The Secret Isn’t A Secret And The Wish Fairy Is A Fraud

By Bill Harris in Manifesting Dreams on June 22nd, 2007 / 7 Comments

This is part three of the article “Without Two Important Principles The Secret Won’t Benefit You”.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. If you sit around and focus your attention on something you want, but you’re daydreaming, you aren’t going to get it. Why? Because daydreaming is a kind of thinking that already has lack of action built into it. There’s a huge difference between thinking about something when you’re in wishing mode, and thinking about the same thing when you’re in acting mode. If you want to create something, always do your thinking while in acting mode.

But let’s get back to creating that $100,000 a year. I’ve already mentioned that focusing on how to do this gives you ideas. But it also causes you to notice resources you might use. You might, for instance, notice books about how to make more money. Or you might notice that someone has a seminar about how to make more money.

It occurs to me as I’m thinking about this right now that my friend Harv Eker, for instance, has a great seminar, and a book, about making money. If you Google “Harv Eker,” you’ll see all kinds of offerings he has. I know they’re good, and if you follow his advice you’ll learn how to make more money. Jack Canfield has some great stuff, too, and his book, The Success Principles, is a very complete guide to how people create what they want in the world. I have a very powerful online course that will teach you, in-depth, exactly how to create whatever you want, which I’ll tell you more about later.

There are almost unlimited resources available about how to make money. You usually don’t notice them because you haven’t focused your attention on finding them. Then, of course, when you find them, you have to take action and use them. This is where most people fall down. There’s a price to pay to get what you want in this world, and most people would rather not pay it.

Paying The Price – And Enjoying It
The people you see who are getting what they want in life are almost always those who have figured out how to enjoy paying the price, which of course makes it easy to pay. As I said earlier, this is the essence of the Law of Attraction – the price is just whatever you need to give in order to attract or create what you want. That’s why just sitting there hoping and wishing doesn’t work. When you do that, the only thing you’re putting out is an intention, which, while it’s a good start, is of no value to anyone – unless you act on it.

The resources you begin to notice when you focus on what you want might also include people who could help you. And when you begin to spot such people, you have to keep in mind that if you want their help you have to make it worth their while to help you. This might mean paying them, but you could compensate them in many other ways. You could make them a partner. You could give them a feeling of being a good person who helps others. Or anything in between.

And, quite often, if people who have the ability to help you see that what you have has real merit, some of them will help you just to help you, because they understand the Law of Attraction and they know if they help you it will come back to them in some other way. Often the people who have really mastered the Law of Attraction have so much, and they create what they want so effortlessly, that they just want to give back by helping others.

It Never Hurts To Ask
It never hurts to ask for help, even if you’re not sure how to compensate the other person. But always start with the willingness to compensate them in some way, even if you don’t yet know how. In fact, if you aren’t sure, you could begin by saying, “I’m not sure how at this point to make it worth your while, but I sure could use your help.” Ask, and see what happens, and always be open to compensating the other person in some way, even if you haven’t yet figured out what it might be. In fact, be eager to compensate them.

So, you focus on what you want, and you ask yourself questions such as “How can I make $100,000 a year?” Because of that, you get ideas, you notice resources, you attract or notice people who might be able to help. Focusing on what you want and imagining how good it will feel to get it causes you to feel motivated to act, and so you take action. Then, after you act, notice what happened. Evaluate your action. Your action was either successful or not, or something in between. Whatever happens, you’ll get feedback. If your action worked, you might want to do more of it. If it didn’t work, learn whatever you can from it, and then take another action based on what you learned. Keep acting, evaluating, and then acting again, until you create or attract whatever it is you’re trying to get.

Even if you have to refine your actions many times, you’re still benefiting because you’re gaining wisdom. This is why successful people are so successful. They’ve acted, and received feedback, and acted again, and received more feedback, and have done this so many times that they’ve become wise. They’ve become experts. So be willing to pay the price to become an expert. All these little so-called failures are really tuition in the school of life, and the learning they bring is very valuable.

All the while you’re doing this, of course, you’re remaining focused on where you want to go and what you want to create, and you’ve already decided, in advance, that nothing is going to keep you from getting there. If you slip up, if what you’re doing isn’t working, if you fall on your face, you learn everything you can from what happened, and continue to focus on how to get where you want to go.

This constant focus on the end result, along with taking action, and always trying to think of how to create value for others, always, eventually, gets you there. The only way you can fail is if you’re mistaken about the value of what you provide, or you quit before you get there. You might change your approach for getting there a number of times, based on what you learn, but you otherwise just keep focusing your attention on what you want and acting to get it.

The Secret Shortcut
Now, would you like to know a huge shortcut to this process? I thought so. It’s easy. Find other people who are already successfully doing what you want to do, or getting what you want to get. Then, find out what they’re doing, and copy them. Also, while you’re at it, find out how they’re focusing their mind.

So far I’ve spoken about focusing your mind as if it was a pretty simple “one-size-fits-all” thing to do, but there are actually a number of important things to learn about how to focus your mind, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about that in a moment. For now, just know that it’s very beneficial to find out what the person you’re modeling believes about what they’re doing, what they think is important about it, how they decide what to pay attention to and what to delete from their attention, and many other nuances about how they focus their attention.

And, then, of course, you want to find out what actions they’ve taken to create what you want to create. All of this you can copy, which gives you a huge head start. Then, as you gain wisdom through your own actions, you can add your own twist to what you learned from them.

How do you find these people? First, just asking yourself that question “How do I find people who are successfully doing what I want to do?” causes you to think of ways to find them. But just off the top of my head, I can think of a few ways. Again, you can use Google. You can find books they’ve written. Ask other people if they know someone. You can look in the Yellow Pages. You can spot them in the newspaper. Many people are selling information on doing many of the typical things someone might want to know how to do, in the same way Harv Eker is teaching people how to make money.

How To Get What You Don’t Want
Now, let’s talk about the other side of the coin. What happens when you focus on what you don’t want? Actually, the process works the same way, except you end up getting what you don’t want instead of what you do want. Whatever you focus on, you mind takes it as an instruction to create or attract it. And, as I said earlier, your mind is very good at creating or attracting whatever you focus on.

If you focus on not being poor, for instance, your mind will get busy figuring out how you can be poor. If you focus on not being anxious, you’re mind will figure out how to make you feel anxious. If you focus on not making a mistake, you’ll make mistakes.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you create it, the other big penalty for focusing on what you don’t want is that you get to feel bad. All bad feelings – anger, anxiety, fear, confusion, panic, depression, annoyance, shame, guilt, hopelessness, or anything else – come from focusing on what you don’t want. This is the flip side of feeling good when you focus on what you want, especially if you’re taking action, and that action has value.

When you focus on what you don’t want, or what you’re worried about, or what you’re afraid of, or what you want to avoid, you put your mind to work creating it, and you feel bad. Both of these penalties obviously make focusing on what you don’t want a bad idea. In fact, focusing on what you don’t want is poison to your life.

But how does focusing on what you don’t want affect the second principle, taking action? When you focus on what you don’t want, one of two things happens. You might, as a result, not take any action, which is a kind of action, with its own results (or lack of results). If you’re afraid of making a mistake, you might avoid acting, and the very failure to act is, in and of itself, a type of mistake. When you don’t act, you always know what will happen. Nothing.

Or, you might, ironically, take an action, driven by your fear, that creates the very thing you don’t want. Not wanting to make a mistake, you act in a way that creates mistakes. Not wanting to make a bad investment, you figure out a way to become attracted to bad or risky investments, or you fail to learn what you need to know to make an good decision. Not wanting your business to fail, you are led to take the very actions that do make it fail.

I see this all the time among my students. They focus on avoiding something they’re afraid of or worried about, and (almost) as if by magic, they create it. The mind is ingenious in creating what you focus on, and it doesn’t care whether it’s what you want or what you don’t want.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you focus your mind consciously and intentionally. Your mind is always focusing on something. As I said earlier, it isn’t that you can’t manifest what you focus on, it’s that you’re very likely choosing what to focus on automatically, unconsciously. What you focus on is very often driven by past events, childhood decisions and traumas, that cause you to focus on what you don’t want at least some of the time.

Attracting Danger
Here’s how it works. When you are traumatized during childhood (and the trauma can be quite unintentional), you develop a belief that the world is a dangerous place, or at least a potentially dangerous place. In order to avoid this danger, you have to watch out for it. To do that you have to focus your attention on it, and there you are, giving your mind an instruction to create or attract the very thing you don’t want.

So The Secret is a wonderful thing. It works – especially if you add the second and third principles I’ve shared with you. But it’s like electricity. You can light up a city with it, or electrocute yourself. You can only use The Secret to get what you want to the extent that you can consciously and intentionally direct your attention. As long what you focus on is chosen without conscious intention, you’re going to find yourself attracting and creating, at least some of the time, some things you don’t want.

And some people are unfortunately attracting a lot of what they don’t want, a lot of the time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can develop the awareness and the ability to use it to intentionally direct your focus. You can turn off the autopilot. This is why Holosync is so powerful, because it increases your ability to be aware, to live consciously rather than automatically. As your awareness grows, you clearly see how your focus creates what happens in your life, and as you watch this happen it becomes more and more difficult to focus on what you don’t want, and much easier to focus on what you do want.

It’s not an accident that so few people are truly successful. Success, in whatever way you define it, flows directly from focusing on what you want, and then, as a result, taking action that is of value to the world. If you can’t focus intentionally, though, this process becomes very difficult.

You Can’t Focus On What You Have Deleted
It also becomes easier to implement The Secret in your life if you better understand the focusing process. In this discussion I’ve treated focusing as a simple process, but it’s actually a complex cognitive process. There are many steps, and they whiz by very quickly, mostly outside your awareness. For instance, you have dozens of mental filters that delete much of what comes in through your senses, then distorts (sometimes in a positive way, and sometimes in a negative way) what is left.

Why does this matter? Well, you can’t focus on what has been deleted from your awareness. What if, for instance, you delete some – or even all – of the possibilities? Many people do this. When they look around, there are no possibilities! I correspond with people everyday who tell me that they see no possibilities, yet the same possibilities are actually available to them, as to anyone else. But because they’ve filtered them out, they aren’t there.

And this is just one of twenty-some filters people unconsciously use before they ever get to the part of the process where they focus on something.

People filter out possibilities, solutions, ideas, resources, ideas, kindnesses, love, what they could be grateful for, and all kinds of things. Many people filter things in such a way that all they see are problems and what is wrong. They have nothing left to focus on but what they don’t want! Can you see how it would be valuable if you could consciously choose how to use these filters?

We unfortunately don’t have room here to go through the entire process by which you focus your mind. However, even if you know nothing about this, other than to focus as much as possible on what you want – and you’re willing to take action and to do whatever you can to make sure your actions are of value to others – you’ll get results that are head and shoulders above those achieved by other people.

However, I invite you to consider the possibility that you could master this internal focusing process, by taking my online course, The Internal Map of Reality Expander. Those who master this process tap into a power that allows them to do or achieve anything they put their mind to. There’s no reason why you couldn’t be one of them.

I also invite you, if you aren’t already doing so, to use Holosync audio technology to increase your conscious awareness (and to get all the other mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits it brings). You can get a free Holosync demo CD and a free Special Report.

The Secret Isn’t A Secret And The Wish Fairy Is A Fraud
The Secret really isn’t a secret. It’s been around for thousands of years, and many people have taught it in many different forms. The only reason it can be referred to as a “secret” is that very few people actually use it. It’s been estimated that about 2% of people actually embrace the three principles I’ve described and commit themselves to using them consistently. Or, if they try to use the first principle, they skip the second two and insist on wishing and hoping and believing in magic, eternally waiting for the Wish Fairy to give them
what they want.

I’m hoping that you’ll be one of those who embrace these principles and actually use them. And I am here, along with my staff, to help you use the tools we’ve created to become happy, peaceful, and successful, and to create whatever you want in life.

Bill Harris, Director Centerpointe Institute

For more information please visit: The Centerpointe Institute

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7 Responses to “The Secret Isn’t A Secret And The Wish Fairy Is A Fraud”

  1. Former Fat Guy Says:

    Bill, beautifully put. The reference to Harv Eker caught my attention, so I found your post. There is a BIG difference between dreaming and doing. I’ve long taught that it’s “taking action” on what you want that will help you achieve that which you want. I wrote and entire article on “the law of attraction and weight loss” in regards to my own 300 pounds weight loss and how the simple decision to do something about my weight brought about all the resources that I wanted to get me to my goal.

    Ps, your Meditation CD’s are awesome. I recommend them to everyone.

    thanks for the great post!

  2. Mary McCay Says:

    opens up the mind to the way of reaching ones goals in life .It actually takes a strong determined desired thought and followed with action and the law of attraction will work.

  3. Former Fat Guy Says:

    Where there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking action… I’m a big promoter of it.. I believe that it’s about the strong desire along with non attachment to the outcome. Then taking action when the universe presents the “opportunity”.

    Like Joe Vitale says, “when the opportunity presents itself – JUMP”

  4. Dave Wade Says:

    The Secret… the movie in itself is not a bad thing .. some of this information is valid.. But come on now! Great Quantum theories have obviously fallen into the hands of greed mongers who are using the hype to bilk people out of their hard earned cash… its a tragedy. pick up one of the various books on Quantum Mechanics and learn something about yourself.. Want to have more positivity in your life? keep the money you have managed to earn and dont give any of it to these scam artists.. this is my advice.. dw

  5. Stephen Says:

    The only secret is that you can buy fame. Fame will make you wealthy. You can be trained to become famous. You can use the laws to keep all the money you earn regardless of the outcome of your fame.

  6. Eric Says:

    Sounds good in writing doesn’t it! Gee focus on what you want and take ‘action’ and voila there you are. So how do you stay focussed on what you want? Your subconscious controls your life. How can you use willpower (which is what Bill is talking about) to control your subconscious? And define ‘action’. What is that – going back to school and spending 50- 100 thousand dollars for a really good education so you can make more money? Notice how he doesn’t go into any details? Ever see “American Idol’? These people are all focussed and have this big dream of being a ‘Star’. And then they are told they can’t sing and to forget about it. You can see their dreams die on TV. IF what Bill says is true why didn’t they get what they want?

    The only people making money off the secret are the hucksters like Bill who will promise you everything and then when it doesn’t work they say ‘well, you did it wrong, or you’ve must have ‘resistance’ or some crap like that. Or then you get the space cadets who buy his program and get all excited and write glowing testimonials – while they are still pumped about the ‘possibilities’. Ever hear from these people a few years down the road? No you don’t. Wonder why? Think about it. If what Bill claims is true and worked for everybody then he would be the most famous person in the world and plastered on the headlines of every major newspaper. But you don’t see that do you? What about his own staff who have taken his course? If it did everything that Bill says it does – ‘be, do or create anything you want’! Then why are they still working at their crappy jobs for Bill and not retired as multimillionaires and living in a mansion somewhere? There seems to be a rather large disconnect here. But if you want to keep funnelling your money to Bill so he can live an extravagant lifestyle you go right ahead.

  7. K-Man Says:

    I came here because Google’s 3rd page brought me here when I searched out T Harv Ecker Scam. Imagine my surprise when the page I got dropped onto after clicking a link was Bill Harris of Centerpoint talking up Ecker. I’ve tried Bill’s Awakening CD, it was OK. I can’t say I got much out of it after I got “bored” as he instructs. And his way of doing business and Ecker’s way, exactly the same. Give some good results for a little money, and then be a pain the ass after that with hard sell for more stuff that is WAY expensive.

    Eric, thank you for the comment. You are right on. People, please, use Google to critically research those who you are putting your faith into. You’ll save tons of money.

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