Top Tips For Improving Brain Function

By Chia Ti Wah in Attention, Learning, Stress Reduction, Success on July 10th, 2013 / 5 Comments

The human brain is a really powerful asset. You use it every day, but scientists have revealed that most people do not harness the full capabilities of their brain. Do you want to enhance your mind so that it can be of greater use in your daily activities? Today, I will be sharing with you some top tips for improving brain function, so keep reading for the entire scoop.

Firstly, you can try playing challenging yourself to challenging puzzles and games. These mind enhancing games not only get you thinking but they also stimulate activity between your neurons. A few examples of these games include the Rubik’s cube, riddles, puzzles and educational games. The idea is to get yourself thinking cognitively. Hence you need not just limit yourself to individual games. You can even grab a friend and play a game of chess or battleship with him. On a whole, these games will keep you mentally fit even if you are aging. Why not give these games a try?

The next way to improving brain function would be to eat brain foods. Now I need to point out that most people will consider these foods as sinful and unhealthy. However, these foods surprisingly help enhance your brain’s capabilities. I’ll give you a few examples. Firstly, nuts like walnuts and peanuts are mind enhancers. Walnuts are considered healthy nuts whereas peanuts may not be so. Either way, you can eat either of these nuts fried or boiled. Besides nuts, chocolates are known to enhance the mind as well. This can be surprising to some but the reason for it being beneficial is because chocolates contain cocoa. Hence if you want to eat chocolate healthily, opt for cocoa powder instead of that chocolate that is rich in milk and sugar.

The last thing to note about improving brain function is that you need to give your body enough rest. The mind tends to not function properly when you are physically or mentally tired. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily and try not to think about work outside of office hours. Take part in some other hobbies, besides playingthe games that I mentioned earlier. You need to give your mind a break from all that cognitive thinking as well. Just make sure you have a proper work-life balance.

I hope you have learnt something new in this article. Hopefully you now know more about improving brain function. Do remember these points that I have mentioned today.

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5 Responses to “Top Tips For Improving Brain Function”

  1. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    Good morning……. :)))))))))) “Awakening is life, slumbering is death.
    O man, rise from the present position; do not fall down.” -Vedic knowledge
    Most of the people leave it to their fate and resign, awake and start struggling try and try realize the self. Which is nothing but human, start loving other humans and life the journey towards bliss starts do not succumb top ego or arrogance or become foot ball of others opinions just move on step by step towards that self realization life shall be different.

  2. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    The Paradox Of Sacrifice

    All the scriptures of the world glorify sacrifice. What is sacrifice?

    It is giving up something that you value. You can only sacrifice that which you would like to keep for yourself; in other words, that which gives you pleasure and joy. You cannot sacrifice something that you dislike or disown. Sacrifice is always related to a higher cause for a greater good. At the same time, when your love for the greater good is so strong, nothing else assumes any value. Sacrifice here becomes irrelevant, because love alone is your strongest driving force. So when there is so much love there cannot be sacrifice. At the same time when there is no love, there is no sacrifice.

    For example, if a mother has made plans to see a movie and she realizes that her child is sick, she does not say that she has sacrificed the movie to nurse her child, because she simply did not want to go. Nothing else seems to charm the mother besides being with her child.

    You do not sacrifice something for someone you are in love with. Sacrifice indicates that your pleasure has more value than the cause for which you are sacrificing. When the love is lukewarm, then sacrifice assumes meaning. Yet sacrifice purifies the human mind and reins in selfish tendencies. It can also bring pride, arrogance, self-pity and sometimes even depression.

    You can sacrifice only that which you value. For a wise man nothing is more valuable than truth, values and the Divine, and he will never sacrifice those. God is the greatest, and if he values the greatest then how can he sacrifice God? This is the paradox of sacrifice.

  3. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    The people who live with principles have to sacrifice some thing or other in order to get what they want to establish on this earth, their stories have become legendary, epics, and history starting some of the religions after them etc. They all involved in the societal development in one way or other, most of the peoples styles were against the wing during those periods, changed the situation in the society. Now it is timer to reestablish ethics and morale in the society so as people can have peace, harmony and serenity, by respecting each and every culture, customs and traditions and show to the world that we are all together for humanity as we are all humans by birth.

  4. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    A wise man is happy even in bad times. And the stupid one is unhappy even in good times – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  5. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    Each and every human is capable of creating their own history or can become part of the history by changing the course of the world which is going towards the dead-end due to many problems created by those who are ignorant of them, by forgetting that we are all humans first by birth. The type of education and the environment does change and influence the mind leading to that ignorance. People are supposed to live like humans for humanity sake, that comes only by following ethics and morale with living principles of that time. Open up your self for creating that history of human chains for improving the environment, ethics, morality with trust and faith, that is by honoring each and every culture and religion with love and affection. There are number of cultures in this world as there are number of stars may be more, each one gave with unique history to the world. I pray to that god “O GOD LET THAT HUMAN RACE MOVE FORWARD WHICH HONORS ALL HUMANS AND THEIR CULTURES”.

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