Testimonials From People Like You - Using The Dream Manifestation Wizard

It Is A Fantastic Program

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful dream manifestation wizard. I downloaded it today and have just set up my goals and enjoyed the pop ups. It is a fantastic program and just what I needed. Thank you!"

Tanya Stephens, Kent Sidcup, United Kingdom

I Doubled My Income In The First Month

"The Dream Manifestation Wizard not only helped me double my monthly income the first month I used it, more importantly it helped me understand, on a deep soul level, that I am all that I am manifesting.

"I never 'got' that; I always felt like a phony trying to manifest wealth. Now, I have wealth as an internal knowing, and it is showing up for me big time! Thank you for such an amazing yet simple process."

Dave Hammel, Coronado, CA 92118

It Really Works!

"I have been enjoying the process of Dream Manifestation Wizard. I have been using it for a few weeks & I have noticed that it really does work. I have had a large tumor on the right side of my waist, externally. And, all I've been doing is imagining that it has been getting smaller and going away now. And, it has gotten smaller and is going away. I have nine other manifesting items I am working on right now & look forward to the same results. Thanks again!"

Dennis Steinke, Redding, CA 96003

Your Product Is Wonderful

"I want you to know I LOVE my Dream Manifestation Wizard!! I don't normally write and give feedback, but your product is wonderful and I was thrilled that the price was so reasonable.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Theresa Buchtel, Oceanside, CA 92058

What a Brilliant Idea

"Dream your life...then live your dream! That is my motto for a successful life. Your program compliments my intention and I would like to thank you for that. I have - all over my office, bathroom, and bedroom - reminders of my manifestations.

"What a brilliant idea to put this on my computer too, especially since I spent the majority of the day looking at it. Have an awesome day."

Brig Brown, CA 95124 San Jose

Keeps Me Focused

"I am having heaps of fun with the wizard and am excited about what it has done for me. It really helps to keep me focused on what I want - and I know that what I want will manifest."

Ngaire Dinsdale, Te Puke, New Zealand

I Met My Dream Partner

"I modified one of the affirmations in the program so that it reads 'I will meet and marry my dream partner within 2 years.' About 6 weeks after running this every day, I met my dream partner, we are engaged to be married and will have the ceremony next summer!"

Peggy Staley, El Prado, NM 87529

I Love What You Have Done

"I began actualizing my dreams, back in May 2007, when I quit my job to start a small newspaper. I have trouble visualizing. I had been focusing on what I needed to help me be stronger in this area, and low and behold, I came across your web site.

"I wanted something that would remind me everyday of what my plans and goals are, and to help me stay focused, and I wanted something that had a bell, preferably a gong sound, I was overwhelmed with joy when I found your site, because it fulfilled ALL of the elements I wanted and more.

"I could hardly believe that they were all in one place. Did not know something like this even existed. I love that fact that I can upload the car picture I want, or whatever pictures I want. And that everything actually works - it's just amazing. I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. I have it on my Mac and my PC laptop.

"Thank you. Thank you. And God Bless you!"

Patricia Avant, Detroit, MI 48214

I Absolutely Love It!

"I only purchased your DMW software a few days ago, but I absolutely love it! It's like having a friend who pops up every hour each evening to remind me of the best version of myself. It's kind of ironic that I've always used "pop-up blockers" to keep out those insidious messages from advertisers who know that the more their reader is bombarded with their message, the more likely they are to buy their product or service.

"Well, here's one pop-up I'll never block - because I wrote it! Thank you, Tom. It's a true gift you're offering to people. And I see it having unlimited opportunities for growth and joy."

Bob Zaslow, Mahopac, NY 10541

Now, I Have My Dream Job!

"I wanted my life to change from good to better - better to best. So I tried the Dream Manifesto product. Easy to install and easy to use and, folks, nobody paid me to say this: It works! Now, I have my dream job. Literally after using this product, the job came my way!"

Nerissa Caguingin, Las Vegas, NV 89123

You Have a Very Cool Program!

"You have a very cool program! I like the concept and now I can get rid of all the sticky notes stuck on my monitor that I tended to quit reading regularly anyway!"

Randy Ford, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

I Found The Tickets!

"WOW! I just set up a new template in my Wizard to get some specially priced tickets for a Broadway show. I had been having trouble finding a date when tickets were available for the special price and I decided to try the Wizard. Within minutes of setting up my template, I found the tickets! $20 for a ticket to see Kevin Kline in Cyrano de Bergerac is a great deal! Thank you Wizard!"

Sandra Winter, New York 10033

I Just Love The Wizard!

"Easy and very friendly. So far, I have three templates working for me, one in French (I'm a Francophone) and two in English, so I'm sure I'll get it one way or the other!

"One of my dreams has manifested thanks to the Wizard. I feel happier and, considering what I've been through lately, that means the world to me. I also notice that it helps keeping me motivated to stay on track and focus on what's important to me NOW!

"I could never thank you enough for designing this program and I certainly thank myself for offering me this gift."

Jocelyne Pelletier, Quebec, Canada

It Happened So Smoothly That I Almost Didn't Notice

"The Dream Manifestation Wizard is working well for me. On Sunday I put in 'I will make $50,000 in a week.' On Tuesday, a business contract closed that I had a small part in, which will be worth a bit over $50,000.

"It happened so smoothly that I almost didn't notice. Except that I'll only have access to the money in a few months. Next week I will be more careful with what I ask for."

Chris Mentzel, Maui, HI

I Love The Dream Manifestation Wizard

"I love the Dream Manifestation Wizard! It is fabulous and fun to focus on my life goals several times throughout the day. Your software is a beautiful reminder of my priorities. Thank you!!!"

Sandy Edwards, Worcester, MA 01602

I'd Be Lost Without It

"As a busy professional writer and editor, I spend 90% of my working day in front of a computer. The Dream Manifestation Wizard has become an invaluable reminder to focus on manifesting important personal and professional dreams. Since using the Wizard, I've managed to manifest better working conditions, expand my business and be more productive.

"The Wizard is really easy to set up and fun to use. I'd be lost without the Wizard to give my dreams the attention they deserve!"

Tim Thompson, Dana Point, CA 92629

Worked Out, Well Beyond My Expectations

"Hi, my name is Silverio. A month ago I got from you the Dream Manifesto and, I have to recognize, it has worked out - well beyond my expectations! First, in just 3 weeks my professional practice exploded and my earnings are better than ever. Second, I am manifesting a beautiful woman in my life, which is my dearest dream. Thanks a lot to you."

Silverio McAuliffe, Celaya, Mexico

I Absolutely Love It

"I just downloaded this (minutes ago) and wanted you to know I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I am so grateful I found this. What an AMAZING way to stay continually aware of what I'm creating in my life. I just can't wait for the bell to sound!"

Rand Denny, Venice, CA

This Is Fun And Amazing

"My Dream Wizard continues to deliver. I asked for a specific sum of money recently and received one third more than I expected and asked for. This is fun and amazing! I love my Dream Wizard!"

Dr. Marla LaRue, New Windsor, New York

I Feel I Have a New Control Over My Life

"The Dream Manifestation Wizard is the most wonderful and simple software I have seen on a computer. With this software I can start to shape my life goals and have a gentle reminder come up on my screen to help them take to life. I feel I have a new control over my life and can't wait to refine and make more concrete the dreams that I have hidden and are now bubbling up."

Warren Birnbaum, Portland, Oregon

The Most Amazing Manifestation Tool I Have Used Yet!

"Since having a thyroidectomy in 1999, I have been unable to control my weight. I have spent thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists, not to mention the many doctors I have turned to for help.

"Right after stating my intention to lose weight in a healthy way, I met with a new doctor. She ran tests that no other doctor had ever run and was able to determine that I lacked the ability to lose weight metabolically. She put me on a new thyroid medication and the weight is dropping off!

"I believe that I was able to manifest this using the Dream Manifesto program and it worked very quickly! I found the answer I had been looking for. I had been searching for answers for almost eight years and the answers were provided shortly after I began using the program. I am a believer in manifestation.

"What is amazing is how quickly this program speed up the process. This is the most amazing manifestation tool I have used yet!"

Ruth Robertson, Herndon, Virginia

Within Minutes it Manifested One of My 'Stuck' Goals

"I purchased your Dream Manifesting Wizard software and downloaded it, registered it, entered my dream template, launched it and within minutes it manifested one of my 'stuck' goals that I had been trying to accomplish for the past year. I love it! Thank you for making this magnificent software available."

Dr. Marla LaRue, New Windsor, New York

It Is So Simple to Use, I Am Blown Away!

"Within the first 10 minutes of using this software, I was squealing with delight!!! It is so simple to use, I blown away! It was so exciting to have a built-in structure to remind me of what my top desires are!

"Every time my Dream Wizard pops on my screen I get totally amped with energy! I immediately told all of my clients and staff to get their own!"

Jeanna Gabellini, Xtreme Abundance Coach

The Wizard Is Awesome

"I can hardly keep up with my dreams. As soon as I put them up, they come to pass. Woo-hoo! Thanks, Thomas for such a terrific program. BTW, I have read Wattle's book 4 times, and it never ceases to ring true. That was a HUGE gift. Amazing, isn't it, this Law of Attraction?

"I've been listening to the Abraham-Hicks books on audible.com for the last 3 months. This was shortly after watching 'The Secret.' I'd had my Austin home on the market for 4 months with no lookers. This is not an ordinary home - lakeview, priced well, lots of wonderful features. My realtor didn't believe it could be sold during the holidays, so, of course, it didn't sell.

"As soon as I downloaded the Manifesting Wizard, everything fell into place! I engaged a new realtor in January, who was aligned with my vision: Multiple competing offers, full price, buyers pay cash, purchase the furniture and close within 30 days, plus stay here until I found a new home. In February, I sold my home for full price, cash, including all the furniture, dishes and even bedding, closed escrow within 27 days, and we had competing offers.

"Additionally, I have been able to rent it back until I found the perfect situation in Atlanta where my former business partner just "happened" to become available for a new venture. I'm moving tomorrow into the perfect home, which I've rented at an amazingly low price in a very nice area north of the metro area. Blessings and love,"

Susie Stockholm, Point Venture Texas

A Great Tool in Making Ones Dreams Come True!

"This has been a great experience using the Dream Manifesto program- I love the way that I have complete control in the production, direction and implementation of it. Much like the same control we have in making our own dreams to come true!

"I love the feature of using your own photos, your own voice and your own words to make your dreams come alive! A great tool. Thank you! I have and will continue to recommend it to others!"

Drusilla Claspill, Pacific, MO

We Both Received Checks Within 5 Days

"Within five days of installing your software my wife received a large, unexpected check from the Inland Revenue... three days later I received one too!"

Francis Williams, West Paddock, Cornwall, UK

Things Happened Within a Few Days

"I think I installed it on Thursday and the two dreams I put in were #1, to sell an investment property in Palm Springs, CA, which has been the bane of my existence for the past year. Literally, the next day, we got an offer out of nowhere and go into escrow tomorrow!

"Second, I wrote that I wanted my website to grow into one of the best places on the Web for people to learn about happiness. I doubled the amount of subscribers to my free ezine over the weekend. It may be a complete coincidence that both of these things happened within a few days of my installing Dream Manifesto, but I'm just fine with that! Coincidence or not, I will be using it for years to come! Thanks again,"

Richard Powell, Thousand Oaks, California

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