The Science Behind The Secret And The Law Of Attraction

By Stephen H. Martin in Book Reviews on April 3rd, 2007 / 7 Comments

How to Master Life - The Science Behind The SecretHow to Master Life Though shrouded in mystery, down through the ages a select few have known “The Secret” to life mastery. By the early twentieth century, one man of science had put his finger squarely on it. But that man, Thomas Troward, wrote it down in a way that made it accessible only to those willing to struggle with the scientific jargon of the era. Now that jargon has been decoded by Stephen Hawley Martin and transformed into plain English, making the science behind “The Secret” available to all.

The works in this book arm readers with the knowledge to fully transform their lives. The techniques can be used to land the perfect job, meet the right mate, conceive the perfect child, and more. Scientifically-based answers are given to such questions as why and how we wittingly or unwittingly create the circumstances of our lives, and why what we dwell on and fear is likely to happen.

How to Master Life is meant for all who would ascend to the abundant life they have the courage to imagine.

A few individuals down through the ages have known and kept “The Secret” – as it has become known today due to the popular book and movie of that name. A sect of Jews with a bent toward the mystical called the Essenes, who lived in the Middle East from the second century before the current era through the first century, are thought by some scholars to have taught it to Jesus of Nazareth when he was a boy. Though some Christians may not be aware of it, Jesus preached “The Secret” openly – “All things are possible for him who believes” – and he practiced it as expertly as anyone before or since if the miracles recounted in the New Testament are even partially true.

Tradition holds that the Rosicrucian Order passed down “The Secret,” also known as the law of attraction, from the time of ancient Egypt to the present day. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, “The Secret” became fairly widely known because of the New Thought Movement that flourished in American and England. The problem for many people, then and now, is internalizing “The Secret” and putting it into practice. They have difficulty believing the law actually works. Doubt, of course, negates the effects of attempts to use the law, and doubters receive what they believe they will receive – limited or no results. It seems logical, then, that if how the law works could be explained scientifically – if the mechanics could be determined and revealed – doubts would vanish and results would materialize.

That is the purpose of this book.

To this end, a leader of New Thought named Thomas Troward developed a fascinating and what I believe to be an accurate scientific hypothesis to explain it. Troward presented this at Queens Gate in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1904, in a series called “The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science.” Unfortunately, Troward wrote and spoke in the stilted scientific jargon of his day, which made the theory difficult if not impossible for all but the most learned individuals to understand. This has been remedied by the plain English translation of Troward’s lectures to be find in this book.

Although Troward’s theory is supported by the findings of quantum physics, as will be explained in the Afterword, “The Secret” went underground in the mid to latter part of the twentieth century, largely due I believe to a path of thought taken by the life sciences. This, too, will be discussed.

The wisdom and knowledge of another genius who lived and wrote at the dawn of the twentieth century will be found following Troward’s Lectures. It is the magnum opus of Richard Allen, also a leader of the New Thought Movement of a century ago called, As a Man Thinketh. This short treatise brings Troward’s theory to life by showing how the law manifests in daily life. Each of these two men produced what in my opinion is a tour de force of thought and instruction on how we humans can take hold of our lives and steer them where we wish.

Once you have read these masterpieces I believe you will agree it’s not too much to say that the knowledge contained in this volume can propel virtually any mentally healthy person, yourself included, to a state not yet achieved by 99.9 percent of the population of this planet. That state is one sought by mental alchemists of every generation and is commonly known as “Mastery of Life.”

Troward labeled his field of study “Mental Science,” and he approached it steadfastly from a scientific point of view. No doubt he realized his subject bordered on theology and religion and he took pains not to cross the line. Later generations of scientists have not been so intrepid. After reading Troward’s work I think you will agree that modern “Mental Science,” the closest thing to which is psychology, does not come close to revealing the secrets Troward lays bear. He set forth fearlessly to answer questions that baffle many scientists today, and he does so quite convincingly.

For example, what is behind the effectiveness of placebos? The placebo effect has been demonstrated time and again in double-blind scientific tests so much so that the phenomenon of patients feeling better after taking inert pills is seen throughout the field of medicine. One report says that after thousands of studies, hundreds of millions of prescriptions and tens of billions of dollars in sales, sugar pills are as effective at treating depression as antidepressants such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. What’s more, placebos bring about profound changes in the same areas of the brain these medicines are said to affect – according to this research. For anyone who may have been in doubt or who thought otherwise, this proves that thoughts and beliefs can and do produce physical changes in our bodies.

In addition, the same research reports that placebos often outperform the medicines they’re up against. For example, in a trial conducted in April, 2002, comparing the herbal remedy St. John’s wort to Zoloft, St. John’s wort fully cured 24 percent of the depressed people who received it. Zoloft cured 25 percent. But the placebo fully cured 32 percent.

Taking what one believes to be real medicine sets up the expectation of results, and what a person believes will happen usually does happen. It’s been confirmed, for example, that in cultures where belief exists in voodoo or magic, people will actually die after being cursed by a shaman. Such a curse has no power on an outsider who doesn’t believe. The expectation causes the result. If you’ve read my novel, In My Father’s House, you know I used this phenomenon as a major factor in the plot.

No doubt if Thomas Troward were alive today he’d shrug his shoulders and shake his head, and say something like, “You twenty-first century moderns most surely have lost ground in your knowledge of mental science. The explanation is clear. When thought combined with intention and belief is held in the mind, what else would you expect? Of course placebos work when people think they will. Of course someone who believes he is going to die when cursed will die when cursed.”

Read on. After your time with Troward and Allen I’ll return to share the findings of a quantum physics experiment that support what they have to say.

The problem for many, then and now, is internalizing the secret and putting it into practice. They have difficulty believing the law actually works. Doubt, of course, negates the effects of attempts to use the law, and doubters receive what they believe they will receive – limited or no results. It seems logical, then, that if how the law works could be explained scientifically – if the mechanics could be determined and revealed – doubts would vanish and results would materialize.

That is the purpose of this book. It presents the science behind the secret in a clear and compelling way. Once a person knows the why and how of the Law of Attraction, belief need no longer be a matter of faith. Like gravity or magnetism, it will be accepted as fact. This is what makes this book so important and a must-read for anyone who would seek to master life.

More information at: Stephen Hawley Martin

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7 Responses to “The Science Behind The Secret And The Law Of Attraction”

  1. Emily Says:

    I am 16 and i was introduced to “the secret” last year.
    I am a religious person and i fully believe in the harmony of science and religion, which both often contradict each other; not anymore though, the secret i feel is the bases of religion, ‘having a sense of divine faith.’
    “The secret” has changed my life, its incredible because i honestly can manifest what ever i want, and it works!
    “Anything i want can be-so let it be”

  2. Chris Norris Says:

    I would like to create a better life for myself . I have some chalenges I believe are all in my head and have , some , manifested in my life. I would like to overcome these chalanges . You had mentioned something abought this working for the mentaly clear , well I was mentaly clear at one point , to make a long story short , I took some meds when I was compleetly sane , for a mental illness and it caused an imballance . I still believe I can be healed . I also have a chalange of being opressed on ocasion but I had a good day today . If I can have a good afternoon or a good day I can have a good life . That is my belefe . Will this law of attraction work for me ? Is it Christian ?

  3. Thomas Herold Says:

    For Chris,

    Only you can tell if it is working for you. As I see it it is universal, so take a leap and see what happens.

  4. steve Says:

    “Richard Allen” should be : “James Allen”

    Excellent article.. thank you. I think I will check Martin’s book.

  5. Dillon Says:


    has this really worked for you? I was trying this and I could feel it starting to work because I truly believed and was happy and confident that it was coming.

    But after reading some skeptics I have doubts and I know I need to dissolve them before it’ll work but I dont know how they will always be there help me please.

  6. Sunny Says:

    I came to know of the Secret some weeks ago and I desperately want to put it to use.My bf has a loan and needs a better paying job.He is talented, getting good offers but things are just not working out at last.If anybody can advice me, please tell me how do I use the Secret to get things right.

  7. steve Says:

    Doing anything out of desperation will not work. You only reinforce the circumstances when you judge them with feeling and wanting them gone.
    Check out, read their articles.

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