mechanisms used by the body to hear sound and provides a direct neural stimulation directly to the brain. By bypassing the ears to hear- reading, meditating, studying and learning in general may become easier to comprehend and retain.

Generally, commercial digital speech recognition circuitry is based on a technology called dominant frequency power analysis. While speech may be recognized by such a circuit, a more effective and natural speech encoding is based on time ratios. If the phase of the frequency power analysis circuits are not correct, they will not work. The intelligence (sound) is carried by phase information. The frequency content of the voice gives our voice a certain quality, but frequency does not contain information. Most attempts at computer voice recognition and voice generation are only partially successful. Until digital time-ratio encoding is used, our computers will never be able to truly talk to us. By recognizing and using time-ratio encoding, we could transmit clear voice data through extremely narrow bandwidths. If the Neurophone® transducers are placed on the closed eyes or on the face, the sound can be clearly ‘heard’ as if it were coming from inside the brain. When the transducers are placed on the face, the sound is perceived through the trigeminal nerve. There was an earlier test performed at Tufts University that was designed by Dr. Dwight Wayne Batteau, one of Dr. Flanagan’s partners in the United States Navy Dolphin Communication Project. This test was known as the “Beat Frequency Test”. It is well known that sound waves of two slightly different frequencies create a ‘beat’ note as the waves interfere with each other. For example, if a sound of 300 Hertz and one of 330 Hertz are played into one ear at the same time, a beat note of 30 Hertz will be perceived. This is a mechanical summation of sound in the bone structure of the inner ear.

There is another beat, sounds beat together in the corpus callosum in the center of the brain. This binaural beat is used by the Monroe Institute and others to simulate altered brain states by entraining (causing brain waves to lock on and follow the signal) the brain into high alpha or even theta brain states. These brain states are associated with creativity, lucid dreamingand other states of consciousness otherwise difficult to reach when awake.

The Neurophone® is a Powerful Brain Entrainment Device

If we play alpha or theta signals directly through the Neurophone®, we can move the brain into any state desired. Batteau’s theory was that if we could place the Neurophone® transducers so that the sound was perceived as coming from one side of the head only, and if we played a 300 Hertz signal through the Neurophone®, if we also played a 330 Hertz signal through an ordinary headphone we would get a beat note if the signals were summing in the inner ear bones. When the test was conducted, we were able to perceive two distinct tones without beat. This test again proved that Neurophonic hearing was not through bone conduction.

The key to the Neurophone® GPF-1011 DSP is the stimulation of the nerves of the skin with a digitally coded signal that carries the same time-ratio code that is recognized as sound by any nerve in the body.

Imagine a time when trying to concentrate on learning a new activity or concentrating on work and think how easy can be to become distracted by other noises- coworkers, phones, television, etc. Hearing is an amazing sense, however our ears are not selective to the content that they do or do not hear. It is sometimes difficult to focus on the task at hand. The Neurophone® effectively bypasses the ears to “hear without your ears.” Information is able to be directly processed in the brain without the distractive input.

About the Inventor Dr. Patrick

The Neurophone® was invented by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan in 1958 when he was 14 years old. Patrick was a child prodigy in electronics, chemistry and physics. He had discovered an entirely new way to transmit sound into the human brain. Patrick’s profound invention has received two United States patents, #3,393,279 and #3,647,970. It took medical science 33 years to discover how the device works.Life Magazine, in the 1960’s, listed Patrick Flanagan as one of the top scientists in the world. The genius who created Crystal Energy invented the Neurophone when he was 14 years of age. After years of mystery, including confiscation of the technology by the U.S. government, the Neurophone is available.

For more information visit:Tools For Wellness

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17 Responses to “Super Learning with The Neurophone”

  1. Affiliate Programs Direct Says:


    I don’t agree with you in 100%, but you covered some good points regarding this topic…

  2. Gnanesh Says:

    will it be useful for self hypnosis, can we really hear the sound without connecting the transducers to the ears. is it useful in manifesting goals. please let me know if there is any discount for the product.

  3. Robyn Kimpton Says:

    1) How much do you charge for the Neurophone?
    2) is it the Neurophone that Patrick Flannagan invented/developed?
    3) What is your return policy? If I use it according to instructions, and find it doesn’t work for me, can I return it?
    4) What is and isn’t included?

    Thank You,

  4. Damien Says:

    I heard the Neurophone was no longer for sale, is this not the case? I would like to buy one asap!

  5. Derli Says:

    I’d like to buy one asap too !
    [email protected]

  6. Jahfemi Says:

    Any luck finding Nerophone or similar I want 1  too? 

  7. John Hamilton Says:

    found a 2002 model on ebay from Canadian source….also there apears to be a source in Germany, but had great difficulty reading the language. I have sent request to Dr. Flanagan and the German web site for more information.

  8. Derli Says:

    [email protected]

    The neurophone will be back for sale once its new version it’s mass produced. Right now all my enquiries have given me emails putting me in the waiting list for future availability. I’ve contacted like 4 or 5 providers and I’ve been given the info I’ve just shared with you. One of them it’s the german site for the neurophone (probably the one John Hamilton mentioned above).

    It goes as follows:

    There is a waitinglist.
    You will get the newsletter!
    Thanks for waiting.

    Patrick Flanagan arbeitet an einer Weiterentwicklung des Neurophone, daher gibt es gerade nur eine eine Warteliste.
    Wir benachrichtige Sie über unseren Newsletter, sobald es neue Informationen gibt.

  9. Chris Florence Says:

    I have one of Patrick Flannagans Neurophones for sale…in perfect working condition. I can be reached at [email protected] Cell–641-451-7225

    It is for sell because iam an advanced TM Meditator. More info upon inquiry. Christopher Florence

  10. Sebastian Says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I have few of the new Flanagan neurophones for sale. Patrick had a long waiting list for the neurophone, so people will be waiting a while. Also, Sensor V pendant available by patrick flanagan. If you are interested in purchasing one please contact me at
    [email protected].

    Im just in the process of updating the images on my website.

    One Love

  11. donald nichols Says:

    I have a Neurophone dsp model GPF1011-DSP SERISL NUMBER 63197B.


  12. SEBASTIAN Says:

    The latest model of the neurophone is the NF3. It just came out at the end of 2012. If you were interested in one then contact me at [email protected]


  13. calvin walker Says:

    hi what is the latest model and how is it different than the other models.
    and where do i buy one, cheers

  14. Sebastian Says:

    You can get one from

  15. Sebastian Says:

    The new model is called “NF3”

  16. Alisa Says:

    A lot of info right here and I’m still a very long way from catching up. Cheers for discussing!

  17. Chris Florence Says:

    I have a Neo Neurophone for sell.
    I’ve been following the inventor, Patrick Flannagan’ s,research and development of the Neurophone, since it first became well known, in the early 80’s.
    The Neo model is the perfection of the development of the Neurophone. It does everything Patrick says it does.
    I have a NEO NEUROPHONE i’m considering selling,that’s in like New Condition,for $800.I was among one of the first to recieve a Neo last summer.

    Have pictures I can send via cell ph.

    Neo want be available until Fall this yr, and maybe not then, who knows. Truthfully, truthfully, this invention is
    Priceless for what it does …allowing one to effortlessly tap into one’s Infinite Potential.

    [email protected]
    Comes with a 2 yr warranty.

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