A Talk With Gay Hendricks – Author of Five Wishes

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Gay Hendricks is an internationally famous author, seminar leader, web entrepreneur, and filmmaker.
He is the author of more than 20 books, including the national bestseller Conscious Loving and the founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle. He resides with his wife, author and seminar leader Kathlyn Hendricks, in Ojai, California.

Five Wishes describes a conversation that changed your life. Who was it with and what happened?

It was a brief conversation at a party I didn’t even want to be at. I went to the party with Kathlyn, who would later become my wife (now 27 years into a great marriage that probably would not have occurred had I not gone to the party.) I met a man named Ed Steinbrecher, who seemed about as uncomfortable at the party as I was. We decided not to engage in any small talk, so he asked me a question that definitely qualified as Big Talk.

Five Wishes has a question in it that you say everyone should ask themselves. What is it?

Ed asked me to imagine that I was on my deathbed and that someone asked me, “Was your life a total success?” If it wasn’t, what was the one thing you wish had happened that would have made it a success.

Why is the book called Five Wishes?

Ed said that everybody had the capacity to make five wishes come true, and now that I’ve had all five of mine come true, I think he’s right. Maybe we can make 50 come true, but start with your five biggest ones.

What was your big wish?

I realized that my biggest wish was to create a lasting love relationship, but I realized that I had never fully committed to doing that. I didn’t understand until that conversation how important it was to me, that it was the #1 priority in my life. Once I saw how important it was, I put my full commitment behind it.

Did it come true?

Magnificently so!  I’ve enjoyed 27 years of walking up every day feeling like the luckiest person on earth.

What are some of your other wishes?

One of them was to learn to write from my heart. In those days I mostly wrote textbooks and scientific journal articles. I wanted to know how to write what I could feel to be true inside me, not just what could be proven in the lab. Another was to learn how to savor every moment of life, instead of always being somewhere else. Learning to live in the now became a big wish of mine.

How have they come true?

Every one of them! And they’re still coming true every day.

You made a movie about the book that’s all over the Internet. How did that come about?

I’ve been the producer and executive producer of several films, including features such as Conversations With God. So, after writing Five Wishes I suddenly realized that the first part of the book, the conversation itself, would make a wonderful short movie. My wife, Kathlyn, and I cast it, hired the director and actors, and made the movie. It came out better than I ever could have imagined. Most people who see it want to watch it again and again, because it has something to say about relationships that’s never been shown before.

If there’s one thing you’d like everyone to remember about this book, what is it?

Have the courage to ask yourself the big questions, and your life will become the answer to those questions. Dream big, wish large, and you’ll be rewarded with more juicy delights than you ever imagined.

What’s the best way to make our dreams come true?

Do the Five Wishes process, just as it’s described. It will just take you a few minutes, but it will be the best time you ever spend.

Available on Amazon: Five Wishes: How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True CD – Written and Read by Gay Hendricks.

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  1. Ari Koinuma Says:

    I wasn’t aware of Gay’s presence, so thank you for that. He seems like my kinda fella — I love skipping the small talk and asking big questions! I’d love going to parties if all everybody asked me was stuff like “what’s your life-long dream?” or “what are you proud about your life so far?” instead of weather.


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