The Art of Living – Living Within the Laws of Life

By Benjamin Creme in Creativity on June 14th, 2007 / One Comment

Out of the chaos of the present time will emerge a new understanding of the meaning underlying our existence, and every effort will be made to express our awareness of that meaning in our daily lives. This will bring about a complete transformation of society: a new livingness will characterize our relationships and institutions; a new freedom and sense of joy will replace the present fear. Above all else, mankind will come to realize that living is an art, based on certain laws, requiring the function of the intuition for correct expression.

If you are a painter, you know that there are certain laws of proportion which, roughly speaking, most artists follow, if only instinctively. If you are a composer, you have to know what makes music work. You have to understand the laws of harmony and many other laws and properties of music. There can be no work of art produced at all under any circumstances that does not somehow obey a law, rule or procedure, however unknown. The better the artist, the more conscious he (or she) will be of that procedure and the better he will be at achieving his goals. Yet, in [the art of] life, people have no real education.

We Have to Learn the Art of Living
It is an art form, and can only be learned as we go. It is not something that you can teach, but you can teach the rudiments, the laws. Teach the laws and the rules that stem from them-the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Rebirth, the Law of Harmlessness and the Law of Sacrifice. Life proceeds under these Laws, and the sooner we make them instinctive parts of our life the sooner we will have a reasonably co-ordinated and harmonic life and world. It is a world filled today with anxiety and fear. The nature of life should be the very opposite.

We are all seeking balance. We are seeking unity, equilibrium, however we define it. It is that which allows us to be creative and happy. It allows the wheel to turn again and again, and create out of itself, and again out of itself, that which is created. In that way the civilisation of the future will demonstrate qualities we cannot even begin to talk about. We do not have the words for what we will see and know. We do not have the words for the quality of that civilisation. Nor for the feeling, the experience, of that relationship when all people see and experience themselves as brothers and sisters of one home, one planet. That will take people back to the experience of childhood. Home was home. Your brothers and sisters were the staff that kept you on the right track. We will all truly depend on each other.

Maitreya says:

“The moment you feel divinity within you, you realise that everything is within you. The master key is within you. If you have a direct experience of the Lord, that is the Almighty, Divinity, will it matter then whether you become a millionaire, a king or a beggar?”

“This experience alone is sufficient to create equilibrium in mind spirit and body. This experience can never change. It is eternal. When you experience the Almighty, you do not create divisions.”

“Be what you are. Do not follow one another.”

“If you follow the three principles of honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, evolution proceeds naturally. Your ‘second nature’ is conditioned nature, but practice of the three principles will free you from conditioning. No one is ‘condemned’ to conditioning.
Do not cheat yourself. Respect yourself.”

Conditioning is education, but it is wrong, distorted education. Conditioning is acting, thinking, experiencing … that which is not new, that which is already known. And if all your experiences are already known and are actually a function of memory, then they have nothing to do with the art of living. The art of living is essentially new from moment to moment. The essence of the art of living is that every moment is new. It is a creative experience coming from the soul.

We Are Souls in Evolution
Therefore all that pertains in our life which reflects that reality, the soul reality, the creativity of the soul, is in tune with the best art of living. That which is known, that which is already defunct, is simply memory, that which is carried over from the past which is useless but liked, sentimentally held on to, by millions of people, is detrimental to the right structures for the art of living.

The art of living will provide the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people, the greatest opportunities for the greatest number of people, the greatest degree of justice for
the greatest number of people … When, in everything we do – whether as ordinary individuals or in charge of great enterprise – we create conditions in which the greatest number of people find good, the Common Good is exalted, maintained and strengthened. That is what the art of living is about.

Honesty of Mind, Sincerity of Spirit and Detachment
Honesty of mind is thinking in a straight line. Maitreya says most people think one thing, say something else, and do something else again. What we think, what we say and what we do, are all different. There is no honesty of mind.

Sincerity of spirit: we copy one another and condition ourselves by copying. Conditioning is copying and not being yourself. If you are not yourself, then you have to be something else.
You have to be something at any given time and if it is not yourself it is something that is, in part, the not-self. So often we are the not-self.

Detachment: We … take our emotions seriously. We think they are real, but they are not. Every emotion we have is the result of a … fantasy. It is just like a dream. It relates to some fears or situations in our everyday life. If it is very compelling, we dream it again and again, perhaps all through life. It is nothing but a symbolic re-enactment of something that is troubling us, that has troubled us perhaps from childhood, that we have not been able to cope with.

We do not have to have any of our emotions. The feeling of the heart is a completely different thing from the emotions of the astral/emotional body. We can detach from them in a very simple way. Just ask: “Who is this emotion happening to? To me. Who am I?” As soon as we ask “Who am I?” we shift the point of identification and make a space between us and the experience of the emotion. If we do that consciously and conscientiously with everything that conjures up an emotion, we find that we can distance ourselves from them. They have no effect, or if they do, it is only for a few minutes. They do not rule our life anymore.

About the author:
For more than 30 years, British artist and esotericist Benjamin Creme has traveled the world presenting an extraordinary message of hope: Humanity’s Elder Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, are once again among us. These ancient guardians of the human race, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, will soon be working openly at our side, showing us how to live together in peace – with sharing, justice, and brotherhood as the keynotes of a new civilization.

In The Art of Living, inspired by the writings of two Masters of Wisdom, Mr. Creme thoroughly discusses the four great Laws of Life, and the importance of detachment, intuition, and leisure in successfully applying them. The Art of Living also gives a new perspective on the nature of matter vs spirit, along with practical techniques for accessing the light of the soul – the path to finding true meaning and purpose in life.

For information about this and Benjamin Creme’s 11 other books, click here.

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