The Science of Manifesting – Even Einstein Refused to Believe

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Imagine what your life would look like if you had the ability to fulfill all your life dreams.

  • What would you do?
  • What kind of work would you do – if any?
  • Where would you live?
  • What kind of relationship would you have?
  • How would you feel?

What if I tell you, that you already have this ability in your life, since day one! Impossible?

Many of us have completely forgotten our purpose in life. We have drifted away from engaging our strengths and talents in fulfilling our dreams. We have become part of a cultural phenomenon where we work at places we don’t like, to buy stuff we don’t need.

Where Does Your Happiness Originate?
Our level of happiness is determined by circumstances and by the amount of stuff we posses. We have become addicted to a lifestyle that leaves no room for personal development, nor expressing the power of our spiritual heritage. Many people come to understand this lacking when they get to be 40-45. Something strange happens to them. Our society actually invented a name for it – mid-life crisis.

Look closely and you will find the root of the problem. All that stuff we have accumulated and we are still not satisfied – something is still missing.

How can it be that success, lasting happiness and a fulfilled life seem to be granted only to a handful of people?

The Quantum Paradigm Shift – Fasten Your Seatbelt
A revolution was set into motion that was initiated almost 100 years ago by pioneering scientists like Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. They were setting out to explore the universe in a completely different way than anybody had ever done before.

What is going on at the most inner core of our world?

Over the last years, billions of dollars have been spent on the exploration of the atomic structure of our universe; thriving to better understand the substance the world is made of.

Profound collective life changes are set into motion that will sooner or later effect each and everyone of us. It is the paradigm shift that remarkable people like Fritjof Capra, Alan Watts and many others in the past have written about.

Do you realize there is a scientific breakthrough happening right now that will eventually lead to a complete shift in how we think about ourselves and our universe?

Be among the first to learn the scientific foundation that will empower you to manifest your goals, dreams and desires effortlessly and with a confidence that originates from understanding your true nature. You will feel a rewarding freshness and aliveness, being in the moment and at the same time being able to create your future. You will experience living a life that is passionately fulfilled inspiring others to do the same; an astounding life that results from making deliberate choices.

Breathtaking Scientific Discoveries That Will Change Your Life
Scientists all over the world have come to the conclusion that our universe is completely interconnected. The same fabulous stuff we are made up of is the same stuff the world is made up of. We are constantly exchanging information on a quantum level with each and every person on the planet!

It sounds almost unbelievable, and it gets even more incredible then that. Scientists have found that consciousness is not a single entity as most of us have assumed – being in our own world’s, our own realities but rather – it is a collective process that we all share.

Absolutely fascinating isn’t it?

The most amazing discovery of all, is that we are projecting our thoughts into the world and by doing so, we are creating our own reality. Every single thought has a distinct energy ribbon that manifests itself one way or the other, ultimately bringing you into a state of unlimited power. It simply means – there is no such thing as an objective viewpoint, everything is subjective. It’s the end of being right or wrong!

What a new and exciting way of looking at our own capabilities.

At the same time it implies that you are responsible for what you create within your own thoughts. This is the real stuff folks. We are now in a position to realize and manifest our dreams. What we hold as our truth and what we believe in our minds is the stepping off point for everything that follows.

Tap into this fascinating field of manifestation and discover your true potential. After many years of research and our own studies we can now offer you a simplified and comprehensive manual of how this manifesting process works, exactly.

Discover – The Principles of Successful Manifesting™
This ebook gets straight to the point and covers every aspect. After reading it you will have an expanded knowledge and experience that most likely will completely shift your viewpoint of life. It will provide you with a deeper fundamental understanding of life. It will reveal the true source of happiness and ultimately give you an idea of who you really are and a deeper meaning in your life. You will experience a glimpse of freedom you never imagined possible.

Topics You Will Explore & Learn:

  • The Source of Your Happiness
  • Finding Your Strength & Talents
  • Exploring Your Attention
  • The Power of Your Imagination
  • Understanding Beliefs & Concepts
  • How to Make The Quantum Shift
  • Using the Law of Attraction
  • Discover The Power of Intention
  • and many more topics..

Introductory Offer – Free For A Limited Time Only
The Principles of Successful Manifesting™ ebook is free of charge only until Thursday May 31, 2007.

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