True Financial Freedom – Busting Loose From the Money Game

By Robert Scheinfeld in Book Reviews on November 1st, 2006 / 12 Comments

I wrote this book because there’s a gigantic problem out there that hasn’t been solved. What’s the problem? Everyone wants to escape the rat race and experience True Financial Freedom.

Everyone wants to be able to “follow their bliss”, do what excites them and have all the money needed to do it (don’t you?). But no one really gets there (even if it’s actually within their grasp)! You can become a better and better player of The Money Game. You can pile up more and more winnings in your accounts. You can save for a rainy day, invest wisely and plan for a comfortable retirement. But you can’t win The Money Game. Why? Because it was designed to create total and utter failure, which is an unsettling Truth few people realize or admit.

No matter how good you get at playing The Money Game and no matter how much money you pile up, there’s always a major price to pay in the form of restriction, stress, relationship strain, health issues, disillusionment, or loss of something else far more important – if you play according to the rules and regulations you were taught.

Because I found and mastered one, I wanted to give people a mind-blowing and truly empowering alternative.

How I Made The Breakthroughs
When I was 12 years old, my grandfather, Aaron Scheinfeld, Founder and Chairman of Manpower, Inc., a Fortune 200 company and the world’s largest temporary service, started me on an amazing journey I now call “The Treasure Hunt of the Century.”

That treasure hunt began when he said the following words to me in his final days: “As you grow up, you’ll be taught many things about money. It will all seem perfectly reasonable, accurate and true. But it’s not reasonable, accurate or true and the illusion causes endless amounts of stress, frustration and failure. There’s a secret about money few people ever discover. Follow the clues I’m leaving you and you’ll uncover it, a treasure more valuable than gold.”

During the next 35 years, as I followed the clues in search of The Treasure and started creating a map, I made millions, lost millions, stressed out and exhausted myself, saw similar symptoms surface with my ultra-successful friends and associates, and experienced the truth of my grandfather’s words first-hand.

I made some amazing discoveries and breakthroughs along the way and wrote two bestselling books (“The Invisible Path to Success” and “The 11th Element”), plus created numerous events and home study materials to share the “puzzle pieces” I’d discovered to that point.

But I was still missing some key pieces so I continued my search. Then, in July of 2005, I finally found The Treasure and busted loose from “The Money Game” permanently.

What Makes This Book So Different
This is not another book about fast-tracking your career, building businesses, investing, day trading, buying and selling real estate, marketing, reducing taxes, retirement planning, or the other financial topics you may have exposed yourself to.

It’s not a book about how to play The Money Game better or how to pile up bigger and bigger numbers in your accounts.

This is a book unlike any other. It’s a book that’ll support and empower you to make a shift in consciousness that’s so powerful, so revolutionary, so deep and profound that The Money Game and the numbers become irrelevant and you experience the pure joy of True Financial Freedom.

What’s Possible After You Bust Loose
The only way to win The Money Game is to bust loose from it altogether, discard the rules and regulations you thought you had to play by and start playing a new game with a new set of rules that work for you.

Once you bust loose, there’s no more worrying about bills or the balance in your checkbook. No more asking “Can I afford that?” Or “Should I buy that?” No more saving up to buy or do things — or denying yourself what you really want because “it’s too expensive.”

Once you bust loose, there’s no more worrying about assets and liabilities, income, savings, debt, profits, retirement, asset protection or taxes. There’s no more of the complexity, worry and stress that come from trying to intelligently manage, grow and protect the winnings you’ve been able to pile up.

In short … once you bust loose, there are no more limits or restrictions of any kind as it relates to money. And when you reach that point, the other aspects of your life open up and expand at the same time — in ways you can’t even imagine right now.
The Bottom Line …

If you’re concerned about your financial future (for yourself and your loved ones), you’re tired of playing The Money Game the way you were taught, you’ve had enough of the side effects that come from playing the way you were taught, and you’d like to discover a mind-blowing alternative, I invite you to join me on this amazing journey.

Available amazon: Busting Loose From the Money Game

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12 Responses to “True Financial Freedom – Busting Loose From the Money Game”

  1. Mary Says:

    Sorry, but I found this book very disappointing. The author’s system is wildly contradictory and ignores the fact that the rest of the world needs to play along with you if it’s to work. Good luck with that endeavor.

  2. ChaKo Says:

    Brother and sisters,

    I could not disagree more with Mary’s review!!!

    Bob’s advice, when followed to the letter and with patience, will change your finances. The process can take no time at all, or for the rest of your life, but it will work. In the short time I’ve been exposed to the “Busting Loose” process, I’ve seen results that have only encouraged me that this is the only book about abundance and finance and manifesting, and all that other whooey, that has any real value to any of us!

    Bob has written from his experience. My experience has been that I wish everyone could get hold of this “Busting Loose” process and really understand how fantastic it is! Sadly, I know this will not be the case.

    Mary, my wish for you is that you read it again, a bit closer and with patience. You spent your money, so you have nothing to lose.
    This is an incredible amount of information to take-in, take your time with it and try not to jump ahead. And yes, of course the rest of the world is
    playing along with you!

    The final review from me: If you are struggling with your money situation (that’s everyone right?!), your life is spinning out of control (whatever that means), if you’ve always had a hunch there was something missing, something you knew would never be taught in school/college, (at least not until today/2007?) this is it my friend.

    Personally, I feel Bob has touched on a way to free people from far more than money. His work may appear to resemble other “life coaches” out there, but I believe this book is well worth the money and we are all very lucky to get hold of it and learn. The work hasn’t always been easy or pleasant for me, but now I have the tools! With patience and honesty, you can do it too. I hope you try.

    Thank you Bob.

    Love, ChaKo

  3. Halina Goldstein Says:

    Having worked with this material for quite a long time (and coaching it too) I can definitely assure you that it works. However, Busting Loose From The Money Game is not for everyone and not at any point of their journey. If it’s not for you, you will naturally find reasons why it’s not. That’s perfect.
    If it’s for you, you will naturally resonate with it, even if it is mind-blowing and appears contradictory with everything you’ve learned.

    If you’re in doubt, I’ve created an email course that introduces the material and it can help you find out whether this is a path you want to walk or not. It’s at


  4. Vern Says:

    I am using ‘Busting Loose….’ to bust loose from the Health Body Game. I am new at it, this Busting Loose game. I have read the book 3times and I am continually absorbing and seeing what I missed or misunderstood the previous times. It gives me hope and it gives me power. And it gives me MySelf. I believe that I am slowly turning some corners. My key is to keep at it and to feel it. Also I have actually become appreciative of me…..Vern thanking myself for creating Bob.

  5. Mark Says:

    When you acknowledge everything you call reality is actually ONE dream, it has the power to change the way you perceive appearances. From your vantage point of consciousness, you can dissolve the illusion of limitation and open back up to who you really are. Robert has had this experience, as have I, and you are RIGHT NOW!

  6. Mark Says:

    By the way, Mary, I know you can feel the innate power of releasing limitation. Some people get turned off by the “game” aspect of Busting Loose.

  7. Vicki Says:

    I originally read Busting Loose in Feb ’08. I have been applying the material everyday since, and every aspect of my life has transformed in amazing ways. I have had many, many positive and amazing financial situations occur. I am experiencing more enjoyable experiences in my life everyday, not only financial, but also in relationships, emotions, body, family life, motherhood, etc. I feel such appreciation for this book. I just purchased the new book, “Busting Loose from the Business Game” and am enjoying that as well. You’ll know if the book is for you or not. Enjoy!

  8. roy Says:

    I love your book very much. It is not easy for me because i do not have a job. I read the book over and over. I got the book last month. I am not in phase 2 yet but i am working on it. Thak-you for bringing the book into my life.

  9. Paul Says:


    I have only just started on busting loose from the money game. I just completed it before I went to a Bankruptcy hearing. I had soo much peace of mind I wasnt even sure what I wanted as the outcome because I could see whatver happened I would either be at peace or if not get an opportunity to regain some power which was outside me. I am sure though that that level of acceptance contributed to me getting an adjournment. I also used it in a few other situations and it took away the upset. I am now reading Busting Loose from the Business game as I now have left my job (I did this before getting either books) and I am running my own company. I will get back to you all in a few months with how its going but so far its making a real difference. I am not expecting instant miracles but a gradual shift in where my power lies from outside to within me. Great book !!! Really a spiritual book about waking up form the whole game of life in my experience and opinion.

  10. Deb Says:

    I have read this book twice and have a long way to go. I hope to stick at the process and see some very subtle then big changes occur,, well lets see, he says not to judge or have a positive or negative opinion on anything as this is stating things as real,when we now know they are not !!!!

  11. Deb Says:

    Me again,Ive re read this book a few times, and keep learning new things, Im still hanging in there,not seen any changes in my hologram as yet, but I know I will soon

  12. Derrick Says:

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