The Boomerang Effect Keeps You Running in Place

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Learn To Generate Forward Motion In Your Life. Nothing seems to change! Every year it’s just more of the same. I’ve studied the books, gone to the classes, practiced the 3-step, 7-step, and 12-step programs for transforming my life, and I can’t understand why things haven’t really changed.

Do you feel this way? Well, don’t despair. There is a simple explanation. You haven’t yet built the necessary foundation to support the change you desire. The failure to build a proper foundation executes what we call a boomerang effect where with frightening speed, you find yourself once again experiencing the same type of limiting relationships, jobs, etc.

The work necessary to build this foundation often focuses on areas so mundane and remote from what you associate with spiritual or personal growth that you never make a connection between these areas and the experiences you seek to change. While the answer to why nothing seems to change is simple, the process itself is not easy.

Your conditioning keeps you thinking and doing the same things over and over. You think you are making choices, but those choices are being made by habit. Sounds incredible, but it’s true.

  • If a person was really thinking, would she get out of one abusive relationship and enter another?
  • Would a person move from job to job in search of the perfect situation and encounter instead the same negative experiences as before without considering that he is the only common variable?
  • Would a person who couldn’t stand their domineering father or their whining mother partner with someone just like their parent?

Of course not! So to shake yourself loose from some of your conditioning so that you can effect permanent change, you have to begin the process of waking up.

Change requires your creative participation. As with any job, you have to learn the basic rules; then you need to determine what tools you have on hand; and if you’re lucky, you have a mentor who can give you a “heads up” about pitfalls and offer you strategies to use if you encounter them. The audio book It’s Your Move! – Transform Your Dreams from Wishful Thinking to Reality is designed to act as both a source and a mentor.

Change is a lifelong process. That’s why it’s necessary to establish the groundwork for taking charge of your creative energy. The metaphysical or esoteric meanings of the Old Testament Creation Story and the twelve disciples in the New Testament reveal how to use this powerful source of creative energy flowing in and through each of us. The basic rules of the Creative Process – echoed in many sacred writings – are found in the days of the Creation Story. The tools that assist you in your efforts to become a Conscious Creator are mental powers and are metaphysically revealed through the disciples of Jesus. Understanding the steps of the Creative Process and the nature of these spiritual tools available to you prepares the foundation you need for growth in consciousness.

Becoming aware of the steps and the rules is just the beginning. Like we said, the process is not easy. It requires work to put what you know into practice. If you desire to become a Conscious Creator of your experiences, you will need to explore the nature of the work involved in your creative process This work helps clarify your creative efforts; it helps develop a proper receiving mechanism; and it helps you learn how to make adjustments so that you can accept and receive greater potentials.

Doing the work is the discipline of becoming aware of the barriers that block your progress into better states of consciousness – barriers that keep you from recognizing that you are a creative being. This work is the discipline of shifting your focus so that you see the potential awaiting you, not the static you are currently creating.

It’s Your Move! shares information that can help you avoid the boomerang effect caused by your conditioning. Your life no longer has to be a closed loop filled with wishful thinking. That self-imposed circle can be broken. Your future can stretch boldly into the distance and be filled with new and exciting experiences as you become a mindful participant in the course of your life. Most people aren’t, but you can be and should be! It’s your move!

This audio book is available at amazon: It’s Your Move!

About the Authors:
Dannye and John Dean Williamsen are both following their bliss by writing and teaching what they have learned through over a quarter century of individual study and application. If you are ready to hear someone who talks straight from the heart and gets straight to the point, the Williamsens are your source for books that will enhance your personal growth.

Visit their website for Secrets to Self Esteem, Problem Solving & Better Decision Making. Plus, you can enjoy the free articles available in the blogcasts: Tips & Techniques for the Creative Entrepreneur and Just A Taste of Metaphysics.

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