The Top Ten Tenets for Creative Living

By Zen DeBrucke in Creativity on July 24th, 2008 / 2 Comments

1. Take responsibility for your internal experience
With the ego seemingly always enveloping our deeper essence it can be so challenging to actually “be the change you wish to see in the world”. We all know that we need to “be the change” but how with all the programming and challenges we face do we actually do this?

The answer: have a personal goal to take responsibility for your internal experience and love yourself for who you are. This one step, if taken by all, will build more trust, love and compassion than any other. This one step is powerful enough to shift everything toward paradise quickly yet with grace.

2. Follow your Internal Guidance and express your personal brilliance
Each of us has a living Internal Guidance System (IGS) that is consistently attempting to align us with more love, joy and compassion. Our IGS delivers a series of personal desires that can be felt as an opening of energy in our body.

Your unique individual brilliance is being asked to be contributed through out your day, whenever you feel this openness it is a request from the Universe. It is in you having the courage to be brilliant and fulfill such requests that the answer to our future lies.

To seed, nourish and birth the dream of paradise reborn. Without your internal wisdom and expression of you, we will never reach this goal. Every human is apart of the symbiotic expression of earth. We are apart of nature not separate from it, so why would we not be a necessary part of the whole. Nothing in nature can be eliminated without the whole being affected. Such as it is with your beautiful consciousness, when aligned with Divine Guidance.

3. Manifest your world consciously and with intent
You are already manifesting every moment. It is not whether you want to participate in manifesting the world around you, it is only a matter of whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Do you desire to be a contributor to our reality in an empowered way or a disempowered way?

What every you chose, for not choosing is a choice, you must taking credit for manifesting the world. Focus your thoughts on what you intend and enjoy the energy that is generated by supporting all the achievements being made toward a more beautiful world.

4. Create your personal vision of paradise and spread it among those you love
You have a source of divine energy flowing through you. This energy is desire that opens your entire body when it is focused upon. Each and every desire you have for the future is divine energy guiding your toward that future being achieved. You have inside you the part of paradise that you are responsible for believing in and creating.

Find your personal vision of what paradise will be and share it with all those you love and who love you. Spark them in their vision of what Paradise would be. It is the next global conversation worth having and it is up to you to start it!

5. Create community and hold it as a necessary foundation of our future
We are all on the verge of one great experiment coming to its fruition and the next one is about to begin. What is the next beautiful experiment you might ask? Divine collaboration. We have all been held separate by our egoic mind long enough. We all now know how to be an individual and many of us are beginning to wake up to our Oneness as well.

It is this unique combination that makes rebuilding of our human community both locally and globally so exciting and necessary. Our next human experiment will build itself on the foundation of community. Hold community close to your heart. Connect with others of like mind, of like region and share your gifts. It is in our relating that we will find the answers to all the worlds suffering so that it can be transmuted in to our greatest shining successes.

6. Be grateful for all your experiences and all that is
Every element of life holds a sacred gift. Some gifts take longer to unwrap than others. The most empowered way to receive anything is to give thanks to the giver before the gift is unwrapped. Gratitude thus occurs before you have decided if what you are being given is what you desired to receive. It is no different with life. Hold a body of gratitude then once the experience has completely unfolded you can see what the gift means to you.

7. Release attachment including being attached to non-attachment
Most everyone has attachment. Even those who strive for non-attachment can find themselves attached to the principle itself. This is what the ego does with all rules, guidelines or decrees. For this reason it can be more effective to simply release attachment when it is found than to be non-attached. Releasing attachment to outcomes promotes miracles occurring.

It allows for you as a being to shift from a human having a spiritual experience into Spirit having a human experience. This allows divine source energy to move and create through you unhindered by the ego’s understanding of what should be. There is no greater gift to the world than to allow divine energy to have it’s way through you.

8. See simplicity as the core of sacred living
Every moment is sacred, every molecule is sacred. There is simplistic geometry to all of life. It is in the simple moments that the sacred in life is found, felt, embodied and expressed. There is such great richness and depth in a small blooming flower, enough joy to last a lifetime if felt fully. Look for this simplicity throughout the complexity of your day and the complexity will wash away leaving behind the world of sacred living.

9. Express unconditional love
Unconditional love is in you always. It never needs to be found, it never needs to be generated, it never needs anything accept a noticing that it is there. Love is at the core of every atom of your being. EVERY ATOM. There are approximately 7*10 to the 27th atoms in your body, that is 7 followed by 27 zero’s. Imagine how much love that is inside of you available for you to express. Therefore you already are unconditional love so now it is about remembering and holding the intent to allow it to be expressed through you.

Be a commitment to you being love expressed. One last thing love is not necessarily the mushy gushy love of romance. Love is the practical, warm, compassionate, vibrant, life force energy that is coursing through the entire universe. So now you know you can express it at work too.

10. Look for the universal Oneness in your life
There is a universal Oneness that is under the surface of everything. It can be a big concept to tap into, so start small. Look for the synchronistic moments, the perfection of the way your life unfolds and most powerfully the commonality that those around you have with you. Even in moments of strife the Oneness is there. You can find it if you ask to see it.

Nature and the Universe are always secretly giving you clues of this as you roam about living the life you have chosen. By asking to see Oneness in your life it will leave more obvious clues for you to find. The inquiry brings with it a deeper understanding of Trust and Surrender to the adventure we have created for Our Self.

About the author:
Zen DeBrucke, teaches the Principles of The Internal Guidance System and founder of the Ahuma Institute. More information can be found at: and

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2 Responses to “The Top Ten Tenets for Creative Living”

  1. Jim Canterucci Says:

    Great post. I like point #2 best because I wrote the book Personal Brilliance. Learn more at the site of course, but by activating the four catalysts of Personal Brilliance – Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative creative living moves to innovative living. Don’t forget, You’re Brilliant!

  2. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    This is one of the greatest writting and expression that I have seen. Keep going.

    1. Take responsibility for your internal experience: Since we are individual humans we should know how to live on our own.

    2. Follow your Internal Guidance and express your personal brilliance: With our back ground knowledge show ones own wisdom.

    3. Manifest your world consciously and with intent: Cultivate pateintly and harmoniously with discipline your own impact on the society

    4. Create your personal vision of paradise and spread it among those you love: Lead a role of leader on principles of life, with a vision to buid peaceful, harmonious and serene world.

    5. Create community and hold it as a necessary foundation of our future: Thus create a mission for the upliftment of the society and comminity

    6. Be grateful for all your experiences and all that is: Be greatfull to all those who have contributed to your experiances whether good or bad, every thing id experiance only, be greatfull and show your gratitude to all

    7. Release attachment including being attached to non-attachment: Your attachment is only to your soul, treat others as humans without attachment, otherwise the emotional feelings take over, the decisions may be blurred so as vision and track of chosen path

    8. See simplicity as the core of sacred living: Well mannered and simple living is nothing but spirituality, a way of spiritual life

    9. Express unconditional love:It always good to give more and more without any returns another way of spiritual life

    10. Look for the universal Oneness in your life: Ofcourse it is difficult to practice some above, if all are taken care, then universe shall take care off every thing for you, This is total bliss in other words. Highest spirituality.

    I have not seen any body nor heared that any body approached this tenth aspect, to some extent nearer but not close enough, because they shall be still alive. Because the most of the humans can go upto some of aspects of 6th only. Only few reached upto some part 9th.

    These are my views, but the author Mr Zen has brought out a good article.

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