Time of the Sixth Sun – A Journey of Awakening

By Thomas Herold in Product Reviews on November 6th, 2007 / 3 Comments

elestialdesktop2.jpgTime of the Sixth Sun is a multi-platform film project about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, a witnessing of these times and the huge potential for change in the world …… in the way we relate to it and the way we live in it.

In Time of the Sixth Sun, our protagonist, street poet Paradox, guides us on a quest to discover the meaning of 2012. Civilizations throughout the ages have indicated through ancient calendars and visions that 2012 will be a pinnacle time in the evolution of mankind. In the West, many are noticing an increase in life’s synchronicities and are experiencing time as speeding up. Scientists accept that global warming is a reality. Increasingly the world is seeking answers and the clock is ticking.

We have been scouring the planet to speak to Tribal Elders, Wisdom Keepers, New Scientists, Spiritual Teachers and those offering Divine Guidance on what they have to say about these awesome times.

Speakers include:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Credo Mutwa, Don Alverto Taxo, Maestro Tlakaelel, Lynne Franks, Dr.Maseru Emoto, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Geoff Stray, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Carl Johan Calleman, Tom Kenyon, Carla Rueckert and many more.

There’s never been more information at our disposal. From ancient tribal wisdom, Religious texts, myth, prophecy, new sciences, spiritual teachings and divine guidance. In the end, we all have to make the journey within and decide what is truth for each of us individually.

What tools do we need to progress in our spiritual evolution? And if we are the creators of our reality, what is our highest vision for the future? Rather than our downfall, is 2012 not our greatest epiphany?

‘Life is Film
Man is Actor
God is Director’

(written on the back of a truck in India!)

Ask most people in the street about 2012 and they’ll mutter something about the Olympics in Britain. Yes….and….what else does it mean to you?….this usually is met by a blank look because the majority of people don’t have a clue what awaits us in coming years. This pivotal time in the history of mankind is merely six years away and still NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT !! Why not?

…..and so begins our ‘journey of awakening’. We listen to the myths & prophesies of the Wisdom Keepers from many traditions and the possibilities they present to transform our lives in the countdown to 2012.

What is the truth behind earth changes? What are our sustainable choices for food, housing, energy and community living in the future? How do we link heaven and earth, with the creative and spiritual in our everyday lives? How can we be divine beings in human form? How do we learn to open up our dormant telepathic abilities? Who are the ‘new kids on the block’? Are they the face of a new, highly evolved race, the grandmothers & grandfathers of the future? Does the return of the Divine Feminine herald a return to partnership society bringing balance and harmony back into our relationship with the Earth? Are we moving from Gaia to Cosmic citizenship? These are some of the questions posed along the way.

Sometimes magician, sometimes jester, Paradox challenges our belief systems on our quest for truth. He reveals the power of positive thought creation, constantly reflecting the ‘bigger picture’ and daring us to glimpse into the future to see how we can affect it by the choices we make.

‘Time of the Sixth Sun’ is a unique docudrama, entertaining, informative, accessible, visually rich and emotionally satisfying. Shot in fabulous locations with a stunning soundtrack, it promises to be one of the cinema highlights for 2007/2008.

The DVD set has many bonus features including a Satsang Sofa, Prophecy Oracle, Chanelling Room, 2012 Toolkit plus a Website Commitment for the next six years which is dedicated to recording the 2012 celebrations of indigenous communities, guaranteeing an evergreen life for the project .

For more information visit: Time of the Sixth Sun

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3 Responses to “Time of the Sixth Sun – A Journey of Awakening”

  1. fg Says:

    the article shocked me as i too didnt know about 2012…i will get off… take life seriously and live each moment happily and spread the news

  2. Unity Says:

    Spread the consciousness! Look to it as a time we are all already embarked upon, not just a specific date. We are evolving into great awareness and the more prepared we are the better.

  3. Lori Says:

    I cant wait to see this! I have been reading and studying about 2012 and the transition to the “new world” for years now and have also wondered why so few know about it. The time has come for everyone to wake up.

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