The 8 Steps to Manifestation And Creating Your Reality

By Bianca Guerra in Manifesting Dreams on September 7th, 2007 / 3 Comments

This book is intended to carry the reader further and deeper to understanding and implementing The 8 Steps to Manifestation, as outlined in A Woman’s Guide to Manifestation. It is written with the sole purpose of creating a guide that will lead to the conscious manifestation of wonderful things.

Often you may think or feel or believe that you know what you want in life and know how to achieve or acquire it, yet are amazed as to why it doesn’t happen. You may even have become complacent with the thought that you really didn’t want it in the first place. This may make you feel a little better, yet doesn’t help manifest what it is you REALLY want to create.

Understanding and incorporating The 8 Steps to Manifestation into your life is a marvelous tool to have in your toolbox. The 8 Steps to Manifestation can be used in every area of your life, whether it is to acquire more abundance, more joy, a better job, a wonderful relationship, or a healthy body and lifestyle, or just to create diversity and change. The 8 Steps to Manifestation offer a simple and effective way to achieve what you want in life. This easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow guide will lead you on a journey toward new and phenomenal discoveries. Included are worksheets to help you with this process and to make this book truly yours.

All is possible in the realm of possibilities. Welcome to this new world of possibilities and discoveries. If you can think it and imagine it, then you are more likely to create it, if you learn how to implement The 8 Steps to Manifestation. Be the co-creator of your world and enjoy and relish the fruits of your labor.

Manifestation can be fulfilling and fun. Be aware and consciously choose what you want to manifest within your life. Apply The 8 Steps to Manifestation and allow them to assist you on your magnificent journey. Here are The 8 Steps to Manifestation:

Step 1 to Manifestation: Desire
“Desire. All creation begins with a desire for something. The more energy infused into the desire and the more your heart is involved in this process, the stronger the force will be to assist you with your manifestation. So, begin with a heartfelt emotion, a burning desire.”

Step 2 to Manifestation: Thought
“Thought. Desire is then transferred into the mental body, where you begin thinking of ways to create/manifest what you want. The more you focus on how you are to manifest your desire, the likelier you will be to create it. If you can visualize what you want to manifest and can see yourself getting it, this will add power to your manifestation. Focusing your thoughts and images like a laser beam is a strong and powerful tool to assist with your manifestation.”

Step 3 to Manifestation: Verbal Proclamation
“Verbal proclamation. Speaking your thoughts and desires out loud begins setting the manifestation in motion. You can either state what it is you want or ask God and the Universe to assist you in manifesting what you want. In speaking out loud, you are demonstrating to the Universe, to the world, to your friends and family that you are going to manifest your desires. The more you speak the words with conviction, as if what they describe has already occurred, the likelier it will be that they will manifest.”

Step 4 to Manifestation: Belief
“Belief. Knowing 100 percent, like an innocent child, that you will succeed in creating your heart’s desires is essential for your manifestation. Believe, without question or doubt, that you will create and manifest what it is you’ve proclaimed to God and the Universe. Believe that you deserve the results of your creation.”

Step 5 to Manifestation: Receiving
“Receiving. Receiving is an integral part of the process of manifesting. Open your heart and drop into your feminine/receptive mode, and allow yourself to receive the wonderful gifts of your creation. By being in your feminine/receptive mode, you allow yourself to receive the object of your desires. By “feminine/receptive,” I’m not implying you have to be a female to manifest, only that you must embody this feminine quality of receptivity.”

Step 6 to Manifestation: Grounding into the Physical
“Grounding into the physical. Once you receive the object of your desires, you can then integrate it and ground it into the feminine earth for its physical manifestation. By grounding, I mean that you take the energy of your desire, claim it as yours, and allow the physical form to take shape. The more you connect with Mother Earth and her feminine principles of creation and birth, the likelier you will be to manifest your desires.”

Step 7 to Manifestation: Letting Go
“Letting go. Allowing God and the Universe to take over and orchestrate the how, when, where, and why of your creation is vital to its manifestation. The harder you struggle for control over universal law, the more difficult it will be to manifest your desires. You’ve done your part by setting the intent. Allow God and the Universe to determine the particulars. Allow the process to occur in Divine time. If you do so, you will find that the results of your manifestation are far greater and more beautiful than what you had originally imagined.”

Step 8 to Manifestation: Gratitude
“Gratitude. Giving thanks to God, the Universal Intelligence, is one of the steps that help to self perpetuate manifestation. By acknowledging that you have received help from some other level that you have tapped into-Divinity-you are stating that it is done. It is like saying ĎAmen.’ You are giving finality to your manifestation and setting up the cycle for more manifestation down the road.”

About the author:
Bianca Guerra is an author, publisher, producer, and socially responsible entrepreneur and philanthropist. Ms. Guerra is the founder and owner of Bianca Productions LLC, a multimedia production company dedicated to developing conscious content for broadcast radio and television, DVD, and broadband Internet distribution.

She is also the founder and owner of Living Life Publishing Co., a San Antonio, Texas-based publishing company that develops and publishes books, cards and electronic media that helps uplift and educate its readers.

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3 Responses to “The 8 Steps to Manifestation And Creating Your Reality”

  1. rauzet moustache Says:

    great website and articles, l will recommend it to friends,:-)

  2. stefan Says:

    this is completely not as I see is to work!

    My experience it that its all about acknowledge of your inner want’s.

    If you realize what you want, you see it in your nner mind, and just reqognize it, and its yours.

    I have changed job and made my carrieer on it, so I know it works.

    It have only worked good when I have “realized it myself” as “Oh thats what I whant” as I thought it myself immediately (its a self realization thing).

    I have seen the evidence for +30 years now. but still dont understand it.

    So my tip is:
    Be aware of your inner reflections! If you think of a thing you want, just realize its your “wish” and go on with your life.

    All other is just crap, it doesnt work, only your true “wish” will work.

    Hope you all have your manifestations.

  3. Oz Says:

    You forgot 1, which should right before “Letting go” and “Gratitude”.


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