Ten ways to be kind to yourself

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1. Stop beating yourself up. Would you judge another person as what you think about yourself. If not, you owe yourself an apology. How can you love someone who easily belive malicious remarks about you? If you really screw up it, it’s gone. No one is perfect, laugh it off and learn from it. What matters most is throwing the burden away and moving on.

2. Positive thinking. Stop focusing on your weaknesses, think about your strengths. Everyday is a new chance to exert your merits to make wonders. Think about what you have accomplished, big or small, it can be either as big as graduating from a university or finding a good job, or as small as winning an award or shredding weight. Write down the merits that help you achieve those goals. Have you found any similar clues to success? If so, that will guide you to greater success.

3. Be grateful. Pay attention to thankful things. Keep people and things that can bring you joys in mind. Slow down, and you will find tons of things that are worthy of your gratitude. Keep smiling because you deserve love, happiness, and various inner desires. Definitely, you will be in troubles, but don’t forget to smile even you are in grief.

4. Learn and grow. Enlarging knowledge and honing skills make you versatile and confident. Just believe that you can conquer everything. Why always be so irritable? There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Your brain’s capacity is limit, so stop gabbling on within. Shield the distractions, take a bubble bath, and read a good book, you deserve these.

5. Stop pleasing or comparing with others. Neither compare your figure with the star nor compare your relationship with other’s. Life is not a race, what you need to do is to be yourself. Love your appearance, and throw away preconceived ideas about yourself. If you think yourself foxy, so you are.

6. Praise yourself. We are anxious to blame ourselves for the mistakes, but seldom reward ourselves for success. You can’t be successful overnight, on the contrary, it’s composed of numerous tiny victories. However insignificant this victory is, it’s worth being happy. Because it can enhance your confidence and make youmove on.

7. Take care of yourself. You are what you eat. Your diet is closely linked to your emotion and energy. When you are overwhelmed or depressed, be honest with what you ate. Try more, you will find foods that can increase your productivity.

8. Dance. Party is popular, but who says you must have a dancing partner? Put on your casual clothes to dance with the music. Perhaps you feel silly and can’t stop laughing at yourself, but in any case, this is really interesting.

9. Have fun. Life is not always filled up with endless tasks. What makes you happy? Just do it. Stop taking having no time as excuse. You can prioritize your daily routine and put aside some playtime when you are eager for happiness.

10. Observe by heart. When is the last time you look up at the starry night? What about the old tree as stout as prehistoric dinosaur in the backyard? Life is not lack of beauty, but lack of eyes to discover.


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