The Second Universal Law of Success – The Law of Magnetism

By Sandra Anne Taylor in Success on July 24th, 2007 / 4 Comments

While the first Law of Success concerns what you create, the second one, the Law of Magnetism, concerns what you attract. These two forces together have the greatest impact on your destiny: The first has to do with the power of your consciousness; the second has to do with the power of your energy.

There are many patterns of energy at work in the world today. Amazingly powerful yet unseen forces have very real and predictable outcomes. For instance, if you key in the numbers of a very specific signal to your cell phone and then press the “talk” button, that sequence will be directed by a satellite thousands of miles away to the appropriate recipient. Another phone will ring, and the energy of your voice will be bounced back and forth, allowing you to have a clear conversation even if you’re a great distance away from the other person.

If you push a button on a remote control, a signal will be sent to a box in the corner of the room and a television picture will form-complete with sound-again transmitted from a far-distant source. Modern CAT scans and MRIs use energy to create images of the body. Microwaves cook food, sensors ensure security, and lasers remove tumors.

The list of ways in which modern humans have harnessed, directed, and utilized energy is almost endless. All of the above phenomena – and countless more – have very significant physical results, but the influences aren’t limited to medicine, communications, and technical gadgetry. The energetic workings of the Universe impact each and every one of us in ways that most people are never aware of – even to the point of individual experiences of happiness and success.

The Law of Magnetism says that we can only attract the same kind of energy that we put out about ourselves. It’s based on the quantum-physical principle that everything – including every person – projects this power. In fact, the Universe is filled with vibrations that scientists call “strings” of energy. It moves within us, from us, and all around us literally all the time.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, each of us is a part of a vast exchange and expansion of this force that takes place in the Universe every moment of every day.

Our personal energy moves outward from us and connects with others of like resonance, determining both whom and what we’ll attract in life. Each of us is like a little radio station, constantly broadcasting signals about our self and our life. The people and situations that match those signals are the ones that will tune in to us and be drawn into our life experience.

In truth, what we call chemistry – whether it’s romantic or professional – is actually more of a resonance, a matching of signals and personal vibrations. So if success is what you’re after, it will be very important to understand how your energy is created-and what it may be broadcasting about you even now.

Your Energetic Calling Card
In the Victorian era, calling cards were used to announce the arrival of a visitor or friend, and letters of introduction were sent ahead to pave the way and help someone new connect with others of like society. It was a formal process, but one which let the recipient know that the bearer was well connected and highly regarded.

Your personal resonance does much the same thing. Long before you arrive at an experience in life, your energy has sent messages about you to the people you’ll be interacting with. It announces you to everyone, revealing that part of you that others relate to on an unconscious but very compelling level: your energetic nature. So if you don’t like the society or circumstances you’ve attracted so far, or if you’ve had difficulty finding the success you desire, you’ll need to change what you put into your energetic calling card.

Luckily, since this frequency is something that you produce yourself, it’s also something that you can change. Once you figure out what makes up your vibrational resonance, you can take active steps to improve your magnetic frequency and change all that you attract.

There are three major ways that your personal resonance is created:

  1. Through your emotional energy, or the vibrations of your feelings
  2. Through your cognitive energy, or the vibrations of your thoughts
  3. Through your physical energy, or the vibrations of your body

Let’s take a closer look at the first two methods on this list.

The Emotional Broadcast
Your emotional resonance is by far the most powerful expression of yourself. Your daily feelings broadcast loud and clear signals about who you are and what you expect from the world. If you’re chronically fearful, for example, you project that and will only attract more and more situations that will cause you to be afraid. If anger is predominant, you’re sending out signals that you expect hostility-and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

But if you choose a lighter, happier attitude, you broadcast the message that you expect the world to be a joyous place, and both your energy and your expectation will bring more of that to you. If you have confident and peaceful feelings about yourself, they’ll send out a very magnetic vibration, attracting people and experiences that bring an even deeper sense of serenity to your life. This is your resonant reality; what you send out will most certainly come back to you.

Your predominant feelings energize your destiny creation by virtue of their powerful presence in your heart and mind. The more emotionally charged an experience or issue is, the more power it generates. For this reason, a shift to more positive sentiments is a basic requirement of the Law of Magnetism.

It’s an energetic truth that the quality of your emotional life will determine the caliber of your life in general. In this the law is strict: The Universe will return your own joy, love, and happiness to you; and it will return your fear, anger, and unhappiness as well.

But where do emotions come from? What’s the source of this powerful energy that you engage in all the time? Underneath every single emotional experience is a stimulating source. Whether the feeling is anger or love, misery or joy, depression or excitement, boredom or bliss, every blossom or thorn of sentiment has one originating seed-and that seed is thought.

The Thought’s the Thing
The second way that you project your energy out into the world is through your cognitive power. Your thoughts rarely stop, so they’re continually churning out vibrational messages in your energetic field. And since they’re also the source of your emotional energy, they’re doubly important in your pursuit of success.

Thoughts of confidence bring feelings of hope, while those of inadequacy bring feelings of despair. Which is more likely to attract wonderful outcomes to you? The positive results you’re looking for can only come from peaceful emotions and positive thoughts.

If you’re like most people, the process of thinking may seem rather random and spontaneous, something that you just experience rather than decide on. Maybe you’ve never been taught to think positively, or maybe the direction your mind takes depends on the situation you’re in or the people you’re with. One thing’s for sure: If you look around you and find your life wanting, the Universe is telling you to take control of your thoughts!

Most negative thinking is based in one of three fears:

  1. Fear of the future
  2. Fear of rejection
  3. Fear of failure

Fear of the future can range from fleeting worries that something may go wrong to wild anticipation of personal catastrophe, including thoughts such as What if the meeting doesn’t go well? What if I lose this account? What if I get sick or die?

Fear of rejection runs the gamut from nagging concerns about being judged to utter panic about being abandoned. People who have these kinds of thoughts are often self-critical or even self-loathing. Thoughts such as I’m not good enough, I’m not capable, and I’m not worthy invariably lead to fears such as What if my spouse leaves me? or What if I get fired?

All fear is toxic to the energy of achievement, so it’s inevitable that fear of failure creates the energy of a self-fulfilling prophecy; those who see themselves as unsuccessful can only draw defeat. These negative thoughts are your greatest obstacles to genuine happiness. They destroy optimism and increase worry and frustration, two miserable vibrations that attract miserable results. It’s often said that your life moves in the direction of your dominant thought, and your energy is the reason why.

“Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere. . . .
Through this power we are either attracting or repelling.
Like attracts like and . . . we attract just what we are in mind.”
– Ernest Holmes

This excerpt is taken from the book Quantum Success, by Sandra Anne Taylor. It is published by Hay House and available at all stores or online at Hayhouse and amazon.

About the author:
Sandy Taylor is an inspiring and motivating speaker who lectures throughout the world on the quantum mechanics of career and relationship success. She is the best-selling author of Secrets of Attraction. Quantum Success is her second book for Hay House. Her in-depth, 9 CD audio seminar, Act to Attract, is the first comprehensive program applying modern science to the experience of romantic attraction.

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