Timeless Thoughts on Mindsets and Abundance

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“Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be.”
Grandma Moses

Whether you choose to admit it or not, you are responsible for your life the way it is today. I know that this is a very heavy statement as you may say, “I am not responsible for the car accident I got into,” or “my spouse leaving me,” or a myriad of other things which may have happened to you. I can hear you saying, “It was someone else’s fault!”

Yes, it may have been, however; the way you choose to react to any situation in life is in your control. Always has been. Always will be. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not, that is up to you. You are responsible for choosing the way you think whether you wish to accept it or not. It is very much like the Law of Gravity. Regardless of your beliefs about gravity, it is going to affect you in the same manner in which it affects everyone else.

The truth is that we all experience difficult circumstances. Things that we wish would have never happened. Things that are painful and seem out of our control. Yet we must face them, deal with them, and do whatever it takes to overcome them as best as we can.

How we choose to react to our life is simply a matter of how we choose to think. It is our mindset towards life which will determine the extent to which we will experience all that life has to offer.

So what exactly is a mindset? Simply put, a mindset is an individual’s particular way of thinking on a given subject. We all have many different mindsets when it comes to life. We have a mindset on spirituality, on health, on wealth, or relationships, and so on.

Our mindset on a given subject is greatly responsible for the results we are going to experience in that area. It is very possible for an individual to have an abundance mindset when it comes to wealth, but a poor mindset when it comes to health. They may be extremely rich but can be unhealthy because of the way they choose to look at the importance of being healthy.

Balance is the key to long term happiness. Happiness is the result of a balanced life. A life where we have our finances in order, our health in good shape, and our relationships in such a manner that we can count on people in time of need. It is crucial to have a balanced mindset towards life and recognize the importance of many areas which need be simultaneously addressed as opposed to putting all of our time and energy in one particular area.

Our mindsets greatly determine what we will experience in life. This is because we live life validating our beliefs and ways of thinking throughout all of our experiences.

It is to say that we do not see things as what they are but instead see things for the way we are.

Like all aspects of life, mindsets can either be negative or positive. Negative mindsets focus on limitations, whereas positive mindsets focus on abundance.

Each and every single one of us has our own particular way of thinking when it comes to the many different subjects of life. Most of this thinking has been absorbed from our parents, culture, education, religion, and life experiences.

Put another way, our mindset on a specific subject is the sum of all our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and convictions around the topic.

As you may have heard before; being wealthy is not about how much money you have, but rather a state of mind or way of thinking. What that essentially means is those who are wealthy simply have a wealthy mindset. Their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs all affirm their conviction of earning and accumulating massive amounts of wealth.

These individuals believe to their core that they are worthy of earning huge amounts of money and have an abundance mindset when it comes to the subject of wealth. It is all about how they think. This principle is found to be true when rich individuals accumulate a huge amount of wealth, only to lose it, and then gain it back again. They are wealthy because of their mindset, not because of they money since it very possible to lose it all due to unfortunate business circumstances.

So what do mindsets have to do with abundance?
Abundance is an extremely important universal quality. It is due to an abundance of resources that life is still around today.

Abundance can be simply defined as a forever increasing supply, always higher in quantity than a forever increasing demand. Abundance is at the very core of our existence. It is at the center of the process which keeps the universe expanding and the earth peacefully existing.

Without an abundance of food and other necessities such as oxygen, we would not be alive today. The universe has this amazing abundance quality that always provides more that what is needed.

When it comes to mindsets, an abundance mindset is a way of thinking, being, and living which is in alignment with the eternal principles of supply that are responsible for the advancement of life.

Choosing to live an abundance mindset in a particular area of life is to know that no matter what your needs are, they will be met because the supply will never run out. It may take time but your desires will always be fulfilled.

An example of a person choosing an abundance mindset would be one who realizes, metaphorically speaking, that there is plenty of pie to go around for everyone. Even if they were unable to get a slice of this particular pie that they wanted, there will be more pies coming from which they can receive.

An abundance mindset applies to all aspects of one’s life. The most important ones being spirituality, health, wealth, relationships, and life in general.

Knowing that the universe will always provide anything to any being who desires to create more life for all results in a deep feeling of peace within oneself. It is this feeling which will put an individual at peace with themselves regardless of the present circumstances in their life.

About the author:
Imran Rahman is a young entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and author living in Tampa, FL. He has a deep passion for sharing the exact science of creating results and achieving dreams. He has chosen sharing knowledge with others in the areas of spirituality, success, happiness, health, relationships and finances as his life mission. He can be contacted at imranrahman.com.

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